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    BobE reacted to Bill D in Blaze Grate Tool   
    I was struggling getting the mid-level grate in and out of my Kamado using the flimsy tools that were on the market, so I made one that would keep my hand up and out of the heat. 

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    BobE got a reaction from outside_andy in Greetings from Smyrna, Georgia   
    Welcome to the forum.  That's quite the grilling arsenal you've amassed!
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    BobE got a reaction from PHEAD in Hello from San Diego   
    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your new KJC1, it should serve you well.  Best of luck with your first cook!
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    BobE reacted to EyeKamado in Hello All   
    Hello All,
    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am the recent new (and proud) owner of a Monolith Kamado. I previously was a long time gasser so this was an adjustment in several ways. I have been lurking some on the forum before pulling the trigger on the purchase. Read through a bunch of posts and the intro guide here which were super helpful.
    I finally went ahead and did my first cook on the Kamado this weekend (technically my first BBQ ever). I did an 8 pound pork butt. Wanted to post to share my experience and say hello. 
    I cut the fat cap and did a dry brine for ~ 18 hours. I used Meathead Memphis dust (from Meathead Goldwyn) and his KC Classic sauce. I planned on cook time 1.5-2 hours per pound @ 225. It went even longer than that somehow. I pulled it earlier than I would have liked (@ ~ 193F) and served immediately due to the unexpected length of the cook (almost 17 hours) and our hungry guests. Probably about as rookie a mistake as possible. Anyway, was very slightly less tender than I hoped (mainly by my own critical judement, everyone else raved) but the flavor was unquestionably amazing. One of the most tasty things I have ever produced from a grill. Fair to say I am hooked and already thinking about tweaks for the next BBQ.
    Probably looking to just cook some basic hot dogs for the kids and brauts for the adults this week. Should be straight forward but always looking for pearls if anyone has them. Thanks for the awesome community!

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    BobE got a reaction from Clark Mitchell in New Kamado owner in Torrance California   
    Welcome to the Guru Clark, it sounds like your putting you new KJC2 to good use.  Happy wife, happy life... sounds like a win win to me.
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    BobE reacted to Clark Mitchell in New Kamado owner in Torrance California   
    Hello everyone!  I've been using a propane gas grill for the past 20+ years (for the supposed convenience), and finally saw the light and purchased a new Kamado Joe Classic II during the July Costco sale for a smoking deal!  I received the grill last week and assembled it this past weekend.  First bake on Sunday was two homemade pizzas and they turned out great using full heat deflector plus a soapstone.  Second bake on Monday was chicken quarters and corn on the cob - probably the best corn I've ever had, and the chicken was really moist and amazing.   My only problem is now I am cooking more and wife is catching up on her TV - she thinks this is our purchase ever.  Hmmm.... have I been played?
    I used guidance form this forum for recipes and also purchasing accessories.  Looking forward to being able to actively contribute to this amazing community. 

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    BobE reacted to LJS in Pork Belly   
    Hello Kamado Peeps,
    I made the best pork belly ever with smoke flavour as well as 100% perfect crackling.
    Take your pork belly and do a lot more scoring on the skin and if you have one of those goodies with lots of spikes then spike the skin. Then ladle boiling water over the skin about 10-15 time to make sure the skin has boiled up a little. Pat dry and then place skin side down on a bed of salt, leave in fridge for 12-24 hours.
    After that just wipe the salt off the skin and add your favorite rub on the meat side.
    Cook indirect heat at 200-220°C until internal Temp is at 75°C perfection.
    Keep smoking 

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    BobE reacted to rayzer70 in Vision Classic B Hello!   
    Hello all, from Central NJ. I've purchased my Vision Classic B from Sam's a few years back and have only been grilling regularly and now trying smoking first time. Made a brisket and it came out ok but I couldn't get a steady temp (creeping to 327 everytime; see pics). Stumbled on this forum and it's been a Godsent! Friendly community and tips. 
    My backup is my Weber Gen II E-310 LP for quick grills.  I figured that I want to start upping my craft and start smoking more and be the pitmaster of my neighborhood 
    Looking forward to being a part of the community.

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    BobE got a reaction from Matt Nudi in New Kamado Joe Addict   
    Welcome to the forum, really like your build.  Nicely done!
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    BobE reacted to Matt Nudi in New Kamado Joe Addict   
    A couple of months ago I got a Kamado Joe classic i from Lowes and since then I have been LOVING the kamado joe more than any other grill I’ve owned. Recently decided to add a big joe II to the collection, and currently am working on my BBQ cart to hold them both inspired by Smoking Dad BBQ on youtube. 
    Excited to check out all of the content on the forum and see what others are cooking on their kamado’s.

