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  1. RRL2

    Hinge / Band / Lid adjustment

    I would start off by verifying everything is snug and nothing is loose. Starting with the nuts on the lift mechanism (which you can access with the lid open. These nuts tend to come loose and need loctite to be added. 2nd is the ring bands being tight and not loose these still confuse me a bit on whats too loose and whats to tight.. so i just snug them up once in a while ANYTHING loose in that area can cause the lid to misalign. Also note that if you have the rear hinge nuts TOO tight... will also cause the lid to close crooked.
  2. RRL2

    Review of 24 Inch Pit Boss Kamado

    All your questions seem to be answered... I think you just got used to your weber give the PB some time and youl get it spot on. as mentioned.. locktite on those nuts will go a long will (I had to do it to mine too) I usually let my PB go for about 15-20 minutes at a set temp for low and slow cook. usually by the time you hit your low and slow target temp the charcoal still hasn't had a chance to "stabilize" and give off that proper smoke / flavor. not usually an issue when doing hotter cooks it seems though. Definitely use a grill temp probe as well as a meat probe... you can use the done thermomete as a guideline for warm up temps / stabilizing and use "time" cooked to check where the meat is at but definitely not a set in stone finished cook. also charcoal brand will make a HUGE difference in my experience... so for as far as how fast things take to stabilize at X temps all depends.
  3. RRL2

    Pit Boss vs Vision Grill

    I had the same outcome as you... boiled down between the 2 mentioned. Other then the cosmetic look of the vision that I wasn't as fond off (the bottom vent slides) there's a few upsides to getting the pit boss over the vision if purchasing from costco. The vision sells for 899 here however you then need to purchase the deflector ash tool and cover if you wanted those additional items The pit boss from costco came with the deflector, ash tool and cover for 899
  4. RRL2

    Replacement top vent?

    I dont think anyone has tried one directly from smokeware yet for the PB but I know some have rigged up a regular small woodstove chimney while still using the original top vent. I cant find what post it was posted in though
  5. RRL2

    Sealed my pitboss

    Big.. give it time... mine has almost nothing on the bottom vent for the seal too.. I prob spent 10 minutes sliding the vent back and forth to break it in which helped loads...
  6. I usually throw the cover on once the ceramic and top chimney is only slightly hot to touch. gauge usually shows 150ish at that point ... in direct sunlight the thing will usually heat up to 100 alone... On avg mine takes about 4 hours to cool enough to put cover on... avg cooking temps 350-450... sometimes in a hurry pushing it to 500 for a quick hot cook... anything above that takes a little longer to cool for sure. Really depends on outside temps, sunlight etc.
  7. Ive only done a hand full of low and slow cooks on mine but it held 250 for 7hours without any tinkering. I've also chased temps on low and slow with different brand charcoal though... I think what brand fuel you use seems to make a big difference... among other things like fire size ect. or so it has been my experience... Ive also had dropping temps when the bag of coal I got end up being all small pieces that prevent proper airflow. (using stock grate) Non the less its good to hear you got it dialed in with a controller
  8. RRL2

    Sealed my pitboss

    I trimmed down the felt on my lower vent as well... I'd say I took off about 80% of its thickness. It was still tight but its fairly broken in now and slides easy enough. I still need to hold 1 slide to move the other sometimes though.
  9. RRL2

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Been loving that half top rack... dont think ive used the other half since
  10. Couple small pointers ive figured out over the time of using it. If you plan on spritzing it helps to shut the bottom vents down a good minute before opening the lid this will help tame temp spikes, once your done and the lid is closed then move the bottom vent to where it was previously set. You will still get a temp spike but it wont be as high and it won last as long, your temps will / should go back down to where you had it set at in about 5-10mins MAX. (permitting you didnt have the lid open too long) If you're having to adjust the slide to adjust temps and you haven't touched the PB then you should benefit from sealing it up more, however if you did set a too big fire for a low and slow cook, you will be chasing your tail to maintain temps. If your adjusting temps because your opening the lid then to some extent thats normal. On most of my low and slow cooks ive done... ive aimed for a 250 temp. with a temp spike of 280-290 for 5-10mins when opening lid for what ever reason (depending on how big of a fire I have) In time youl figure out how much you should ignite. Maybe its just me but Ive also found that different brand coal burns / spikes quite differently too. Some spike hotter and quicker then others ect. Ive stuck to the same brand for some time now and got it down pretty good... I still muck up on fire size and all that but definitely not as often
  11. RRL2

    PBK24 - first cure

    So it choked out with the bit of coals you added to it and didnt burn them out? I'd say you may be one of the lucky ones with a VERY good sealing unit. (permitting you had the vents opened on the top and bottom a crack and didnt forget to open one (im saying this because ive done it once in a hurry lol) Dont be too shy with the coals, I added a good couple hand fulls for my 1st burn and held the recommended temps no problem the issue I ran into was taking for ever to shut down until I did the sealing mods then 0 issues since. congrats on the purchase! did you pick up yours on sale at costco for 399 too?
  12. RRL2

    New Owner of a Pit Boss Kamado

    yea he got a rockin deal for sure... half price is HUGE... but i also heard last year it never went on sale here because they more so sold out.... guess its a risk in some way hunting for that new deal for sure. I definitely wouldnt of been patient enough
  13. RRL2

    New Owner of a Pit Boss Kamado

    Im not the OP. the OP is Easto and hes from London Ontario Canada.... Just read costco has a 30 day price match policy... Unless I returned the one I got and bought another one for the sale price.
  14. RRL2

    New Owner of a Pit Boss Kamado

    wow thats nuts.. ive heard of the sales going on in the US... but NEVER heard anything about canada's costco doing that kind of sale! I picked up mine for the full price expecting it would never drop down much over 100$ difference. thats nuts almost tempted to bring in my receipt and see if I can get some cash back seeing its on sale now!
  15. RRL2

    Accessories and Mods

    also when doing the lower vent with that gasket.. it will be VERY tight.. I ended up shaving mine with a sharp blade to the point the doors slide without binding too much... it will still be tight for a little while but in time it breaks in nicely. i'd also recommend adding a layer of the gasket around the chimney. It will fit tight but if you "spin" the cap in it with patience it will go in and sit nicely.. also I wouldnt stress about the retaining bolts once that mode is done... it fits tight enought it wont fly off without force. as mentioned.. get the 1" gasket and not the half"