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    BBQ, hunting, fishing, bicycling, sausage making, Home brewing, scotch :)
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    Kamado Joe
  1. Grubby

    Hello from Wylie, TX

    So true!
  2. Grubby

    Hello from Wylie, TX

    Sorry, but my Wylie is just northeast of Dallas! I was made aware of the Wylie you referenced when I tried to personalize one of my news feeds. on the upside, I am now up to date on the doings of Wylie near Abilene!
  3. Grubby

    Hello from Wylie, TX

    Thanks everybody for the kind welcomes! I still have my combo offset smoker/propane rig and I keep my MES around for sausage. Not sure how much use they will get now, though!
  4. Grubby

    Hello from Wylie, TX

    Just want to say that after a ton of research I finally bought a Kamado Joe Classic II cooker. I am not new to BBQ by any means, but totally new to kamado cooking. This site gave me so much good information, I had to join and say THANK YOU to everybody here. Only 2 cooks on the new Joe so far (steaks and ribs). Both were delicious and the Joe performed beyond my expectations. Just awesome to be able to set the temp to 225 for the ribs and let her roll without adjustment for hours! Anyway, thanks again! Grubby