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  1. Hey KGers, I'm looking for a wireless pit/grill temperature thermometer. All I need it to do is measure ambient temp inside my smoker while providing both a min and max temp alarm. If my temp exceeds or drops below the specified min/max, an alarm should sound. I'm having a bear of a time finding anything under $35. It's for a secret santa list. I already have a great wireless meat thermometer, but I need something to monitor air temps. Any suggestions?
  2. Apparently three! My father sent me an extra one he didn't need. Turns out you can put them on top of each other and fold them to get to the lowest tier. Clever design! Now I can cook 9 racks of ribs. Absolute savagery!
  3. Fly High or Fly Home

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    Hey @GLOCKer, i'm using lump.
  4. Fly High or Fly Home

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    Nothing like a little meltdown leading to solving the problem! I wanted to come back and let everyone know the results of my "mods". The grill has been significantly easier to use. I've had a few low and slow cooks that have come out incredible. Deeply satisfied. Air leaks tend to be the bain of my existence. I own a few classic cars and those out there understand the pain of early fuel injection management chaos that ensues on the spaghetti plate of vacuum hoses. For all Vision B Classic owners, the following mods should be required before use: 1. On the ashtray box, get some high temp RTV and reseal it around the door. Be very generous to the point of too much. 2. Remove the shock tower. 3. When starting the grill with the electric starter, let it sit in the wood for roughly 12-13 minutes. You need to see flames lapping up. 4. Remove the starter and stir the wood. Close lid, adjust the vents, and wait until it gets up to temp. 5. Cook!
  5. Fly High or Fly Home

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    I grill and sear a lot more which thankfully is far more forgiving of air leaks than a low and slow smoke is. But anything that needs a consistent temperature was a frustrating nightmare. I still shudder at my ruined brisket.
  6. Fly High or Fly Home

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    Thanks again Ret and Slap for your advice and patience. Turns out, the issue was with the lid shock. Once I removed it, I was able to get my temperatures to stay locked in at 225. Odd how much extra modding one needs to do with this particular model. The ribs turned out pretty good.
  7. Fly High or Fly Home

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    Thanks for the advice Earl. I generally keep it very clean and this time was no exception. I believe my issue may have been with the bloody spring-loaded shock absorber. Even with the dollar bill test, I sometimes would see smoke sneaking out from the felt. Once I removed it, my temps have settled at roughly 260*. I'll keep making minor adjustments to lower it down to 225. Thankfully, the ribs look great and aren't burned at all. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
  8. Fly High or Fly Home

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    Thanks Slap. I just read elsewhere that it's advisable to remove the shock absorber piston to get a better seal. I just did this. Will report back to see if my temps have stabilized.
  9. Greetings everyone, I've been trying my hand at Kamado grilling for a good year now with mixed results. My problem is, I cannot get the temperature to ever stay consistent. The pain in the rear likes to run away from me which makes low and slow cooks incredibly difficult. I've already ruined a brisket (too dry) and burnt a salmon wellington. First things first, I performed the RTV gasket mod around the ash vent on the bottom to seal it. I also made sure the felt seal is good. No leaks whatsoever. I've read the following instructions at the top of this forum as well as this informative post by Nunyabiz on page 5. He cleverly used the top vent to control temps and left the bottom one wide open. Even with all of these tips and tricks, I still cannot get the temperature to sit reliably either using Nunyabiz's advice above or the instructions in the booklet. I'm smoking some ribs today for the arrival of the beloved in-laws. I started with Nunya's tips above and set the top vent at 0.6 (a little over halfway between 0 and 1) and the bottom vent wide open. The temperature started to creep up past 300. Frustrated and angry, I removed the tray and heat deflector and doused the coals with a big heaping glass of water. This helped a ton in reducing the temperature quickly. However, now the SOB is back up at 300. I ended up setting the bottom grate at 1 to snuff the hooligan back down. Clearly, the fire is in control of me. How do I regain control of this flame? If it helps, right now I have a combo of mesquite hardwood, some generic hardwood, and smoking apple/cherry. The mesquite is left over from a previous cook. Appreciate any and all advice.
  10. Fly High or Fly Home

    Greetings from Sunny SoCal

    Hello everyone, I've been a lurker for quite a while, but decided to finally join and say hello! I've been smoking (albeit poorly) with my Vision Classic B series. Long story short, I can never get the temperatures to reliably stay put even after performing the bottom ash tray resealing mod (used RTV). I end up chasing temps which is frustrating. Already screwed up a brisket and fish. Thankfully ribs are a lot more forgiving. I'll most likely post a separate thread in the main forum. In the meantime, thanks for this great resource!