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  1. Just keep checking www.brickseek.com for stock and pricing in your area. That is how I found these.
  2. As I said, and tell everyone, I loved my Akorn. It was a great intro to this type of cooking, and was money well spent. I do however find that the PB holds heat better, and as long as you dont overshoot, is easier to regulate. I would recommend it without reservation.
  3. I did the same thing a month ago, when I found the k22 on clearance at a local wal mart for.....$150 (new in box). They had two, got them both kept and resold one, and sold my akorn. Ended up making money obviously. As to the change, the Akorn is GREAT, but overall I do see it being a step up. For the price, I would say do it.
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