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  1. best ribs yet.... with time ive found that I prefer my ribs with some pull over having them "fall off the bone" as I find i may as well just make pulled pork if I want fall off the bone pork. I also find doing singles is the way to go! its a pork chicken wing! nice crisp bark all around with tender juicy meat in the middle. good pull but the meat will come clean off the bone.
  2. another brisket i had done... turned out awesome. did a few new cooks on it too but more so forgetting to snap quick pics before it gets eaten .
  3. ive def been cooking lots on the kamado but I find the best turn out / challenge ive had this far was definitely the brisket. otherwise everything else is more so just trying diff rubs / add ons. didnt take any pictures but also did a twice smoke raw ham bone in couple weeks back that was a huge hit with the fam.
  4. time for a little revive... past few cooks ive done.. finally manage to cook a brisket right on the kamado too which is nice not on the kamado... but i'd say low and slow still counts!
  5. solid points / tips Thanks!! ! i know this one i did I was a bit in a pinch and had to speed up the cook not that I wanted to... If I would of done it on time i would of had hickory chips and would of set temp to range 250-275 (closer to 250) but we all know kamado's can vary at times. Letting it sit fully wrapped without letting it breath may be the answer why a certain part of the flat wasnt quite as tender..
  6. Good to know! Do I risk a much higher chance drying out the brisket not wrapping until its done and only wrap it "dry with no added juice" once its ready to rest in a cooler? Next go im def trying more smoke and I really want to do it without wrapping unless im in a pinch on time. thanks all for the input
  7. so I did my 2nd brisket this weekend. 95% of it was nice and tender / juicy but it tasted like a Pot roast. Both the point and flat.... I was in a crunch for time waking up late so I decided to do a hot n fast cook. using my pit boss kamado with maple lump coal (no additional wood for smoke) cooked it at 300F fat cap down. I rubbed the fat cap with SPG all equal mix. and the meat side I used a BBQ rub (it has sugars and a good bbq sweet like taste) 1st thing i notice was... it didnt hit a stall... it cooked to 165-170 in 2.5 hours. at that point I was scared to dry it out so I went and wrapped it in tinfoil and added about 1/4 cup of beef broth. from there it took another 2.5 hours and it hit 200-202 and the probe slid in like butter in 95% of it from there I decided to pull it off and leave it wrapped in a cooler for which it sat for about 2 hours. I trimmed it but I was VERY conservative on how much i trimmed off. I was reading online that wrapping it and adding broth can / is the cause for the pot roast taste but I'd like to know / have some opinions from you guys / ladies on here... The next one I try Im thinking... SPG 40/40/20 (will add about 1/4 of sugar of the overall rub) fat cap down seems to protect the meat a tons from drying out so im thinking ill try it again at 250-275 range but not wrapped or atleast only wrap it once it is probe tender and ready to rest in a cooler for 2 hours +. whats your opinions? This pic is when it hit 170F IT in both flat and point
  8. damn... making me itch to cook up a few asap!
  9. I got worried when mine didnt line up.. I think my ring bands ended up too tight and propped the lid up in spots... mind you I was frequently snugging the ring botls.
  10. I just had this happen to me.. (I already loctited all the nuts on the hinge and verified it wasnt that) I didnt touch a thing and found it wasnt sealing on the right side and a good bit of the back. I found it odd as I didnt touch anything but I ended up just loosening both the upper and lower ring bands verifying it sat straight and fully sealed when i did loosen both rings. Then re snugged the ring bands but just to say they where "snug" and the lid seems to seal perfectly again
  11. ah... guess ive been lucky this winter with the gaskets themselves not freezing... the only thing I had to deal with was the top vent freezing closed due to the build up of greases and soot.
  12. truthfully its a no brainer for me if I was in your shoes boone!.... I was split 50/50 between the pit boss and vision as both carried the same lifetime warranty on ceramics and more so same price. I would of never even considered the pit boss without the lifetime warranty. The differences between the vision and PB are so minimal that there's not really one better then the other . Both are made by auplex too... dont get me wrong I LOVE my PB kamado.. but warranty is a HUGE factor
  13. odd that your gasket ripped. ive used mine for the whole winter without issues. I am guessing your gaskets got saturated with water somehow or it wasnt covered?
  14. hmmm I didnt know they implemented a limited lifetime on ceramics of 5 years now... In my opinion....that was the only real benefit of buying the lower cost kamado's. cheap cost with just as good of a warranty... If I were you and the ceramics arn't covered for lifetime shop for a different brand name that carries that warranty. not sure how limited you are in that area... but vision offers a lifetime on ceramics still... otherwise... i'd gladly pay out the extra $$$ for a BGE, Prima or Kamado Joe just for their lifetime warranty. From previous posts on here... They dont usually warrant the parts unless it effects the function... a hairline crack like the one you pictured isnt going to effect the way it functions so they may say to "wait and replace it once its actually broken"..... though now that they only offer 5 years... they may change it... but you would have to call to find out.
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