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  1. Looks very good. I like the knife too.
  2. Cooked this last weekend. Ribeye, asparagus, bacon wrapped jalapeno's with shrimp and cheese, and stuffed mushrooms. Overall turned out pretty tasty.
  3. I have some on the Kamado as I write this. I'm hopeful mine turn out like this.
  4. Interesting technique. Looks like they turned out really well.
  5. Picked up a 6 lb boneless of Prime yesterday and gave it a go on the Kamado Joe. Seasoned it with Kosher salt, pepper, black garlic, and roasted garlic. Put it on the grill for 3 hours at 250 and pulled it when the center was at 127. I added some homemade horseradish sauce and it turned out pretty decent.
  6. Wow, that's what I'm talking about. That couldn't have turned out better IMO.
  7. That's impressive. I've been eyeing the Joe Jr for a couple years now.
  8. Looks good. I try not to over complicate things but sometimes I can't help myself.
  9. At the end of this experiment the meat tasted really good but the overall look was lacking. My first mistake was injecting it. The rub never set because the injection was constantly seeping out and turning the rub to mush. My second mistake was getting impatient and trying to rush the cook. I should have left them on the grill without the pan for another 1.5 hours or so and then put them in the pan but I was getting frustrated. Next time I'm just going to smoke it with rub and see how it goes. The good news is that I normally cook more food than needed and give it to the lady that works
  10. This is not turning out as planned. After 3+ hours the bark never set. The rub comes right off. I put them in a pan, added the broth, and covered them anyway. Hopefully this next phase goes a little better.
  11. Does anyone know why my pictures always look so dull when I post them?
  12. After seeing everyone posting these I couldn't wait any longer. I just put 2 on the Kamado at 250 and plan on keeping them on for about 4 hours. After that I'll be putting them in a pan with some broth and covering it for awhile. Hopefully they'll turn out decent, could be a lot of work for nothing. I injected both of them and then used the spices shown in the photo. I also topped them with Hard Core Black at the last minute to give it a black color when they're finished. Good or bad I'll post pictures later today on how they turned out.
  13. That looks outstanding
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