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  1. Hey guys, ended up here after a Google search. The paint/powder coating is completely peeling off and gumming up my top vent on my Classic II I bought in January. Contacted KJ support and they are really amazing, and really cool people. Sent him a pic of my issue and within 10 minutes had an email with shipping information for new parts.....really blown away by the great customer service. Hopefully this issue is resolved with new top vents. I'm anal about keeping my KJ clean, its constantly wiped down while cooking, I scrub the interior with a brush, wash the grills, and after it cools I vacuum it out with a shop vac....
  2. Bad wording on my part. If you cook for 2-3 people, then the Classic should be ok. KJ has lots of accessories, grill extender, rib rack, D&C, second level grill....you can really get creative. If you cook for 4 or more, or want to smoke large amounts of meat, the Big Joe would probably be better. Also another great selling point for the KJ is the charcoal efficiency. I was blown away by how little charcoal i used for extended cooks.
  3. Big Joe hands down. I put a ton of research into my purchase and it came down to a Weber Summit and KJ. I chose the KJ because of the insulation and everything they throw in. I got a Classic II only because I couldnt wait...and because the local Cabelas let it go for $799. You can easily cook a decent size brisket (I've cooked a 17lb) on the Classic, I just use bricks or the rib rack under the middle.
  4. Hater!!! You either love bacon or you are wrong! I needed to get outside and I'd already smoked ribs and made a pizza this week....Thought I'd experiment with these. Hey Smoothbassman, how did your cook go?
  5. Are you going to post directions...to your house...and give us a serving time?
  6. Nice! I thought we got lucky and the cold front missed us last night....it was 45F when I fired up the KJ. Was gonna smoke some ABTs, and then throw on some ribs......then the weather came up the canyon like 'The Mist' (and trust me, there was something in the mist). Next thing I know.....its 0F.......then its -8
  7. I keep waiting for Qbert to come bouncing down that butcher block.
  8. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with using soap and water to clean cast iron, nothing. Just make sure you wipe all the moisture off so you dont get any rust. In the old days, when soap was made with lye, it would damage the seasoning...however soap now is VERY gentle. Heres some good reading about Cast Iron myths that need to die: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/11/the-truth-about-cast-iron.html
  9. Oh man, I'm sorry....I just saw Johns response and not yours.....you are 100% correct on the airflow issue...thanks for taking the time to chime in!
  10. I picked up this one last week and was happy with the results it gave....but my whole wheat dough was kinda bleh.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KUGKETK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Thank you John, thats exactly what i did...just wasnt sure I had the top open enough to force the hot air up past the food, instead of forcing it back out around the bottom door.
  12. Hey guys, got my FB300 today, set up and installation was super simple, with a couple questions..... First, those of you that have it, or another forced air solution.....are you leaving the little ash scooper in the collection area, or removing it when the FB300 is installed? I ask because it seems like it would block most of the air foced into the grill by the fan.. Second, I had the top vent almost completely closed, just opened enough that a bit of smoke whisped out...temps were fine, but I noticed a LOT of hot air and smoke forced out around the fan assembly and installation plate on the lower vent...as I said the temps wedre fine, just wasnt sure that was supposed to be like that. Having said that I started smoking two racks of pork ribs at noon in 45F partly cloudy weather that within a couple of hours turned into 22F with blowing snow, and the FB300 stayed within 5F of my target temp the whole time.
  13. Exactly why I joined, lots of great stuff and nice people here.
  14. Most of the time its just the Wife, my Step Mother, and myself...I've also cooked for a few football get togethers.....the nice thing about BBQ/Smoking is that it fits perfectly into a keto diet/lifestyle. I'm really looking forward to Spring and throwing some freshly caught rainbows/brookies/cut throats on the smoker.
  15. Hey guys, joined the forums the other day and wanted to just do it up right and introduce myself. I'm 48 going on 72, beat up old paratrooper. I live at the base of the Rockies in southern Montana, about 75 minutes southwest of Billings, MT. I needed a hobby to augment my collection of cast iron cookware, and decided I wanted to spend more time outdoors enjoying God's country. I spent a lot of time researching smokers and decided on a Kamado Joe Classic II because of its versatility and insulation (I kid you not, I've got two -10 to -15 smokes in in the last two weeks. I also was blown away by the quality and support (Shout out to Bobby Brennan)....also, the manager at the Billings Cabelas sold me a 2017 model at the closeout price they had on the original ($799)....couldn't pass up the opportunity. Well, that about all there is to know about me, I hope to be an active and positive member of the forums.
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