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  1. Thank you snaumcheff and War Eagle! Just an update to everyone....I actually cooked some filets last night and everything worked out great. My verdict is that I was not putting enough charcoal in the pit. Per the video posted above, I filled it up to just past the middle air vent holes and lit in 3 places. That being said...it still took over an hour to reach 600. But its progress and the steaks could not have turned out any better (sorry should have taken pics :/ ).
  2. OK good tip about the top. I will try that. I'm pretty good about keeping the drawer clean. I guess I will use more lump this time as well. Out of curiosity, how long do you guys keep the lid open when you are starting things up? Also if i'm going half the Joe indirect with one of the deflectors in, should i just pile all the charcoal on the direct side? It seems like that would allow more air to come in.
  3. Hey guys - I have had a Big Joe since March and have enjoyed it. However, I've tried to make the grill temp really hot a few times, but can't seem to break 400 degrees. Evidently I need a hot kamado for Dummies lesson. So basically I have been working off 2 different brands of lump. The Kamado Joe brand usually has nice large blocks that I put on the bottom, and then Cowboy brand from Costco that burns perfectly fine but is more prone to smaller pieces - on the top. I usually use 3 starter block pieces to get things going. So any tips, recommendations, or just a basic 1, 2, 3 would be great. Twice I have tried to reverse sear, where the sear part was never achieved (and trust me - your family starts thinking you are weird when you talk and curse to Big Joe like he is a human). For the record, the grill is new and I don't believe this is in anyway related to a gasket issue or any other hardware problem. Thanks in advance, Dave
  4. So I have my new Big Joe set up, and I wanted to start out with something I was most familiar with...steak! New York Strips to be exact. So I go out to Costco and get 4 nice sized strips and come home to start planning things out. It is then I realize that my cast iron grates have not arrived yet and tracking seems to indicate it will now be Monday. Everything I have watched about preparing steak on the Joe has been with cast iron. So my question is...what is the best way to cook them on just the normal SS..
  5. Well...I saved my back...my friends backs...and probably my Big Joe by just having a moving company come out for $98. I have an armoire I've been needing moved from the second floor of my house to the first for some time now, so killed two birds with one stone. Now i'm ready to do some cooking!
  6. Well a bit more digging on YouTube and I found this....I think this is all I need!
  7. I found a video online unboxing a joe, but I think it was a classic. This thing is a beast. What is the best method to get it off the crate? Should i detach the top and take it off and then deal with the base? (obviously i'm treating this thing like a baby, and when I get some people up here i'd at least like to somewhat act like i know what i'm doing).
  8. OK thank you everyone. If it won't fit in a Suburban it definately won't fit in the back of my MKC. I really don't want to tempt fate driving back with an unboxed unit. If the Roadshow was in B'ham it would be a no brainer, but it all just seems like alot of work to save $300. I will probably just go ahead and purchase online. Thanks again for the assistance.
  9. I have been researching Kamado's for awhile, and have been sold on Kamado Joe. Earlier in the week I almost pulled the trigger and purchase a classic II from Amazon with the free delivery and setup. However, I then realized there is a Costco Roadshow going on in Montgomery, AL this week until the 18th. I live in Birmingham which is about an hour and fifteen away. So it looks like the Big Joe sells for about 300 less than usual at these roadshows. I also have $650 worth of Amazon Visa Reward points built up, which I can just cash out on. So it looks like I could potentially 'save' about $950 if I bite the bullet and do this now. OK, 950 minus 60 because i'm not a Costco member and would sign up. My questions: 1. I see all these pictures of people loading the floor models into the back of their vehicles. I'm assuming grills that aren't the floor models are still in the box (or crate, whatever it is). Any ideas on the dimensions of that? I have a Lincoln MKC mini-SUV, and the back can get alittle tight. 2. Before I hike it all the way to Montgomery, can I just call the Costco and make sure they have it in stock? Needless to say it would be a bit of a letdown to go all the way down there just to be told it wasn't there and I would need to pick it up in a few days. 3. Anyone that wants to talk me off the edge and instead to purchase a Classic 2? Thanks in advance for any info! Dave
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