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  1. What was the internal temp of the meat? I have done a load of Shoulder... I look at the price of the Brisket and take 2 steps back... but gosh I want to try it on my Akorn....
  2. Nice Looking Butt... Mine always come out looking a bit more "Charcoal" colored but that is because I use Pure Maple Syrup as my Binder.... I do a hard coating of my Dry Rub, Wrap and put in the Fridge over night, Pull it from the Fridge and add the Syrup and more Rub. Then onto the Grill . I get good Flavor. Just did a 12 hour cook for a 9.5 Lb Shoulder Bone In. had good flavor. Temps ran between 220 and 270. Average around 235. Was Tender and good. Does anyone on here do any Injection of a Shoulder/Butt? Hawk
  3. I need to get out the CI Pan and do a Pie now.... lol
  4. Ratman, How was the Dark Meat? If you went to around 165 in the Breast... was curious on legs and thighs? Looked Dang good. I am still stuck on Butt, Buggers, Sausages and Hot Dogs. Need to do a Chicken like yours and get brave on a Brisket.... I stayed away from the chicken due to how much poultry can suck in the smoke and my wife turns her nose up if its too smokey... Hawk
  5. I have a "Pampered Chief" stone also and it cracked when I put the third Pizza in a row on it. It is now on a metal Pizza Pan on my Weber Grate and used as a defuser. The Pizza pan holds it together to do its job. I went to Cast Iron for my Pizza now. YUM
  6. I had the Cover I bought last year at Home Depot. Left it on the grill this winter, and our back catches sunlight all day. It is now Grey and ripped putting it on last night. So I guess the answer is YMMV HAwk
  7. Sorry Guys, There is a small meat shop here in Dayton that still does the fat Casing Franks. They crack open when near done, Casing crisps up really nice and you get that Snap when you bite into them. Flavor is outstanding.... And I also have found a Vinegar Slaw just adds to the goodness. We all have what we like.. and many of em comes back to childhood. Be safe.... And keep on Cookin
  8. This is a great place to ask questions. I have done a number of the Butts... running from 5 lbs to a 9 lb one. Have never done Multiple as of yet. My learning has been patience... I have pulled one at 180 internal (what I cook Pork chops in the oven at) and it was a bit tough. When I pulled at around 200-205... Wrapped it in foil and wrapped in a towel and placed in a warm cooler... PERFECT. On the Fire... I use a piece of plastic pipe... (1.5) Stack my lump around it (Volcano style) up to near my bottom webber grate. I use a small 1/4 of a fire starter... Pull the pipe, lite it.... drop it in the hole... add a few lumps on top of it. This with the vents at 2-2.5 Top and bottom. I place my webber grate, Pizza Pan and broken PIzza stone. I also put a pan in the center to catch the drippings. When I get near 160 on the Mav... I close the vents down to below 1... around .75 top and bottom. I also place the meat on with the second probe in place. As it gets near 210... I start just "Bump Adjustments" Top normally comes near .5... bottom the same or a bit smaller....you can just see the gap.... Depending on the weight... 12-15 hours... YUM... Heat normally hits around 230-240 The meat will stall around 160-170... wait it out.... That has worked for me. A Brisket is my next target...... Hawk
  9. First the Fire Build up. I had tried a few methods and today I seemed to hit the right one for me and my grill. I used a 2 inch piece of PVC Pipe, Built up the Lump and mixed in some applewood to just under the hangers for my defuser grate. Then pulled the pipe and left a nice "Volcano" pile, . Used 1/2 of a Webster starter to get things going in the hold with some lump on top of it. Vents around 2 top and bottom added my pizza Pan and 2 Halves of my old Pizza stone and a small drip pan. Closed the lid When I got to 160 or so I closed the vents to 1 and 1. At 200 I added the 8 Lb Boston Butt with my homemade rub and closed it back up. My Meat probe seemed a bit whacked so had to reopen... reset the cable and all was fine with the lid re-closed. White Smoke from the apple chunks started to flow. Got to 220, set both vents to around 1/2 and the climb stopped at 230. After 6 Hours... I have seen the temps bounce between 224 and 235... not enough to make any adjustments. Had one drop to 220... started going back to the grill and saw it rise back up to 225... and hold. I have been stalled at 181 on the food probe... Normal stalls I see are at around 170... so I will need to really check the meat temp when I get near 195... I may have a problem with that probe on my RediCheck. Meat... Rubbed it yesterday with my home brew Dry Rub... Salt, Brown Sugar, Garlic Powder, O. Powder, C. Pepper, White Pepper, Paperica (sp) and some home ground Chili Powder. Used Real Maple Syrup to dampen the Butt then applied my Dry Rub all over after also scoring the Fat Cap. Wrapped in Plastic and placed in the fridge in a Pan. Smelled like Heaven with a Kick.... I will try a variant of Jim's Mac and Cheese (Will have to leave the Meat out for my Wife) and my Iron Skillet Beans. I will try to add some Photos of the post Cook... I am expecting this to be near a 10 Hour cook... Hawk
  10. I use a middle rack with Hardware Cloth on it and bring the Fire much closer to the meat this way. Lets me get to over 600 degrees. Its not a "Long Burning Fire" but when you are just doing Steaks, Burgers, Dogs and quick chicken it works. I think there is a mod on this. Here is the link... Works like a champ..... http://kamadoguru.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=267
  11. I need to look into this. I have been using a "Pampered Chief" Pizza stone on top of a metal Pizza pan for a Defuser and it has worked very well. Today... I moved it up to the CI Grate and let it get up to ~500 degrees... Put Pizza #1 on it.... 8 minutes later it was done and very good. Put Pizza #2 on the stone... "CRACK"... split into 3 pieces.... DANG it... I will use the broken stone for the Defuser... It still has mass!! But in the market for a good stone for Pizzas that will last.... Thanks All
  12. I went to my Menards and got mine for $279 and a $30 rebate (just loaded up on Lump!!). I went through the boxes and found the Black Cap... A friend just went and bought the Silver.... Like you he called and a new top cap is on the way. For the stone... I took 1 inch angle, we drilled 2 holes in 3 1 1/2 inch pieces... Used a piece of steel strap on the outside of the internal liner and stainless Bolts and double nuts. Easy tabs for the cooking stone.... Cost... maybe $5 and about 1 hour of work. Good Luck!! Now if I could cook better!!
  13. Guys... Once you get up near your Temp...What do you place the vents at to maintain. If I do what i do for a low and slow the temp drops fairly quick..... Thoughts? I am going to try Pizza this week. Hawk
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