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  1. RRL2

    Dansons customer service

    awesome on their part for trying to keep you happy until they have alternative methods to work with you on the fix. I know depending on To and FROM shipping locations when it comes to shipping any kind of liquid it can be a hassle. so it can be very likely that. cant help any ideas on those spices as ive never tried them. but truthfully ill try any spice on any piece of meat at least once no matter if it was supposed to be for. go wild! lol
  2. RRL2

    Fuel regulating on higher temp cooks

    as these guys said you should last a GOOD 3-5 SOLID hours with a full bowl of coals, try and arrange the coals evenly in the bowl too seems to help in my experience. also... I 9 times out of 10 cook with my top vent at or just before the 1 setting and adjust my bottom vents. if I run out of adjustment on the bottom vent only then do i really play with the top vent. I did learn though that for low and slow cooks I need to have the vent at or a little past the 1 setting or I find I start to drop temps after a couple hours but that could also be a result of the lump I get being a lot of small pieces which means poor air circulation at the grate.
  3. RRL2

    Kamado Joe gasket

    Double check make sure all your other bolts and nuts are tight as well when you try to re align it. sounds obvious but easily over looked.
  4. RRL2

    Kamado Joe gasket

    you can also remove that little piston lid stopper at the front. I've read of one person having an issue with that cause the lid to not seal (it was lifting the lid just enough) simple test as its only held with on with 2 nuts/
  5. RRL2

    How do y’all cook wings?

    ive always done them direct heat more so. Usually get temp up to 400 let them cook for 30 mins... the last bit I leave the lid open and let the temps get pretty hot and flip them. I use the 2nd grate when their done or got that good char to them. ive found doing this you still get juicy chicken and a good crips exterior. I know some folks like their wings well done and dryer though... may require longer cook time before high temp charring Size of wings definitely will play a factor in time...
  6. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    awesome. looks good for sure! love the bark i get from this kamado. never got that kind of bark out of my bradley electric
  7. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    the more i cook the better things seem to get! 12 hour's on.... I had to adjust the temp slide once during the cook as it was dropping temps and hit 225F after about 5hours in to the cook. Temps stuck within 225-275 for the whole cook though. (temps seemed to fluctuate as we had some pretty high winds)
  8. RRL2

    Kamado Joe gasket

    yes you can use the KJ gasket. but as mentioned.. most of the time it ends up being dome alignment if your gaskets are showing no real signs of wear. I did the paper test on mine and it doesnt have the same "pressure" all around but seals up.
  9. RRL2

    How do y’all cook wings?

    For mine to crips I usually do a light coat of veggie oil and apply my rub. If you like em naked then sauced then just coat them a bit with your choice of oil
  10. RRL2

    Can you cook with lid open?

    ive tried it a few times.... ill say from what ive experienced... I rather have not enough (and add during the cook) vs too much and having a run away temp
  11. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Got er loaded last night... I will say... I packed the bottom grate originally with all the corn.. it had very little air space and the temps were going funky... def need some airspace on grill for proper heat and air flow. Did a light coat of rub on the chicken as I find it really salty... I need to add some spices to tame it down
  12. RRL2

    Dried Cherry Tomatoes

    Good idea! would be good in a salsa I bet too!
  13. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Rainy day cooking up some ribs... decided to just let them roll untouched until I could pull a bone out clean... took 7.5 hours at 250F I 1st checked them at 6 hours and werent done... shocked it took so long but turned out awesome.. just as moist as wrapping them mind you just took longer then usual... I probably could of let them go longer too truthfully
  14. RRL2

    Sealed my pitboss

    There is a chance the "guides" your vent plates slide on are just tighter then what mine are which would cause that issue. I went to a local BBQ shop where I live... picked up some NOMEX BBQ gasket. worked for me Definitely cheaper to get it through amazon if your not in a hurry
  15. RRL2

    Hinge / Band / Lid adjustment

    I would start off by verifying everything is snug and nothing is loose. Starting with the nuts on the lift mechanism (which you can access with the lid open. These nuts tend to come loose and need loctite to be added. 2nd is the ring bands being tight and not loose these still confuse me a bit on whats too loose and whats to tight.. so i just snug them up once in a while ANYTHING loose in that area can cause the lid to misalign. Also note that if you have the rear hinge nuts TOO tight... will also cause the lid to close crooked.