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    BobE got a reaction from dob49737 in Hello from Northern California: SF Bay Area   
    Welcome to the forum Dave and congratulations on your new KJC2.  Enjoy the first cook!
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    BobE reacted to LJS in Reversed seared   
    Hi Kamada peeps
    Chimichurri sauce with all herbs from our garden except oil and garlic, our garlic is still growing lol. Reversed seared scotch fillet with back vegetable, fresh salad and a good red.
    Keep smoking

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    BobE got a reaction from RobFowler in Woodstock, Ga checking in   
    Welcome to the forum Rob, let us know how the pie turns out.
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    BobE got a reaction from Cmann318 in Kamado joe classic 3 new owner   
    Welcome to the forum and best of luck with the new KJC3 
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    BobE reacted to Cmann318 in Kamado joe classic 3 new owner   
    Good day everyone!  My brand new KJC 3 was delivered yesterday to the house and i can not wait to use it!  I am currently deployed and wont be able to use it til later on this summer but I have been quietly reading this forum and figured today was the day to make a profile and an introductory post. I have been grilling and smoking meats for almost 20 years but have never used a ceramic type of grill before.  I have been an offset smoker type of guy but, I couldn't stand the huge fluctuations in temps and having to constantly tend to the fire and adding sticks ever 45 mins or so.  My wife and i just bought a home on 30JUN20 and I told her to wheel the old offset out to the curb because I was making the Kamado plunge!! So I purchased the grill, a temp regulator from BBQube, Kamado recipe book, and a dojoe (I have 2 daughters and they love making pizzas for pizza night).  I am thinking about either a cast iron griddle or a cast iron grate for those amazing grill marks, just not sure which one i should choose yet.  Maybe i will just get both! lol  I am looking forward to all of the great stuff this forum has to offer! Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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    BobE got a reaction from sdimartino in Greetings from Oakland, CA! Akorn owner   
    Welcome to the forum Sergio, looks like your putting your Akorn to good use!  
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    BobE got a reaction from Flatpick in new BLAZE owner   
    Welcome to the forum Steve, sounds like you're off and running with your Blaze grill.  I've been smoking local caught SoFL fish on my grill lately and turning it into a dip.  2-3 hours at 175F with a bit of apple wood for smoke seems to work really well for me.
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    BobE reacted to William in New Adventures   
    I have graduated on from the adult easy bake oven, aka: the Green Mountain Grill and on to a Primo Kamado!
    I have been smoking for almost 3 years on the pellet grill and once in awhile on the Weber Kettle.
    I picked up a Primo a couple months back and I have had some awesome cooks on it so far. The first brisket on the Primo was the best of any I've done in the past. Spatchcock chicken is sort of my specialty dish and I feel my yardbird game has been elevated already.
    I'm looking forward all the information this forum has to offer!

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    BobE reacted to daninpd in Howdy from Mansfield, TX   
    "Outstanding In It's Field".
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    BobE reacted to Haywyre in Howdy from Mansfield, TX   
    After about a 4 year hiatus, I am back to cooking on a Kamado. Just picked up the Classic 2 on Monday. Man I sure did miss cooking outside. 

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    BobE got a reaction from BigH in Hello from Houston TX   
    Welcome to the forum BigH, looking forward to hearing more from you!
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    BobE got a reaction from sleeplessdrunk in Hello from California   
    Welcome to the forum and best of luck with the first cook!
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    BobE reacted to Millerb7 in Akorn > Weber Kettle > Kamado Joe   
    So I have myself an Akorn for about 4 years. Through a couple moves while building a new house, it was pretty neglected... sat outside, uncovered through winter, rain, etc. Needless to say due to the metal build, it rusted something bad. I ended up getting rid of it and decided I'd see what the Weber Kettle hype was all about. I picked myself up Kettle Master Touch.......... wow...
    I freaking hated it. Was horrible to keep temps. Took forever to get up to temp. Was terrible to use with lump (as it fell through the grates)... just a bad overall experience. Cooked on it about 4 times then sold it. Now... I live in a VERY windy area. Like 10-15 mph winds almost constantly.... so I'm sure that played a part... but it was no enjoyable.
    I decided to pick myself up a new Kamado Joe Classic from Lowes for $650..... I'm in love.
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    BobE reacted to kizmet311 in New from KY   
    Hello, my name is Nick and I am still new to the Kamado game!  I have have had an Akorn for about 4 year now and been learning. I got a Kamado Joe Classic II for birthday/Father's Day. So have not done my first cook on it yet.   
    I have built a table for it and have it pretty much setup ready for the first cook.  There are few little finishing touches left.  Might be a brisket this weekend.  

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    BobE got a reaction from 12cdingman in New Akorn user from Michigan   
    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the deal you got on your Akorn!  Sounds like you're putting it to good use.
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