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  1. KFC on the PB

    Kamado Fried Chicken on the Pit Boss. Chicken thighs breaded with Andy's chicken seasoning, a light spray of oil, and cooked at 375 for about 50 minutes. No smoke wood used, just lump. Crispy skin, just like fried chicken. Only two pics, thanks for viewing.
  2. Akorn 3 Year Review

    Strange indeed since there's nothing on a true Weber Stephen made kettle to rust unless the porcelain enamel gets chipped, and even then it should take years to rust through. My 58 year old kettle only shows a little rust at the welds and is still solid as a rock. The wood handle did go south though and has been replaced.
  3. Akorn 3 Year Review

    To answer the question about Weber grills and rust, none of my kettles or smokers have rust. This is the Performer I bought used in 2009, and I don't bother to cover it.
  4. Correction, currently about $26. It's pretty roomy, so it might fit the K24 also, but don't quote me. I have one made by the same company on a Weber kettle that's 3 years old and holding up well. There's and elastic cord in the bottom hem to tighten it, but I don't bother. This is the X-Large size. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HNJVXNO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Digital thermometer choices

    Another vote here for the Thermoworks Smoke. Buy the best and only cry once.
  6. Bird on the Boss

    Thanks! Gravy was made from chicken stock, butter, flour, and seasonings.
  7. Bird on the Boss

    Second cook on my Pit Boss, Sunday chicken dinner. I like to split birds in half so I can orient the thigh/leg portions over the more intense heat, and the breasts away from it. It took about 1.5 hours running in the 360's. Lump only, no smoke wood. Wife and I were very pleased with the results.
  8. Glad I gave the grill a pass today...

    So you're saying the stump has you stumped? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  9. The random pictures thread...

    Caught in the act, Easter of 2010 when she was only 2 years old. Her 10th birthday is this July.
  10. The random pictures thread...

    Thanks for the info, they do look similar, but mine is a male northern cardinal with a feather pigment problem. Note the red beak, and white breast, whereas the Pyrrhuloxia has a yellow beak, and more gray. Mine is similar to a piebald. Here's another pic.
  11. brickseek showed 3 at a local WM a couple weeks ago for $125, but they had none when I got there. But......the lawn and garden manager offered me a nearly $600 Pit Boss K22 for $300, so I jumped on the deal.
  12. I know stock thermometers are notorious for being inaccurate, but I was surprised at how accurate it is on my PB K22. Grate and dome temps, by nature, will often vary, and I've had some stocks that were off the charts bad. During my break-in burn I put a probe in the top vent and it was within a couple of degrees of the stock therm. At grate level, on a rib cook, is was still with 2 degrees, I was shocked!
  13. Baby Backs, my first Kamado cook

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll look to get a stone the right size. The pan is 13" and the saucer is 12" I have the stone that came with the holder, but it's 15" and I wasn't sure if there would be enough space between it and the firebox for heat flow.
  14. A little background. I'm in my early 70's, been grilling and barbecuing all my adult life. (not to be construed with claiming to be an expert, by any means) Strictly a charcoal guy, cooking for several years on Weber kettles and smokers. Found a bargain, $300 for a K22 Pit Boss, so I thought it was time to test the ceramic grill waters. Too cheap to pop for the $50 stock deflector I made one from a pizza stone rack, stainless steel pan, and a clay saucer. Baby backs rubbed with Oakridge Secret Weapon pork and chicken, sweet cherry wood for smoke, lump made by the Timber Charcoal CO. here in MO. (they bag for Rockford, it's good stuff, and I can get it for about $17 for 20 lb.) Total cook time a little over 5 hrs., foiled with apple juice and brown sugar for 1/2 hr at the 4 hr. mark. Grate temp 240ish, with one spike and one dip. My wife and I thought the ribs were as good as any I've ever made, and now I'm looking forward to some seriously seared steaks, as well as briskets, butts, tri tips, and poultry. Here's the rest in pics, note, the first one was my break in burn, hence the probe in the top vent. Thanks for stopping by!
  15. Wangs & thangs.......

    With a knife you can make as many of them as you want. Good lookin' wangs!