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  1. RRL2

    Review of 24 Inch Pit Boss Kamado

    This is somewhat of a repost but seeing most of the mods and updates are on this thread and 99% of new comers will come to this thread 1st I figure ill add this "mod" that greatly improved the versatility of the 2nd tier grate (a few others have done this as well afterwards and liked it as well) Unbend or cut ONLY the looped ends on the grate, they will bend open fairly easy with a set of pliers. This way you can use the 3 legged half grate as a half rack or slide back in the other half for a full 2nd tier grate cook. Ends up just being way more versatile and easier to deal with then having it connected together and flipping it up over itself just to get access to the bottom grate. as you can see in the 2nd pic... its sturdy, I was using a large CI pan to cook some potatoes. so there's no worries there. and when adding the 2nd half grate its still as sturdy and solid as you still need to lift it at an angle for it to come apart.
  2. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Ill add a quick post and a pic on the stickied PB thread so people dont miss it. Its definitely been much more versatile then what it was... I never really used the 2nd tier grate until I got it set up to a half one.. now I rarely cook without the half in there..
  3. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    been a little bit since ive posted... forgot to take pics of my past few cooks... so far best wings ive made on the kamado to date... just used some slap yo mama spice and blackened pepper bbq rub (did a light coating only) last 5 mins of cook I cranked up the heat to 450ish from 350 to crips the skin as I like em that way.
  4. RRL2

    24" Pit Boss from Costco UK (2018)

    My top cap screws didnt line up perfectly either... but they went in on a slight angle non the less I knew it didnt matter as i'd be adding a layer of felt to the top... it takes some wiggling to get it on clean but once the top vent is on.. its not going anywhere. I like that top vent mod idea! seems practical for those that dont have anything covering theirs... I'd also heavily advise getting a cover for the PB.....
  5. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    I was trying to pry mine open with a screw driver and some pliers and I did get one side open enough but at the same time I was getting covered in grease AND getting swarmed by 1000000000000000000 mosquitos so by the time I reached the 2nd hook I had the grinder out lol
  6. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    ahh good to know for the next time I do actual dough!
  7. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    yea when im in a pinch to not make my own dough ill be going that route for sure...... not to mention your not fighting the dough to slide onto the grill .. that was a 2 person task lol... live and learn non the less...
  8. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    1st and last time I use the Pillsbury pizza dough wasnt a fan of it one bit... I would of preferred going the naan bread way over using that dough... the 1st pizza I threw on at 400F as I started the kamado a little too late so the 1st pizza took a lot longer then I expected (25mins) by the time the 2nd one went in around 500F... it took 10 mins and came out perfect. I did have one side of the dough get a little too cooked as you can see in the pic but I also blame the crappy pizza dough I used to some extent. I had the deflector installed along with both grates and just placed the pizza stone at the top grate... I had it in there for the whole warm up which took about an hour to get to 400.... (i should of lit a bigger fire before setting it to a setting I figured would of been close to 450-500) as I just lit it let it go for 10 mins open then adjusted vents and went to prep the pizza and have a beer while it got heat soaked. 1st pizza 2nd pizza
  9. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Yea I wish I had done it sooner! lol Just slides in on a slight angle and "locks" in and good to go
  10. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    some more kamado fun. I got real tired of the way that 2nd tier grate worked... took out my grinder and grinded out the hooks holding it together... I can still re attach it and have it sturdy when I want to just one the full top grate.
  11. RRL2

    How much would you pay for a used K24?

    In my honest opinion... i'd even have a hard time paying 200 for a used one.... you loose out on the warranty which is the biggest benefit to these kamado's.... They will end up selling for their asking price more then likely to someone with less knowledge.... I mean you add in the deflector plate and cover and your not far off from what you would pay for a new one with all the needed updates and add ons.
  12. RRL2

    Questions from a Newbie

    Yea ill check them out! My maverick lasted me 2 years roughly at the most and really just crap the bed on me this past weekend. I guess not HORRIBLE for 40$ but still an annoyance when it does crap the bed.... I was checking out the Thermpro TP20 and Igrill 2.... but that Thermoworks one is damn nice!
  13. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Yeah true... could throw on some red loctite and call it a day. really only complaint so far it seems which is VERY minor and simple fix... I bought some pizza dough the other day so ill be making pizza's on it for the 1st time this week or weekend! getting anxious to try that out!
  14. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    I will add a few "issues" ive had... I have 1 bolt thats part of the lift mechanism that is constantly getting loose. I either put it too tight and after about 12 lifts of the dome its loose and coming out or I put it too tight and the lid closes crooked. Ill need to add an additional washer to the bolt to see if I get it to spin freeling without loosening anything but the bolt isnt long enough to take another washer. so well see what I can come up with
  15. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    2nd beer can chicken I did.... I didnt take any pics of it on the grill but I got it down pretty good for the crispy skin...the 1st one I did the skin was still "soggy" which im not a huge fan off... The skin on this one was on point though I did have some temp issues... My maverick probe was reading 225 and dome temp was reading 450... I have NO IDEA which one was even remotely close to being right. So I went in between 400 on dome 300ish on maverick. Should of went with my gut feeling and just set the vents to where I usually do for a 350ish cook then spike the temp to 450-500 for the last 30mins to crisp it up. (or so that was my end goal) chicken was still super juicy.. I had to transfer over the cut pieces to a clean cutting board because the other one was over flowing