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  1. St1brew

    Hello from Cali..new to the fam

    Welcome aboard. Good luck with the project. Please post pics of the progress that you've made! Poke around a bit in the BGE or DIY sections as I seem to remember someone making an old new new again. Came out amazing!
  2. St1brew

    Kamado Joe Coming in 3 Days !

    Welcome aboard!
  3. St1brew

    Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE

    Thanks for keeping it open! PayPal sent!
  4. St1brew

    Hello from Spain

    Welcome aboard!
  5. Get the new grill! Forum or not, shouldn't stop us from doing the things that we love. I would like to see our community stay as well. Perhaps @John Setzler can chime in as far as if this decision is final and if we have any other options. Hopefully things are moving forward behind the scenes with a possible transfer of content to someone who would be interested and has the knowledge needed. Without further comment, I feel interest in creating new content and engaging in friendly discussion will likely suffer as well. The announcement came as a surprise to most folks around here. It does already feel a bit like the forum is gone.
  6. Okay, so what is the cost associated with preserving and maintaining our (forum) community here or transferring it to @Charcoal Addict? Sadly I will not be joining FB, but I wish everyone the best. Is there some premium membership drive we need to go through to keep it afloat? If so, count me in for some sort of monetary donation! I don't believe I'd be the only one to come forward to keep this alive, maybe not though. If it must end, I will wait until Dec. to eulogize this great thing that people have built here. Thanks to everyone here that have helped me along my short journey.
  7. St1brew

    New Acorn Jr Owner

    Welcome aboard!
  8. St1brew

    Just another noob

    Welcome aboard! If you got your PB24 at Costco, why not try and score a roadshow deal on a KJ? Hopefully you'll find something you enjoy that will give you years of great service.
  9. St1brew

    Hello from Vero Beach, FL

    Welcome aboard! I really didn't even know about kamado cooking 15 years ago, Lol. Enjoy your know Joe.
  10. St1brew

    Hello from the Alabama Gulf Coast...

    Welcome aboard. Let's see some of that goodness and magic that you're making on those akorns.
  11. St1brew

    Hello from NC.

    Welcome aboard and congrats on scoring a deal the new grill!
  12. St1brew

    Greetings from the Bellingham area

    Welcome aboard! All are great and capable choices, but good luck making the tough decision...
  13. St1brew

    Hi from Salisbury - UK

    Welcome aboard! Don't worry pizza will get easier. I learn something every time I cook, even with failures. Sometimes, I am in the adapt and overcome category. I have fun cooking and that's the important part for me.
  14. Welcome aboard and congrats on the new Jr!
  15. St1brew

    Hi from NL

    Welcome aboard!