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  1. Sorry, not an iKamand but another probe that is not a temperature regulator. I manually kept the temperature down.
  2. I had the "virgin" ribs smoke over the weekend and it was actually very easy regulating the temperature. (I just like having accessories for my things) I kept it at 225 - 230 for the majority of the smoke. I also had a temperature probe for the KJ so I can monitor it while I was cooking in the kitchen. I noticed the probe at one point towards the last 30 minutes reached up to 260 and the KJ thermometer showed 225. Should I focus on the temperature probe oppose to KJ's since it's on the grill racks? Other than that one slight mix up, the ribs turned out great.
  3. I found the iKamand user manual online. I wish it would be released now. Picking up my KJ Classic this weekend. IKAMAND18-3722966 Manual.pdf
  4. E Y

    Prime rib roast on Joetisserie

    Some newbie stupid questions: 1. Was the prime rib spun with the dome closed or open? 2. What was the cooking temp and if it was slow and low, how were you able to get a nice crust? 3. Last question, is it better to have the charcoals to one side oppose to all around? Thanks
  5. I've been a Weber gas griller and recently started dabbling with slow and low smoking on my Weber Genesis. I have friends that rave about their Traeger smoker and friends that rave about either the Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe. I've done a lot of research and have decided to go with the Kamado Joe Classic. I am anxiously waiting for the Costco Roadshow that will be arriving in my neck of the woods in 10 days. Has anyone of you ever purchased the demo model at the Costco roadshow and how was the condition? Should I get a new one or the demo model? \ I'm hoping to learn tips, tricks, recipes and any latest accessories for the KJ from this forum. E Y