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  1. So why choose a custom made carbon steel grate vs a stainless? I’m probably going to get one, but leaning towards stainless.. I love my carbon steel pan (I don’t even use my cast iron pan anymore), but I sometimes neglect my grill a few days in between use and I’d be afraid the carbon steel grate would rust...
  2. My wife likes fall off the bone ribs, just smoke uncovered till 160ish then wrap and cook till internal temp of 205-208ish..
  3. As the other person said, I also close my bottom vent and I often close all the vents down for a minute or two after I open the grill for too long.. this shuts down the fire from building too much, then open them back up to where I had it before after a few minutes
  4. Hey, Question: Is it significantly better to smoke on the upper grate (ie. closer to the dome and less direct heat)? I have a vision classic B, with the double grate. I almost exclusively cook on the upper grate, and do all of my smoking on the upper grate. I really only use lower grate to put my drip pan on. I really like the look and simplicity of the single grate setups with the spider woo and would like to get one of the custom stainless grates. Can anyone comment on if this would be less ideal than my current setup, since it is further from the dome and closer to the coals/diffuser stone? Also, how would you put a drip pan and a stone in the spider woo setup? thanks
  5. Hey, 90% of the time I only cook on the upper grate and find the two tiered vision system to be a pain in the butt. I want to switch to a single grate and get one of the custom SS grates from likely east Georgia metals. Does anyone know of any if the plate setters for big green egg or KJ fit the fire bowl of the vision and be stable enough? I read that some of the plate setters fit but just barely and don’t seem secure. Also, how high does the plate setter raise the grate? About the level of the gasket/lid opening? i have the vision diamond cut B series if that changes anything thanks!
  6. Nrm07

    Temperature controller

    Thanks, how does the fan mount to the ash tray since our ash tray has screen rather than just a hole like others?
  7. Nrm07

    Temperature controller

    Which temperature controller would y’all recommend for the vision diamond series? I don’t see that any company has one that has a specific adapter for the diamond series.. I’ve been looking at the partyq and the iq110 due to their price point and overall simplicity.. any recommendations? thanks
  8. Nrm07

    Homemade Ash Shaker (picture heavy)

    No affiliation.. just thought I’d help .. to be honest the titan basket isn’t a great fit for the vision but it’s not terrible.. I’m guessing it was made to fit the green egg or something
  9. Nrm07

    Homemade Ash Shaker (picture heavy)

    I bought the titan basket too since I couldn’t justify spending so much money on a glorified fruit basket.. it works great just is a bit small.. has about a 2” gap all the way around.. still fits plenty of charcoal though
  10. I bought the titan charcoal basket. It’s great quality and works well. I bought it for my vision diamond classic, it could be bigger.. it has about a 2” gap all the way around so it definitely is not a snug fit.. I just couldn’t justify paying the ridiculous price for a glorified fruit basket..