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  1. ive seen those around and can get them for under 100 CAD the one you link is a litle over 100 here but yea. Whats the big difference comparing one of those style charcoal grills vs a JR Kamado?
  2. well the more im looking at things financially... I may hop onto the cheaper band wagon of a Akorn JR.... wedding coming up in July among other things I can see putting a HUGE stall on any Kamado plans lol.. So might just hop on the 200$ akorn and mess around with that for a while.. maybe by the time that thing is done for Ill be able justify getting my end goal kamado (by then who knows what will be out there comparable or better ) Main reason i opted for the akorn jr over ceramic was because i plan on bringing it camping as well.. im tired of dealing with my current propane camping bbq
  3. I wish I could find some rocking deals like that around here. the Akorn in general barely exists on this side! cant find 1 shop that sells it other then amazon and only 1 re seller has it.... Lowes and any other place that used to sell them now either carry vision or the Kamado Joe. seeing the KJ is awesome as that is on my WANT list for sure but not a fan of the vision after reading on it. I am only about 1.5 hour drive from the US border and could pick up an akorn which would end up around 5-600 mark give or take by the time I go through the border with taxes and all that fun stuff... The Akorn JR is catching my eye for the price of about lets say round up to 250 shipped with a 1 year warranty (vs 599 plus tax for the KJ jr) IF I did end up with just a JR as a starter kamado, it would be used only for the mains and the gas bbq would end up with most of the sides for the most part. unless I have visit over and limited room on the JR. the KJ is my end goal for a full size kamado that is for sure.
  4. Yea we got pretty well all the major brands along with a few "knock offs" as mentioned slower on new releases but also the cost seems to be fairly higher and when we do get sales they dont ever seem to be half as good as sales from the US. Keep in mind though even if there was a huge sale in the US, by the time I add shipping costs on something so heavy it would surpass the price of a regular priced one here. Yea the more im looking the more I think I should hold off for the classic 2 joe.... If funds start draining else where ill prob end up jumping on the JR and just live with it. Ive done a lot of reading on the main "commercial" stores that I could do equal payments no interest type of deal so heres the list and pricing of what is readily available... fi Home depot carries Vision Kamado's 899. for S series and pro zon 498 for the cadet Lowes carries the Kamado Joe 1599 for Classic 2 599 for JR Costco carries Pit boss 899 for the K24 They dont list the K22 Rona carries Vision 799 for the M series (not sure what the dif is) Canadian Tire carries the Louisiana kamado 899 for "louisiana K. doesnt say what model (actually on clearance right now for 699) 699 for the LGK18 version Cabela's carries KJ 1599 for classic 2 There's still plenty of other specialty outdoor stores that carry / sell them but these are the more "generic" stores. I did find a Akorn jr on Amazon for 206 +35$ for a 1 year warranty with free shipping cheapest ive found to date for one
  5. Yea I dont cook much turkey but I am def worried of regretting the JR because of how small it is.... Even on my 4 burner gas bbq it dont take much time to fill it up when I have visit over for supper.... mind you I can make due making baked potatoes on the gasser if I had no more room on a kamado All that aside.. I dont think im sold on the pit boss with all the small things I read and wasnt too fond of. Heck I was sold on a BGE until I read more on the Classic joe
  6. I did do some research on the pit boss and it seems decent for the cost for sure! I just read a few things about the indirect heat shield being somewhat of a pain and that the aftermarket market for it is horrid which is kind of a turn off.. (wanting various things such as split heating and what not)
  7. Yea I am in Canada Ontario. Prices for the KJ classic II is 1599 I found a KJ classic for 1299 but still not THAT great of a deal per say... I was taking a peek at akorns but Lowes or anywhere I looked local didnt carry them... It seems like lowes discontinued the akorn to go to KJ's. I do plan on preferably going new so I can retain the warranty as I know it doesnt take much to crack these. as for the ace hardware store... they only carry the vision grill kamado here... which I havent read TOO many good reviews as far as finish and quality.... their floating around 799
  8. Ah ok sounds good! Guess it would pay off to just save up for a full sized one unless some kind of good deals comes up!
  9. Hey guys, So ive done a fair share of reading... but mainly on the usual topic that's probably been abused relentlessly here. BGE VS the classic joe or various others.... As much as I would LOVE to have a full size kamado and more so decided on going with the Kamado joe over others such as the BGE ive found that 1600 doesnt really fit my budget one bit... Other then the Joe Jr not coming with the side tables and a rolling stand... is it sufficient as a primary cooker? I currently own a basic gas grill (nothing fancy by anymeans) and I also own a digital 4 rack Bradley smoker which I tend to use only on weekends when I have the time to do low and slow. Been pretty keen on picking up a charcoal BBQ / smoker but dont want to end up with something too small as these seem pretty darn small! on week days I'm only cooking for 2 for the time being but usually always make extra so I have left overs for lunch during the week. So 3-4 chicken breaks or half a dozen sausages, ect... Is the Joe Jr sufficient in size for your avg home cooked meal or is it more of a side cooker for lets say a single steak or what not? Thanks in advance! Even the JR is fairly expenisve here ringing in around 599 at lowes. but quite a bit easier to deal with vs the 1599 price tag on the classic 2
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