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  1. im looking for the same thing. hope someone has a source for one
  2. i always have this problem with cowboy lump. I only buy royal oak. also i never use any sort of chemical to start my fire. twigs and sticks. in a pinch i will use a rutland firestarter cube on my weber. the starter cube is made of sawdust and paraffin wax. you can get a box of 144 cubes for $20 on amazon. 1 cube is enough to light the coals.
  3. Cooking both low n slow and very hot cooks.
  4. I have not had this issue, but I have had the issue of the lid getting stuck open mid cook
  5. I had this problem at first, then I used less coals problem magically went away
  6. Anybody know of a more durable cast iron top vent?
  7. Yeah the grill is only 6 months old. Very frustrating. Thread lock might work.
  8. Does anybody know of a hinge upgrade that is available or that has been done? Getting tired of tightening bolts every other month...
  9. Does anyone have a source or plans for a upgraded hinge. Getting tired up tighten in and loosening bolts once a month....
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