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  1. rowlesy

    First brisket

    I think it would be thicker at one end - which is sort of making me think of doing it rolled
  2. Hello, I am cooking my first brisket on Tuesday. Got a few questions that all the experienced will be able to ask for me. It is a 4kg rolled brisket. Should I unroll this? I am worried that it is likely to be too thin and will dry out/cook too fast. What temperature should I be cooking it to? I am looking to carve it rather than pull it. And how long, approximately, at 225 to 250, would it cook for? Cheers
  3. rowlesy

    Boxed lumpwood

    it came today, and was surprised to see that all the restaurant grade was in long stick sections. anyone ever had experience with lumpwood like this before? does it perform the same as standard lumpwood? does it burn for as long?
  4. rowlesy

    Steak night. 16oz Ribeye.

    wow... perfect
  5. does anyone else source their lumpwood in boxes rather than bags? have heard that the lumpwood tends to be better. not so much dust in the bottom and larger lumps. wondering if anyone could verify. i am going for Big K restaurant grade and superheat. has anyone had experience with these.
  6. ok, the bark was not overly dried out though it was drier than i would want it, but was definitely hardened. got a fair bit of crunch to it. i rinse and dry the meat my rub consists of sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chilli powder, praprika, cumin as far as i can remember cook obviously raised indirect with a drip tray underneath without water, at about 275-300f the only thing that I can think of is that didn't take off any fat, but i can't see this is a problem as it should only make it more more surely? but maybe a bit more hard. but it is areas not covered by fat that are the problem
  7. everyone seems to ask how to get bark, but my latest butt i got too much?? the cooking temperature was consistently round about 275 i did not use water in my drip pan, which i usually would. is this the problem? also, there was a lack of smoke in the meat. i used plenty of wood. it was pear which is known for being light, but i used probably more than i usually would when i get decent flavour?
  8. rowlesy

    Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal

    OK thanks. Will it create more white smoke though if you close the lid after a shorter time and start using the vents to control?
  9. rowlesy

    Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal

    I'm new here as well. But I would always allow 45 mins or more before lighting and putting whatever i'm cooking on the grill. Could those with more experience tell me, would you leave the lid open as the lumpwood is lighting until all of it is alight, or what?