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  1. Bbqube temperature controller. Like new. Used once or twice. $80 plus cost of shipping. PM if interested. South Carolina.
  2. Brand new Smoke & Smoke Gateway in SC. $100 for both. The Smoke is red in color. PM if interested. Thanks!
  3. I started using an aluminum roasting pan filled with hot water in my Kamander to stabilize temps. I haven’t used it in a couple months, since I bought a Vision. I bought some red silicone to seal air leaking around the gaskets too, but I haven’t used it. I’ll probably sell it soon. It was my first kamado.
  4. Good morning! My name is Chap Swinson and I live in Upstate South Carolina. I own several grills, but only one kamado, Char Broil’s Kamander, which is currently loaded with 20 lbs of pork shoulders holding steady between 240-250 degrees since around midnight. I look forward to meeting everyone!
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