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  1. Send cash, lots of cash, shipping weight is a little high
  2. I am finally finished and I am pleased with the final results.
  3. Still have the door and drawers to complete, but got the big grill in.
  4. No, I’m not worried. the table is solid and each caster is rated for over 220 lbs.
  5. down to doors and drawers left, as well as getting the beast in the table.
  6. Sorry I do not, I planned it out in my head snd as I went.
  7. Sorry I do not, I planned it out in my head snd as I went.
  8. Yes, I was lucky enough o buy my big Joe at a Costco road show and for waiting 10 days to take the display model, they through in the Joe Jr for free. a deal I had no problem agreeing with.
  9. I purchased my Kamado Big Joe a little over 2 years ago with plans of building a table. Once I started planning, they wife had me complete her projects first. I'm already several weeks in with a little bit more to go.
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