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  1. ShowMeSmoke

    Stuff on Biscuits

    Yes, MTQ's standard measure is 1 level TBS per lb. of meat. Apply, add other seasonings if you wish, store in an airtight bag in the fridge, turn each day. At the end of the cure time rinse well, dry well, and place on a wire rack in the fridge for several hours, and smoke it. The beef went to 165F, bacon I take to 150F. I've made a ton of bacon, belly and loin, this way but let it cure at least 7 days.
  2. ShowMeSmoke

    Stuff on Biscuits

    Similar, but not seasoned like corned beef, it tastes more like pastrami. This was a sirloin steak cured with Morton's Tender Quick for 4 days, then seasoned with garlic powder, and pecan wood smoked.
  3. ShowMeSmoke

    Stuff on Biscuits

    I tried to add a pic of the beef, wasn't working out so well, so here it is sliced:
  4. ShowMeSmoke

    Stuff on Biscuits

    My take on the classic SOS breakfast. Sausage gravy with some of my cured & smoked beef.
  5. ShowMeSmoke

    Accessories and Mods

    I bought that brand, it's very good, but you need to buy the 1" size, not the 1/2"
  6. ShowMeSmoke

    Add me to the list of Pit Boss Kamado Owners

    Worked for me, looking good!
  7. Looks like this was started back in 2016 by Bon Appetit. https://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/how-to/article/dry-age-shortcut-koji
  8. ShowMeSmoke

    Pit Boss vs Akorn

    I went to Walmart earlier this year to buy an Akorn that was supposed to be on clearance. They didn't have one but a manager offered me a NIB PB22 for $300, regular $600, so I jumped on it, my first Kamado. The bamboo tables were only on it when first assembled, I have places to sit things in my grilling area, and I know that, even covered, they will not hold up well.
  9. ShowMeSmoke

    Whats your favorite charcoal to use?

    Timber, it's made here in Missouri, family owned, made from oak and hickory, they bag for Rockwood, and it's some damn good stuff IMO. $18 for 20 lbs near me, and I think only $11 if you pick it up at the plant near Salem, MO. http://www.timbercharcoal.com/
  10. ShowMeSmoke

    Add me to the list of Pit Boss Kamado Owners

    As we know, much of it is not the weight alone, but the bulkiness and no good hand holds. The instructions say to not use the hinge housing to lift, Ha! I did on my side and no harm done.
  11. Seeing what cilantro and rosemary tastes like.
  12. ShowMeSmoke

    Add me to the list of Pit Boss Kamado Owners

    Congrats! I had to wait for a son to come over to help get it on the stand, and it's a 22"
  13. ShowMeSmoke

    New Boss with help from Traeger

    Nice! I have a black PB22, wish it was blue to match my Weber Performer.
  14. Seems like we have two camps here, one can tell a difference in taste, the other cannot. I don't think the cannot's camp is disputing the can's camp. as a side note, to me cilantro does taste like soap, and rosemary like pine needles.
  15. ShowMeSmoke

    New Boss with help from Traeger

    Congrats! Pics aren't showing for me.