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  1. The smoke flavor is the main thing combined with the perfect cook and the carmalized crusty outside. Just came out perfect.
  2. I reverse seared a filet tonight. One of the best steaks I have cooked. I seared it in a cast iron instead of waiting on the grill to heat up.
  3. I cheat and use an electric knife to make thin slices.
  4. I agree. Heat deflector is for indirect heat or “not grilling”. So smoking, baking, etc. i am curious if it matters what direction the deflector is. Legs up vs legs down.
  5. Just an FYI I just saw 3 kamato joes at Buc-ee’s on 290 out in cypress for 799
  6. Don’t know if it applies to all Kroger but I stopped in today just to see if there were any good deals and I picked this up for dinner. I cut this into 8 thick steaks and ground up the chain and ends along with some homemade bacon from last week to make ground beef. Got about 2pbs of ground beef out of it. Gonna make some great burgers this week. Btw the bacon I made last week is the best thing I have made so far on my Kamado. Only had it about a month.
  7. Awesome thanks for the response. I see several things I did wrong but on the bright side I learned a lot playing with it yesterday. It was cheap pork steaks and they still turned out great but cooked faster than I wanted.
  8. Having trouble running my PB under 300. Any tips on running under 300 is appreciated. I started chocking top and bottom wat back at 200 and it climbed to 300 and with the top almost fully closed and 1 set of holes showing on bottom vent I ran at 300 for hours. I have had it for a week and this was 1st time to try low and slow on some pork steaks. I am thinking maybe I got too many coals going when I started the fire.
  9. My wife cuts sweet potatoes into cubes and tosses them in olive oil and spice and roasts them in the oven for around 20 minutes flipping halfway through. I am think about trying this on the Kamado using a pan that fits perfect. I am assuming I should go indirect so the pan doesn’t get to hot and burn the bottom. Is that correct?
  10. Got mine yesterday. 1st grill. Thanks everyone here for help.
  11. I was going to be there Friday when they open but now I have prior engagement. Work comes 1st and unfortunately I can’t reschedule this. I may try to find one at bucees
  12. So I am assuming big joe is preferred over classic II because bigger is always better? Or is it the D&C system in the big joe that makes it great? Seeing as that big of a brisket will fit I am starting to consider that a classic II may be more than enough. I have a small well built (thick steel) offset smoker. I just get tired of feeding it fuel. Plus it takes me an hour to get it running steady. I am looking at the Kamado for versatility, excellent grilling flavor and ease of use. Right now if I overnight smoke I get up every 2 hours to feed it. Decisions decisions!
  13. Thanks. I am going to try to get there early and get the demo deal. If the demo deal is free jr I Might sell the jr to offset the cost even more.
  14. I wish there were more reviews on here of these. Local vendor is selling the xl for 800 or the standard for 575 or 675 with a table. I don’t know if I should get the KJ from Costco road show or one of these.
  15. I am chomping at the bit to buy a Kamado Grill and found this site in my research. Looks like I am down to 3 options. I am leaning towards an xl on anything I buy for the “just in case” factor. Mostly think a brisker would be tight on a standard 18” grill. If incorrect let me know. Anyway these are my 3 choices. KJ from the road show this Friday at Costco. Gourmet Guru XL for $800 or 575 for standard from local vendor. Pit Boss whenever Costco gets them stocked. Don’t like this option because it means I have to wait. But if they are $599 for the 24” that may be worth waiting.
  16. Road show will be at Costco in the woodlands on 2/9/18. Anyone have any idea what price they get at the roadshow.
  17. Kamado Joe is doing the Costco tour and will be near me in 2 weeks. I am wondering what discounts they will offer.
  18. Good to know. Like I said I haven’t really seen any others in person. Just started doing research this week on them. So to me the quality seems decent but that is probably because I had nothing to compare it too
  19. Hi everyone! So I am in the market for my 1st Kamado grill. Not looking to break the bank on a BGE or a KJ. Leaning towards the Pit Boss K24 once it shows up at Costco and hoping it is 599 in store as oppose to the 750 on their site. That being said I was in Academy yesterday and saw their Outdoor Gourmet. Looking at it on here the ones posted in the past seem to be different than the one they have now. Having not looked at a pit boss in person I fell this “new” Outdoor Gourmet resembles the pit boss a lot. They went from a 90 day warranty a few years ago to a 1 year warranty now. Still nowhere near as good as a lifetime. Here is the link. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet™-kamado-ceramic-charcoal-grill Just thought i would share share and get your thoughts. I live across the street from academy so I can try to stop by tomorrow and get some pictures. Also it does come with a deflector plate.
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