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  1. So, I tried Kingston Ford and fobo. My poultry comes out cleaner than you see on the video in my 1st post, but still not as clean as from weber where I used the same fuel. I use meat thermometer, so I pull meat out at the same temperature The only thing which may be different is internal grill temperature, since I use 2 charcoal baskets in weber (left and right edge) and the temperature is over the baskets is about 25 higher than over the meat. With vision I use lava stone and the temperature *I assume* is about the same everywhere, but not sure, plus my thermometer is stuck at 125 when cold, but is about 210-215 over boiling water... I don't know if it's accurate at 250-300... I assume it is but have no easy way to measure it (need to get weber thermometer attachment for the grate). the other difference between grills is the location of the exhaust - vision is at he center, weber is not. but in the end - same turkey from the weber taste batter. It's not dark brown, it's just perfect, moist and juicy (I do use water pan in both grills) I only wish weber was just as easy to use as kamado (I have charcoal in my right basket go out almost every single cook, have no idea what's causing that, will need to rotate grill 180 and try again. If both were going out, I'd assume I'm doing something wrong, but with one side only? I move lid around, so location of the exhaust and wind has nothing to do with it. lightning up and adding charcoal is not fun, using weber in colder temperature will probably be too much hassle for me )
  2. They said it's out of warranty and sent me this link There's no point in buying it, but it seems like others may not fit. So, is it ok to just put probe on the grate? I have 3 different thermometers - generic bt one and 2 different radio frequency units - expert grill and char-broiler with much higher radius, char-broiler up to 100 ft Interestingly, the generic bt one always shows higher temperature than the other two and some recommended temperatures for meats are different (lower). So I guess I can't really trust it on the grate either? I also have weber igrill 2 which supports up to 4 probes, but haven't used it yet. don't know how good it is. I usually smoke under 300 degrees.
  3. How long have you had it when it happened? I sent them an email, but I had mine for about 18 months. wonder if it's covered under their lifetime or 5yr warranty
  4. I just tested it in boiling water - just under 225. Can I assume it's OK? it just never had 125 when not in use. grill is in the shade, outside temp is about 80 today
  5. After doing the cleaning by bringing temperature 650, thermometer is stuck at 125 degrees. is there a way to fix it? Interestingly, I used to be able to bring it up to 700, but this time it maxed out at 650. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys. I'll try kingsford charcoal and see if it taste better. I hope it does. Then I'll try fobo, if I can find it locally. I guess it is better to clean it with lump charcoal, since it gets hotter.
  7. I sent videos to the manufacturer. Below is their reply The lid walls are normal. They turn black from all the fat and creosote build-up, which adds flavor to the food. If you want to clean the top dome and top vent, please see below: You may find that if you bring the grill up to searing temperatures of 600 to 700 degrees the creosote (fat and smoke buildup) will start to melt or even begin dripping off of the inside of the top vent. This should remove about 60% of the creosote buildup. The next day or when the grill is completely cooled down, remove the screw from underneath the top vent to separate the two halves. Use a wire brush and degreaser to clean any excess creosote. Then with a hot towel and degreaser, clean in the crevasses of the top vent and polish the cast iron clean. Lastly, put the screw back in, to connect the two halves, make sure the felt gives it a tight snug fit, and then you are good to begin grilling again with a close to perfect, clean top vent. Additionally, for the top inner ceramic (or lid walls) you can rub gently wash it with warm soapy water with a little lemon juice to cut the grease) and apply some Pam or olive oil when clean. You might even try grapeseed oil for the high smoke point
  8. I usually wait for about 15 minutes with lid open. Then I close the lid, wait until temperature is above 200, then change all vents to 1 (top and 2 bottom ones) and put the meat in. This way I always have 225-250 and rarely need to adjust the temperature. And again, when do I see white smoke and why is it bad?
  9. A couple people mentioned white smoke. interesting I opened all vents and let the remaining Royal Oak burn. I didn't get 700, but got 650 and a couple hours later had around 500. I noticed the smoke coming out from the vents was white. What does it tell me? What color should it be?
  10. is ash the only reason why it's not recommended for kamado? Does kingsord charcoal last just as long as lump charcoal? I believe charcoal doesn't run as hot, which I guess means I need to open dampers more? I want to try it, make chicken on both at the same time and compare. thanks.
