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  1. After I smoked it I put it under the broiler for a few minutes instead of dealing with the grates, heating up the grill, and then searing it. If I could have done a nice sear it probably would have been better but I think it was a little too smokey too.
  2. I hung a ribeye on it last night also but I didn't like the way it turned out. I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad.
  3. First beef rib is finished. Internal temp was 205 but seemed a little fatty. Overall I'm happy with the results. I just put the ribeye on.
  4. The st louis ribs are done and I have to admit they're the best I've ever cooked. Still waiting on the beef ribs but I'm getting ready to hang a ribeye on it and see how that turns out.
  5. I picked up an Oklahoma Bronco Pro yesterday and decided to try a couple of beef and st louis ribs. I'm about 1hr and 45 minutes into it at 290 but so far it's looking pretty good. It smells like I'm grill steaks.
  6. My favorite steak, looks great. Where did you get your grill grate?
  7. Ribs are usually pretty reasonable around this time of year in Houston but I noticed the price this time was considerably higher than normal.
  8. I've been on vacation this week so today I decided to do a couple slabs of ribs and a few beef short ribs. The baby backs were pretty big so I cut the slab in half to see how they'd turn out. The big meaty portion was a little dry but the rest of the rack was pretty tasty. Anyway here's a few pictures of the finished product. Not sure what the deal is with the pictures being sideways.
  9. Not sure what I like better, your backward or the food.
  10. They look fantastic. I tend to over complicate things sometimes. Good job!
  11. That's an interesting dish and I love soft shell crab.
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