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  1. Ingredients for dough are 1.5 cup self rising flour and 1 plain Greek yogurt. Apparently I picked up regular plain yogurt. It tastes better with Greek though.... After a bit of kneading it looks like this. Here are some of the toppings we used. Mozzarella, blue cheese, fresh tomatoes, capicola, and pizza sauce. Not pictured are honey and fresh chives form the yard. First up was the cheese pizza as requested by the 4 year old. Ingredients: pizza sauce and mozzarella. Here's a pic of it hitting the grill! Sort of..... More like half done. Grill at 500 degrees F for about 7 to 8 minutes per pizza. Here is the finished product. Next up was our dinner. Ingredients: Blue cheese, mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, capicola, honey, and chives. Before grilling pic. Finished it looked like this. Crust pics! 1st one is cheese, second is meat. Crispy and delicious! These are the closest to slice photos I got. Again 1st cheese second is meat. The cheese came out better, maybe due to fact that it was a bit thinner and perhaps cooked more evenly. Super easy dough to make and much better with the greek yogurt as it almost mimics a sourdough more. Enjoy!
  2. St1brew


    Do you have some more pictures of the inside where the top vent is as well as the bottom vent. So far I've come up with this:Brinkmann trailmaster egg replacement parts list! This is applicable if you do indeed have grill assembly 600-5000-A. The top vent part number would be 600-5000-1. The parts are "not available" but if you email someone at the site they may have a lead for you. The other thing I found when I typed in "Snap on Kamado top vent was this: 6 inch top vent from amazon. Good luck!
  3. St1brew

    New joiner - looking for a Kamado grill

    Welcome aboard, good luck choosing. The correct choice is the one you make, based on needs and budget. There is tons of info here as well as other sites to help guide you with reviews and opinions.
  4. Welcome aboard! Hope you can figure it out, good luck.
  5. St1brew

    Hello From Colorado

    Welcome aboard!
  6. St1brew

    Grill Recommendations

    Welcome aboard! There is plenty of great info here and other sites. I love my Vision tons! Not to say that it's the best but it does all the jobs I've thrown its way.
  7. St1brew

    Hello from SW Missouri

    Welcome! Don't know much about your question but I'm sure someone around here does. Good luck and enjoy the new grill.
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    Hi from the Windy City

    Welcome aboard!
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    BBQ Pulled..... Jackfruit?!?!?!

    Hmm, I'm intrigued on this one. Sure it would be a bit different texturally. Not really sure what flavors jackfruit would lend.
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    Beef it's what for dinner

    My invite must have gotten lost in the mail..... Nice tomahawks man!
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    Trixie from Texas

    Welcome, enjoy the new adventure!
  12. It will be nice, but we don't want that day coming too soon.
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    Take Out Pizza

    Looks like a cook I should attempt with my little assistant chef soon! I'm sure she would have fun making and then making them disappear!
  14. St1brew

    Green Chili Pizza

    Who cares how it looks as long as tastes great. I've made several pizzas on the gasser that have been "out of round" that have all tasted amazing. This one looks like it tasted good. To me at least, oblong pizza tells me that it is homemade and handmade. I've actually had pizzas at brick oven pizza joints that look similar. Love the idea and may try one soon! I really like the choice of ingredients.
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    Welcome aboard!