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  1. Maybe also contact the warranty dept see if they can hook you up at atleast a discount or something. I know its not the fault of the product itself breaking but yea... never know they may help a customer out! and definitely no way that thing got blown over by itself.
  2. i had tried letting it heat up with the lid closed. maybe I got too impatient but after about 5min it was still solid so took the torch to it. I will say that its pretty gummed up as it is.... though I kind of like it like that as it now has a solid seal when i close it
  3. damn glad i havent run into that issue yet where it freezes shut! I usually just take a torch to the chimney and break it loose that way... more of an annoyance then anything. I could get it cleaned up was just hoping there would be an alternate method vs loosing that tight seal with the build up. guess its one more reason to push for a heater garage!
  4. Yea I got the cover. I dont even leave mine outside I store it in my unheated garage once its shut down. I use an umbrella to cover it up if its snowing so it never usually gets wet. the top vent seems to freeze up with the "sludge" build up you get over time. I'd clean the sludge up which would help but the sludge helps keep a air tight seal
  5. So anyone here use their Kamado much in the cold months? Im starting to REALLY dislike the style of chimney / top vent style of the pit boss through out the winter months. The damn thing freezes Shut SOLID. I need to use a torch on it to thaw it so it can break free. Getting worries that my adjustement tab will break sooner then later from prying on it to break it free. I COULD clean it out and probably be ok.. however its finally got enough build up on it so it has a proper tight seal
  6. cant beat the forum format / ability to search for information etc. the amount of recipes and information / feed back etc on here is priceless, most things posted on FB are lost and forgotten within hours usually.
  7. Pork belly burnt ends over the holidays. didnt get to cook much as I wasnt home much but managed to get these on! was delish
  8. The meat sat on the counter for about 40 mins while I was prepping everything and waiting for the kamado to get up to proper temps/ heat soaked. It was -22C that morning so it took quite some time before everything was warmed up. As for spritzing, I duno how I would go about it. when your 6+ hours into a cook when you open that lid the temp spikes are pretty darn harsh and takes a good while to get back down. I've closed the vents 5-10 mins before i plan on opening the lid to help prevent spikes in temps before but yea. I usually have a good idea of where the vents need to be for X temps. for a 200-250 cook lower vent is adjusted to the 1st set of holes and the top vent is set a touch before the 1. it hovered at 200 for about 3 hours then went up to 220 ish. I threw in the brisket when the dome was warm to touch on the outside and both grate temp and dome temp where showing 200F. +/- a couple F. between the two but yea. I just spoke with my buddys dad that has 2 BGE's hes had for the past 10+ years and also said his best briskets were always wrapped too which i know is a little different then what a lot of people recommend
  9. I did read about cooking brisket more after my failure and did realize I should go by tenderness and not by IT. I'd still end up using a Temp sensor for food to keep track of where it is at so I knew when I can start checking for tenderness. Its almost like I went too long on the cook how dry it was but didn't really cook all that long (9.5ish hours) vs most cooks breaking in past that easy at the temp I was using. I never spritzed anything in the Kamado. I try to keep the lid closed as long as I possibly can. the picture I took was of the brisket getting just put on the grill. otherwise it was only opened 2 additional times to change temp prob locations in the meat to check to make sure it was "temp wise" done. (which I now know isnt correct.) A LOT of people say you shouldn't need to wrap a brisket in a kamado. with a select few that do. The bark on my brisket was decent but the meat was so dry it kind of made it hard to enjoy. should I be looking at adding a water pan between the deflector and rack ? In the pic I posted I had a pork butt on the top rack and the brisket on the bottom both had meat probes though
  10. Well attempted my 1st brisket this past weekend... was a fail. 8lb cooked to 202F on flat.(verified by checking various spots) then wrapped and rested for an hour. was extremely dry it was shredding itself into crumbs / strings when I was trying to cut it. the point was dry too but not as bad as the flat. I had to separate the flat from point to keep cooking on the point for a little longer for 200 and rested for about 40 mins. I kept temps within 200-250F I didnt wrap it but did expect the kamado to have a much higher moisture content then your avg steel smoker. The only thing I can think of trying next time is wrapping the brisket... ive read up quite abit on cooking them so was confident but yea somewhat of a let down for sure Thinking I was also try fat side down next time too. Total cook time was 9.5-10 hours
  11. After adding the felt seal on the upper chimney and bottom vent it runs like it should with no temp control issues. Was def a learning curve over standard BBQ's / cookers but definitely one of my favorite things to use for cooking.
  12. awesome on their part for trying to keep you happy until they have alternative methods to work with you on the fix. I know depending on To and FROM shipping locations when it comes to shipping any kind of liquid it can be a hassle. so it can be very likely that. cant help any ideas on those spices as ive never tried them. but truthfully ill try any spice on any piece of meat at least once no matter if it was supposed to be for. go wild! lol
  13. as these guys said you should last a GOOD 3-5 SOLID hours with a full bowl of coals, try and arrange the coals evenly in the bowl too seems to help in my experience. also... I 9 times out of 10 cook with my top vent at or just before the 1 setting and adjust my bottom vents. if I run out of adjustment on the bottom vent only then do i really play with the top vent. I did learn though that for low and slow cooks I need to have the vent at or a little past the 1 setting or I find I start to drop temps after a couple hours but that could also be a result of the lump I get being a lot of small pieces which means poor air circulation at the grate.
  14. Double check make sure all your other bolts and nuts are tight as well when you try to re align it. sounds obvious but easily over looked.
  15. you can also remove that little piston lid stopper at the front. I've read of one person having an issue with that cause the lid to not seal (it was lifting the lid just enough) simple test as its only held with on with 2 nuts/
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