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  1. Just took the first one off. Got lucky and the shoulders in the cryopack were almost identical. Only a few degrees off each other. Now for the FTC and resist picking at it until the party!
  2. Woke up to an alert that the temp had dropped to 200. Made an adjustment and woke up this morning to a spike of 300. This overnight smoking is a little stressful. Ha ha. Temp is back under control and rolling along nicely.
  3. Back up to temp. Heading to bed for a few hours. Too anxious to sleep so far.
  4. Long time reader, first time poster... Doing my first overnight smoke on 2 pork shoulders. My dad's birthday party is at 1 tomorrow. Akorn is currently getting back up to temp after putting the boneless pork shoulders on. Picture is from my Loki Products wifi thermometer. I did the Kickstarter for it last year and plan on posting a review shortly. Will be posting updates on how the cook goes.
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