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  1. ShowMeSmoke

    The random pictures thread...

    Glad I'm not smoking a turkey today. The Pit Boss is behind the baby WSM.
  2. Swift Premium brand. Cherry wood for smoke, cooked around 275+/- for 2.75 hours, foiled with apple juice and brown sugar for about 1 hour, out and sauced for another 15 minutes. Had a spike to 310 after opening the hood to foil. Moist, tender and tasty ribs!
  3. ShowMeSmoke

    1st kamado got the PBk24

    Well if we're gonna show our butts here, this is mine from Labor Day on my PBK22. It cooked up all gnarly giving it plenty of bark. Still 2 hrs. to go in this pic.
  4. ShowMeSmoke

    24" Pit Boss from Costco UK (2018)

    Another thing to consider is the weight of these things on a balcony.
  5. ShowMeSmoke

    CGS goodies

    Nice! Since I got my K22 for $300 from Walmart, it pained me to break down and pay almost $100 for the twin stones and spider, but I'm glad I did.
  6. ShowMeSmoke

    The random pictures thread...

    I've been shooting hummers lately. It takes a lot of them to fill the grate.
  7. ShowMeSmoke

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    My local WM finally dropped the price to five bucks a bag, I picked up one to try it for myself. They still have 6 full pallets and a lot of the bags on the floor are getting torn open from moving it around. I've heard that some stores have dropped it to $3 per bag, not around here though.
  8. ShowMeSmoke

    Add me to the list of Pit Boss Kamado Owners

    I stuck a probe from my Maverick ET-733 into a top vent hole to check mine, and my stock therm is pretty accurate.
  9. ShowMeSmoke

    Uninvited guest

    In case some didn't know it, a fresh cut onion pressed and held on the sting area will, in most cases, relieve the pain and swelling. We used to keep an onion in our work truck during the summer months. Never tried it on a mosquito bite, maybe I will tonight when I'm outside grilling.
  10. ShowMeSmoke

    Uninvited guest

    I'm a retired land surveyor and in my 38 years in the field I got stung by everything with a stinger. Worst was a hornet in the back of my head, that one dropped me to my knees. I hated yellow jackets the most but only thought they nested in the ground until we found a nest under a front porch couch a few years back. I made a video of me flipping the cushion off with a very long pole. The title says bees, but these were yellow jackets.
  11. ShowMeSmoke

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    My local WM, Arnold, MO, has at least 5 full pallets on the high shelf, still $7.88. A gal working in that area said it might get marked down again the first part of August, so I'm holding off for now.
  12. ShowMeSmoke

    Stuff on Biscuits

    Yes, MTQ's standard measure is 1 level TBS per lb. of meat. Apply, add other seasonings if you wish, store in an airtight bag in the fridge, turn each day. At the end of the cure time rinse well, dry well, and place on a wire rack in the fridge for several hours, and smoke it. The beef went to 165F, bacon I take to 150F. I've made a ton of bacon, belly and loin, this way but let it cure at least 7 days.
  13. ShowMeSmoke

    Stuff on Biscuits

    Similar, but not seasoned like corned beef, it tastes more like pastrami. This was a sirloin steak cured with Morton's Tender Quick for 4 days, then seasoned with garlic powder, and pecan wood smoked.