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  1. ShowMeSmoke

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    A pretty big stack of it at my local Wally. I looked a bag over and see it's from Mexico, so like a member said up thread, it's most likely mesquite.
  2. ShowMeSmoke

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    We need reviews on how it burns, cooks, and smells!!
  3. ShowMeSmoke

    Thighs & Potatoes

    Lol! It's like my Kamado "fried" chicken, only it was cooked on a Weber kettle.
  4. ShowMeSmoke

    Thighs & Potatoes

    Thanks! How about some kettle "fried" thighs and corn on the bone from last July?
  5. ShowMeSmoke

    Weber grates on the K22

    I had a spare 18" cook grate for a Weber kettle, thought I'd see how well it might work for some direct high heat grilling. Haven't used it yet, but it fits well on top of the fire bowl. I also replaced the stock plate grate with an old center section from a Weber Gourmet Barbecue System. It gives better airflow, and it's nice getting a visual on the ash build up.
  6. ShowMeSmoke

    Thighs & Potatoes

    I used my new CGS spider and a half stone for the first time yesterday, they're a great addition to my PB K22. Boneless skinless thighs marinated in Italian dressing, spuds cooked in garlic olive oil. No plate shot, sided with corn on the bone, a very nice Sunday chicken dinner.
  7. ShowMeSmoke

    Cooking a USDA Select brisket

    While on the subject of briskets. (I hated to start another thread.) I'd like some opinions on this little 2.24/lb piece I picked up the other day. I've cooked several of Costco's Prime packers, but have never seen marbling like this. It's CAB, but looks Wagyu-ish to me. Must be from the point don't you think?
  8. ShowMeSmoke

    The random pictures thread...

    I think I'll go with pecan wood for the smoke.
  9. ShowMeSmoke

    CGS order for my K22

    Maybe these will do until I use my new kit. Meatloaf and a chicken. I normally perforate a piece of parchment paper for meatloaf and place it directly on the grate, this was so lean, 97/3, that I went with a pan.
  10. ShowMeSmoke

    Engineering genius

    My wife calls me the rubber band man for all the stuff I "fix" with them. If a rubber band or duct tape can't fix it, then it can't be fixed.
  11. ShowMeSmoke

    CGS order for my K22

    Yes, pretty damp. I guess they want to keep it damp/humid for shipping, perhaps to help prevent breakage? No cooks today, but I was just out putting it all on the grill, fits like a glove, very pleased with my purchase.
  12. ShowMeSmoke

    CGS order for my K22

    Thanks, it just arrived! The stones were well protected and unbroken, but I'm surprised since the box was labeled; FRAGILE Please do not drop, Ceramic stone enclosed, Thank you for handling carefully. That had to be a temptation to some FedEx workers
  13. ShowMeSmoke

    Some thing for Kamander Owners and Kamado Owners

    My Aldi had 3 Kamanders today, $249. I'm not in the market for one, but I think there's a good chance these (or at least one) will get a good markdown at some point in the future.
  14. ShowMeSmoke

    CGS order for my K22

    Gave up on my jury rigged pizza stone heat deflector setup. Ordered a spider, twin half stones, and a SS drip pan. I was $16 short of the $99 free shipping offer, tried to find something small to add, no luck, but $10 shipping seems reasonable enough.