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  1. No sales tax. I am jealous. Indy made big money off me driving two miles into their city.
  2. Congrats on getting one @Oakroscoe. That deal is great, and like you, I can't wait to get going on my Joetisserie. I've been sticking to the Big Joe and getting the hang of temperature control down. What's the first use of your Joetisserie going to be?
  3. Howdy. My better half approved the purchase so I hit the roadshow here in Indianapolis today. 1,499.99 for the Big Joe 219.99 for the Big Joetisserie 21.99 for 30lbs of lump Details: They had 5 Big Joetisserie. By the time I left at 5pm, there was 1 left. Rep said they only got in 5. Looks like they only had 2 or so of the classic Joetisserie as well. I had to work at 9 so didn't get to take part in the great race for "The Deal", but at least two were waiting to try to get the deal at 9 when the club opened. Rep helped me load it up. And by help, I mean he did most of the work. Rep was great and everything survived well. That's a scion XB that it loaded in. Those black boxes have a ton of space, and there was extra room. I should have gotten more lump and probably will go back for more since it is 10 more pounds for 5 bucks less than what Lowes carries. Used a garden cart and two neighbors to get it to the back deck and into the cart. That was way easier than we expected. And now I owe my neighbors BBQ for helping. Oh darn.
  4. Congrats. Lucky man. I think I have to work when ours opens. Just, such a better deal than even bbqguru
  5. Congrats. Why the wait for next sunday? Did you get the demo one?
  6. Thanks. If it's the rules, then no biggie. Selling the house that we're trying to get ready... that is a bit more of a biggie for me. Doh!
  7. Roger, thank you @LargeRedJoe . I was hoping to get a membership anyway, so may be worth pulling the trigger. Sam's meat has been disappointing lately and people always talk nicely about Costco meat. I try to hit the butcher shop for speciality purchases but they are a hair out of my league when it comes to stable buying.
  8. And Castleton over the weekend. Not sure I can pull it off. Selling a house and it isn't ready. My be paying more soon instead. Do you have to have a costco membership to play, or are they in the parking lot?
  9. Thanks @phillipt That's a nice price. Trying to figure out how to make this happen. They are up in my neck of the woods next month.
  10. Congrats on the purchase. I'm eyeballing one when it comes to town next month. Are those prices with the stand? Did they sell the version without a stand at the roadshow?
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