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  1. Welcome. Lots of good information here.
  2. I planned on doing one for burnt ends and one for pulled beef. I lost track of time and pretty much over cooked it. I pulled it,shredded it, put it in a pan, and tossed with some bbq, alergo, and some beer. Turned out ok, but not what was planned. Hashtag # first real smoke blues.....
  3. Hello everyone. I’m just and over worked, under paid LEO. When I do find time I like to relax and unwind with the wife and our friends at our outdoor cookout/hangout area we lovingly refer to as the BS Lounge. I’m glad i found this site. Lots of great information. I recently purchased an Akorn to try my hand in the Kamado grill world. Any other Brothers in Blue out there?
  4. This will be my first chuck roast cook on the Akorn. I’ve only cooked steaks and wings on the grill so far, so this will be a learning experience for sure. Any advice or tips are welcome.
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