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  1. Hinge upgrade

    So which bolts are you guys refering to that get loose? The ring tensioners or the actual bolts / screws on the hinge? I was kind of curious how tight those ring tensioners should be... I did the check over after my first few cooks (some low and slow and a couple high temp) everything was tight but the ring tensioner never really gets "snug" and too tight would result in cracking the dome id imagine
  2. Beer brewing / keg / bar

    way to make me thirsty on lunch on a Friday lol
  3. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    hahah I hate you... I love winter but this time of year is BRUTAL... were still expecting rain / snow / freezing rain for the next week according to the forecast too... its depressing! Yea I trimmed the felt on the bottom vent a CRAP TON... id say there's about 2 sheets of paper thickness worth of felt left and its still "snug" but I expect that to loose up some as time goes. I got a buddy in Ohio and he has nice green lawn.. sent him this... slowly melting.. but not fast enough
  4. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Haha yea... im getting pretty damn sick of the snow! getting anxious for a green lawn! I only have a bit of lawn showing (what you see in pic is pretty well the only spot of grass i got for now lol) The dome probe and grate prob are pretty accurate up to about 300-320 then it really starts to show big differences. Also once the dome hits 350 even as I back off the temps the dome prob will not drop for a LONG while, while the grate probe will drop in temp gradually as I would expect it to. Also forgot to add... cool down time has been cut in half since the mods too... was under 200F in 2hours while it used to take 4ish hours. Didnt check yet how much I saved on coal but i'd imagine theres a fair difference
  5. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    heres a couple pics now that their finally loading and not giving me errors. Once the lid gets heat soaked the dome thermometer begins to show wayy of readings.
  6. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    1st cook after mods. Bottom vent full open top vent 1/8th temps floated around 405 on dome thermo and 345 on my maveric probe and climbing about 1 deg every 10 mins so figure it would of tapered down to 350ish. The dome thermo seems wayyy off once the ceramic gets heat soaked. I dropped temps to 307 on probe, some thermo reading 395. Huge difference as i would be fighting 350-400 before mods with vent at like 1/2" open before.... well see how it when I go to shut it down
  7. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Doubled up the gasket on the top vent fits pretty tight didn't even bother putting back the screws as there's no way it's falling out alone. Also did lower vent. Got some mixed opinion on that one. it makes the sliding vents really tight and I even trimmed the heck out of the gasket to make it thin. Added some rvt high temp liquid gasket around the bottom plate and also added gasket around the inside of the ceramic of the bottom vent (non on the bottom so I can still scrape out the ash) Not sure if this is excessive but I still see light seeping through between the vent slides when I flash a flashlight at it in the dark
  8. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Did burgers today no mod yet... held temps way better but didn't stack as much coal which could of made the difference. I did the paper bill test how right should it be? I felt tension but it was much lighter in the front then the back.
  9. Disappointed , is this normal?

    Curious on the differences... I was torn between the two as mentioned in my thread you commented in. I just got some more felt today to seal up the bottom vent and i'll be doing the top vent for the hell of it as well as It didnt want to hold temps below 300. (simple solution thankfully) No cracks or chips have formed yet! and had it up to around 500 so far. My buddy has an older vision and he loves it
  10. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Picked up some nomex gasket. Noticed the BGE one is a lot thinner then the KJ one so got the KJ version as it looks roughly the same width as the PB. They where damn steep on the gasket prices though! 36.99 or so for a roll! and even looking at the lump coal wheeeweee $$$$$
  11. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    AH ok good to know! I noticed it burned all the fuel I put in... when I had checke Im about to go buy some gasket... no idea on brand yet as im just heading to a local BBQ store on lunch time so well see what they have. Hopefully some nomex but I got my doubts... Going to add another layer around chimney for the hell of it and do the bottom vent. Hopefully that cures it. May have to do the bill test with the halves if that doesnt do the trick
  12. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Well did a half bowl of coal and couldn't keep temps below 350. Even with both top and bottom vent fully closed. didn't let it go hotter or anything and tried to play catch up. Though I did open it 2-3 times within a few hours to turn the potatoes Didn't see any smoke coming from middle seal so prob need to better seal bottom and too vent I'm assuming. Doubt I'll have much coal left from the cook. I shut it down around 430pm I just checked it at 830pm and it was still floating around 180f from 350 Not sure if that's the norm?
  13. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Thanks for the link. Well it held at 205f consistently for the break in. but only had 2 handful of coals in it. Well see how it maintains with a fuller firebowl on my cook hopefully tomorrow
  14. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Yea I agree on the heat deflector 100% sitting too high I'll learn my ways around it and maybe mod my own if I dislike it that much. I know one person did his own on here. so far everything I noticed that could be better I was ready for reading reviews on here. I was torn between the vision and this one. The end all for me was pb coming with deflector and cover as Costco comes with everything ready to go from the get go.
  15. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Thanks for the heads up on the top lip I'll check that for sure. And yeah I read before doing any mods to do a cook or two as the res n what not can seal up minor stuff. Phrede nothing was loose on mine. handle is tight non of the bolts spun when I tightened the nut. Lid seems to sit straight. Haven't had a chance to do my 1st burn yet. been busy sucks... Actually I did notice one of my shelves sits a little high and not 100% straight but I'm just going to tweak the mount down to correct that down the road if it ends up bothering me