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  1. Have you tried the mesh gasket yet? That's much more forgiving of alignment issues in my experience.
  2. You can always use a foil snake as a get-by while you wait on a gasket. In my case the hinge had failed and it took them 4 months to get new stock so i used it as an excuse to get a new grill.
  3. All i needed was the fibreglass gasket as the new hinge left a large gap at the back. If you envisage swapping back and forth between the two hinges while you work through any kinks zip ties will make the old hinge easier to deal with but they're not must haves either.
  4. Yes when i got the updated hinge the invoice showed the part number as BJ-MBH24W and the description was Big Joe Metal Hinge Assembly (Warranty Revision)
  5. Yes. I have the retrofit new style hinge and it had a large gap at the back with the original felt gaskets, that i'd tried to overcome by band adjustment. The result was that after fitting the new gasket it looked just like your photo. As per TKOBBQ i took the tension out of the spring, loosened both bands and squared things up.
  6. I did mine at the weekend at around 40F. I found the 3M adhesive was tacky enough to hold the gasket in place but that it was still possible to pull the gasket up again to do small alignment adjustments. I assume it cures into a stronger bond with heat and time. I did use 1/16 bead of permatex too but at 40F it probably isn't the best temperature to cure that either. The gaskets held during a 4 hour cook at 350F yesterday.
  7. Finally got some time to fit the fibreglass gaskets yesterday and it seems to have fixed the leakage issue at the rear of the grill. In fact i had to re-level the dome as the gasket was binding a little at the back from where i'd tried to make the felt gaskets work. Fitting was pretty easy. I used a 1/16th bead of permatex copper then ran the gasket around on the 3M backing adhesive. Waited an hour then brought the grill to around 350 for a couple of hours with the transit bolt refitted to allow the dome's weight to press everything into place. One word of caution i pre
  8. Yes i've reach the same conclusion, i just spent an hour or so adjusting and shimming to make sure everything about as good as it can get. I can reduce the gap to the point it's hard to see but it's not tight against a dollar bill. As per retfr8 it might be an idea if KJ sent the gasket with the hinge.
  9. It's not you! My late 2014 grill sounds real similar to yours. It's been through 2 of the original hinges and while the Joetisserie does fit it causes the hinge to bind at the back. My 2nd replacement hinge failed in July and i waited until the end of Sept for the replacement and thought they'd sent me the wrong part. After confirming with KJ it was correct i fitted the new hinge and all seemed fine, nice tight seal all around. Then i did a 400F cook and at the end noticed smoke pouring from the back of the grill. I assumed the hinge and/or the b
  10. I hope they are there for a reason. I'm just not sure i understand what it is! The dome and base are circular and would "line up" just fine with or without pins. Once the bands are tight i doubt the pins do anything to prevent them moving, The pins likely add a little extra security if the bands get loose but it's limited. My KJBJ arrived with a chunk of ceramic missing from under the hinge where the dealer had opened the lid without tightening the bands correctly, the pin simply broke the rebate in which it was located. Anyway each to their own, i know locating the pins simultane
  11. My hinge gave out three weeks so back, reached the point where when tightened sufficiently to hold the dome up they were under too much compression to easily close the grill. I made a warranty claim but the parts are on back order. Thankfully a local dealer has helped me out but despite the bolts being the same length as my current set up there was no way to locate the band-pin under the hinge simultaneously with the band-pin under the handle, and the ends of the bands were too far apart. The issue seemed to be the the radius of the band between the hinge fitments was too tight. I
  12. I do find it odd that some report having never needing to adjust the spring's tension while i have to give them a tweak every 6 weeks or so. Each time it only needs a 1/4 turn to keep the lid fully open.
  13. I take the point, i'm just not sure the small increase in diameter makes that much difference given the vent hole is already set back and a few drops of rain really shouldn't be an issue.
  14. The diameter of the "roof" section looks a little too large to my eye. I get that the wider the roof is the less rain might get into the grill but i think i'd prefer the look if the roof was the same diameter as the main body of the cap.
  15. My firebox is still in one piece but that looks very cool!
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