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  1. Hey guys....I pulled my prime rib out at 37 days and trimmed it last night. I SPG’d it and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Cooking it for New Year’s Eve tomorrow for friends and family. Only dilemma is whether I’m going to oven roast it or rotisserie on the gas grill with some hickory smoke pouches. It’s going to be minus 18 Celsius here on New Year’s Eve.
  2. Looking fantastic. Curious what your starting and day 30 weights are - for clarity I mean the prime rib
  3. I’m going to trim it on Day 39 (Dec 30). I’ll cut a roast out of it, salt it overnight and put a garlic/herb crust on for a New Year’s Eve treat. Rotisserie is the plan. I’m feeding about 16-20 so I may have a few steaks left over.
  4. That’s starting to look really nice. I’m doing my first Umai dry age on a 25 pound bone-in untrimmed rib roast. Mine is about 2 weeks behind yours so I’m following your progress with interest. Here are are some pics of my roast on day 1:
  5. Do you know how long the roast was wet aged before you put it in the Umai bag? I picked up a 25 lb bone in, untrimmed prime rib roast today that has been in the cryovac bag for 30 days. Going to Umai it tomorrow and have a 40 day dry aged roast for New Years. Thoughts?
  6. I have a KJ classic - had it for over 6 years. Agree with your comment about best purchase ever. I also have a 22” Weber Kettle which comes in real handy if I want to smoke multiple meats. If you want to save some money, get a Kettle. If you don’t mind spending some more money, definitely get another 18” KJ. You can’t beat the versatility.
  7. I’ve had my KJC1 for about 4 or 5 years now. I’ve never had an issue with it. Best money I ever spent on outdoor cooking equipment.
  8. SmokeyBloke - buying the KJ is the best money I ever spent. I’ve had mine for about 5 years and the versatility of it still amazes me. I don’t know how anyone ever learned to cook before YouTube!
  9. I did a 14 lb prime rib on the Kamado Joe New Year’s Eve using the wrap technique I learned here from John. I did let it dry in some cheese cloth for a couple of days prior to applying my rub. Used some pecan/cherry chunks at 230F for about 4.5 hrs. Turned out fantastic. Thanks John.
  10. Looks great John. How long was it wrapped? What’s the theory on wrapping it pre-cook?
  11. Looks great John! Will you be posting a video of this on YouTube?
  12. I'm Canadian, but had the pleasure of living and working in Texas and Oklahoma for 11 years. During that time, I became a huge BBQ enthusiast. I came back to Canada in 2011, but still do a ton of Southern type cooking and it has kind of morphed into what I call Canadian/American BBQ fusion. Tools of choice: Kamado Joe Classic (best money I ever spent!). Thanks to John Setzler for all his videos! I'm a big fan of John's. Weber Summit 670 Weber Kettle Meats of choice Beef - big cuts. I with smoke or dry age for grilling hand cut steaks. Wild game - Moose, Elk, and whatever else meets my hunting buddies! Pork Anyway, enough about me. I'm looking forward to learning more through this forum!
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