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    Looking forward to getting into kamado grilling when I can get a vision on sale soon!
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  1. I saw this too and it looked like a really good deal! People were mentioning get the akorn jr instead but that only saves you $50 and this comes with a cover, a starter, and a cooking stone...what a deal! I have Big Vision and an akorn jr love both but i have no name brand loyalty
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Stone-Oven-14-Inch-Round-Baking/dp/B0000E1FDB/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 probably going to order this.... now that im looking at this im second guessing my vision deflector purchase...I could always return it and get the spider and a second one of these instead.... hmmmmm
  3. @keeperovdeflame Thank you for all the great advice! Well, after seeing your posts about the vision deflector warranty, I went ahead and got the lava stone and bracket from Vision. I figure that by the time the bracket goes bad, maybe I can get Vision to replace it if its still under warranty or by that time I can try out the spider. IF my lava stone is still good by then I can keep using it with the spider. I may get a pizza stone for cooking the actual pizza on up top as well. For now Im just out 50 for the deflector which isnt bad. Looking forward to it coming in the mail soon!
  4. or should I just get the single 13 inch one for the deflector @keeperovdeflame
  5. Thank you @keeperovdeflame Would you go with the 15 inch half stones from ceramic grill store? Or what do you like for the deflect stone itself?
  6. Here is a pic of the cast iron griddle set as a deflector and with the grate on top of it. I think I might try it as a deflector later on and when cooking pizza. What do you all think?
  7. I have been waiting over a year for the right deal to come around on a full size kamado style grill. I ended up getting an Akorn when they were on clearance earlier this year and have been playing around with it. My former coworker sent me a text Saturday that this one was the last one in the local home depot store for $299! Jumped in the truck and bought it immediately! Had 2 men help me load it and then called 2 friends to come help me unload it when I got home...lol...its a beast! The Yesterday I took a couple hours to season it around 350-400 and get used to getting the temperature where I wanted it. Then I threw some venison backstrap on for a couple of minutes and wow! Cut through like butter! lol I am still trying to decide what route to go with the diffuser.... I bought one of these a while back, but I haven't sat it in there to see if it would work without a bracket of some sort or if it even fits ... https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet-14-in-preseasoned-round-griddle#repChildCatid=27890 From the reviews it looks like some have used it for that? I will probably try that before going with the vision lava stone or the spider with ceramic stones to save money.
  8. Thanks! I am already hooked on this thing. I will definitely get a full size kamado when the right deal presents itself!
  9. Assembly of the akorn jr was easy. Especially with help from my 9 month old son lol First cook on the acorn jr. Two cornish hens. I rubbed them with olive oil and cowboy rub. When they were almost finished I put a little homemade bbq sauce a friend gave me on them. They were very good. Fell off the bone. I let the grill get too hot at first, but I brought it back down to between 300-325 and watched it until it got to 165 on the probes. I do not trust the akorn jr temp gage at all. My probes were saying it was 75-100 degrees hotter than the gauge on the dome. I used the bbqube for indirect cooking. I think it was a great investment. I plan on using a pie pan or something to put liquid under my meat sometimes.
  10. Last time we went in Dothan, AL it was still $400 :(
  11. @Bongowillie I just ordered my first akorn jr today... what could I get as an alternative to the smoking stone for the akorn jr...
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