  11. Thanks for reply. Kamado is much easier to use, but the chicken I get from weber using kingsford tastes better than what I get from Kamado (Royal Oak). Either the taste was always the same and I just had too much of smoked meat eating it almost every day for the last year and half or maybe arclite (post above yours) is on to something in regards to Royal Oak
  12. So, I guess the e So, I guess the best way to go is to start with "self cleaning" by removing the lava stone and bringing the temperature to the max, keeping it at that temperature for a couple hours and then brushing with wire brush? if so, any lump charcoal will do or some burn hotter than others? I'm ready to try flavors other than Ryoal Oak. What's good and sold at big box stores (hd, lowes, wmt)? P.S. this is what the manufacturer says in regards to cleaining - ..... The interior of the Kamado needs no cleaning and over time will season. To ensure full protection, it is recommended that Vision Grills Ceramic Kamados be covered when not in use. ....
  13. I've smoked on vision kamado once or twice a week for the past year and half using Royal Oak. I loved it - easy to use, always predictable results. Recently I switched to weber kettle with baskets using kingsford charcoal and I like the taste a lot better. It's not nearly as smoked, it's just perfect. I must admit, smoking on kettle turned out to be hard work - been having very hard time controlling the temperature.. for some reason charcoal in right basket always dies out regardless of the wind direction or even when there's no wind... This video was taken when chicken internal temperature is around 160 It seems like my food cooked in kamado is covered in ash like never before. I don't think I ever had my chicken dark brown like this....it has rubbery taste like hot dog.. or I just had too much of smoked meat, something I've been eating almost every day for a year and half. I would much prefer using kamado over weber, it's much easier to use and works very well in cold weather (although vision drawer area rusts because of the condensation) ... but kamado \ royal oak flavor may be just too much for me these days. Either that or something else needs to be done. this is what kamado walls (video) look like... Any recommendations? Do I need to clean my kamado? if so, how? I only vacuumed it, but never touched the walls. Do I need to switch to other, less strong smoke flavor of lump charcoal? If so, what kind? Do I just need a break from smoked food for months, so that I can start enjoying kamado as much as I have for the 1st year owning it? Thanks Edit - the flame is never touching the food as I use lava stone in kamado and charcoal baskets in weber. Although the lava stone cracked in the middle, so I have 2 pieces touching one another with weber drip pans on the bottom shelf
  14. Thanks for replies. I have a couple more questions - I use 2 wireless thermometers - Q-Tech (bt smartphone) Char-Broil (some radio frequency. coldspot, 5 zones I believe) Recommended temperatures are always (or almost always) lower on Q-Tech - Chicken is 145, vs 165 on Char-Broil. Any idea why that is? I had to start cooking before leaving home (that's why I wonder if there's a way to control cooking remotely:)), came back about 90 minutes later, had 175 on Char-Broil. So, just like the manual says- 1-2hr per 4lb and just like you guys said - numbers of birds doesn't matter. Now I wonder why your cooking times at 400 is just as long? I had 3 smokers in the last 2-3 years - LP-->Pellet-->Kamado. I loved my LP vertical smoker with wood chips. I cooked chicken at 350-400 and it came out red and very tasty and very wet\juicy. . I hated Pellet - chicken always came out dry. That was the main reason I got rid of it. I tried beef and pork, they came out OK I guess, but I think Kamado is jucier. I love Kamdo chicken, but I brine it first... something I never did with LP and Pellet Pellet convenience is unmatched, but can it compete with Kamado in terms of taste (again, I never brined chicken before kamado)? Thanks P.S. I think I just found an answer to my first question The FDA Food Code recommends cooking chicken to165°F (74°C). But the pasteurization of chicken is actually a function of both temperature and time. If you can hold your chicken at 145°F (63°C) for 8.5 minutes, you can achieve the same bacterial reduction as at 165°F (74°C).
  15. Hi there My vision manuals says chicken 4lb 1-2 hours @250 degrees. If I cook 2 4lb chicken at the same time, do I double the time (2-4 hours) ? Thanks. P.S. I wish there was a way to control cooking temperature and time via smartphone... is there?
