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  1. I usually bring the Big Joe to around 500-550 then prior to the 1st pizza going on I chuck a small-medium sized log on, this gives a temperature spike to 800/900 for around 10-15 minutes, enough to do a couple of pizza's. This also gives good smoke flavour to the pizza without running it very hot for a prolonged period of time.
  2. Excellent stuff. I'd strongly advise anyone new to KJ to watch this (twice) before laying a finger on the box. Time well spent. I'd add one minor thing, before assembling the (rough) ceramic sections and internals, it's a good idea to take your watch off. I say this from experience.
  3. Hi, I have just upgraded to the Big Joe 3 from the Big Joe 1, now that I have mesh rather than felt gaskets I am looking for advice, i used to run a wire probe between the lid and the base, not too concerned about damaging the felt as it was replaced annually, now with the mesh gaskets that should last a fair bit longer I'm not sure if this will cause an issue and whither it would be better going for a wireless probe instead? Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks, in Scotland it rains a lot!
  5. It's got to be a contender...
  6. Went straight to Grakka (KJ distributor) as advised and they sorted this in 3 days flat, so the vendor was the issue, lesson learnt and a big thumbs up to Grakka for superb service.
  7. Having had the Big Joe for a couple of years I had to make a warranty claim for the firebox and top cap via an approved supplier (Continental Chefs Supplies - CCS) back in April 2017, I followed this up with a few phone calls in June 2017, when i was advised that this claim had been accepted and they were awaiting parts, then... nothing. in September i was advised that a long wait for parts from Kamado Joe was normal. Still waiting. Follow up calls to CCS are met with a "we will get back to you". So i was wondering a 9+ month wait for parts normal? My firebox has now totally disintegrated, my top cap is leaking badly making the Kamado now unusable and I'm getting pretty frustrated. What i wanted to make other UK potential customers aware of is the unacceptable delay in warranty claims does make this warranty not worth the paper it's written on.
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