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  1. Consider a Rutland replacement for it Great replacement and only have to do the bottom half I have had one on my green cooker for over 5 years with no issues
  2. Give these a try Can spray paint them red if ya want https://www.homedepot.com/p/Pennington-1-5-in-Chocolate-Terra-Cotta-Pot-Feet-3-Pack-100015654/303423880
  3. Welcome form a fellow noob to this group
  4. Greetings all from Middle Georgia. Soon to be KJ owner once we get our new house built. Not new to kamado though as I have had another green one for years. Not worth the hassle of moving it and I figure it could persuade a husband in purchasing my present house LOL. Switching to the KJ as I feel they are a much better value for the money and I like the color LOL The D&C seems to be an improvement on the CGS adjustable rig I have used for several years and look forward to sharing and learning from you folks. Have a great day!
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