  16. Why is lump is preferred to briquettes? I understand issues with briquettes with lighter fluid added. But what about the ones that don't? Briquettes are cheaper and sometimes much cheaper, that's why I'm asking. Also, are there lump charcoal with fruit flavors, like cherry or apple? I've been using royal oak mostly adding fruit chips/chunks. Thanks
  17. These holes are pretty bad. Did you try contacting vision? If you are under warranty they'd probably send you a new drawer. I'd be curious to know what the cool down time is now. I did beef @225 a couple days ago and it took around 8hr to cool it down. But because I had lots of small pieces of lump I decided to try weber briquette holders so all the small pieces are together, not sure if that affected the cool down time or not. thanks
  18. My Royal lump bag had very little pieces left so I decided to try weber charcoal holders to keep the little pieces all together. After 4-5 hr cook at 250 degrees (1 chicken) and hours of cool down I had more than half of lump left.... I don't know how much lump fits in these two holders, but probably less than a pound. What are the disadvantages of using holders like these or something like weber smoker chamber ? It takes a bit longer to start it up and I don't know if I could get much higher temperature and\or much longer cook times, but it seems like it uses less lump for small cooks. The image below is after 1,5-2hr at 225 (beef) and 8hr of cool down (for some reason temperature stayed at ~100 degrees for for many hours and even when it was almost 0 the holders were still warm\hot) Thanks
  19. It seems like most of my leak is not from around the starter door, but from around the ash drawer. I haven't siliconed yet, want to do a flashlight test first
  20. They sent me Silicone Sealant here's their reply For the leaky Electric Starter Port, here are some options: > OPTION 1. Prong Adjustment: On the inside of the Electric Starter Port, there are three prongs. Using pliers, you can bend them left, or right (using a twisting motion), to create a better catch when it closes. > OPTION 2. Rubber Gasket Replacement: If “OPTION 1” fails, then go on to this option. There is a kit, along with instructions, that we can send you to replace the Rubber Gasket that is attached to the port door itself. > OPTION 3. Silicone Sealant Repair Kit: If the above options continue to fail, there is a silicone repair kit that we can send you. This also comes with instructions and is easy to use. At this point, the area we would be sealing is the space between the Faceplate and the Vessel, itself.
  21. I emailed them the same link when I posted here. Will contact them on Monday if no reply. I want to try pizza. Is there any reference on how to do it right the first time?:) What temperature do you use and how long does it take to cook thin\medium\thick crust pizza? I assume it's better not to lift the lid and check on it, since cooking time should be only a few minutes if temperature is high. do you use any wood with pizza? Does it come out better than electric oven? thanks
  22. I'd say it's more noticeable on windy days. It takes more than 2 hours to shut it down, that's why I was asking previously if getting some kind of a cap around the drawer case would cool it down faster and save some lump charcoal The temperature is mostly steady, but can fluctuate up to 50 degrees (as it did when I took this video) with plenty of charcoal covering the whole bottom up to holes. Another member suggested lifting up rails with washers and bending it a little. I haven't look into it and am afraid of breaking it by bending a little to much Also, this pro-zone rusts a little, I wish Vision used stainless steel like Pit Boss model.. also according to my pit boss friend his kamado gets no condensation at all, not even in the winter, while my drips a lot. Maybe because Pit Boss ss vent is much smaller than pro-zone and it probably drips inside, but that's just my guess.
  23. link is below Should I worry about it? If so, how do I fix it? This is at 250-275 bottom vent is closed on this video, but I had about the same amount of leaking smoke when it was set to 1 https://photos.app.goo.gl/v3FzPUHaq7EefSVs1 Thanks
  24. Contact Vision, they may replace it for you, their warranty on this stone is 1yr. I believe the stone should warm up with the grill, otherwise it may break because of temp difference.
  25. waiting for results! I'd like to know how strong hickory flavor is. I am not a fan of strong smoke flavor anymore, prefer cherry and apple, but even if it's a little too strong I assume it can be mixed with Royal. By the way, my local WM had price tag of $9.89 or something (a few pennies more than Royal). So I guess they go on sale, while Royal is always the same price, and sometimes $12.xx at home depot.
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