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  1. St1brew

    New Classic Joe

    Welcome aboard and congrats on the new grill! That's a nice way to break it in.
  2. St1brew

    New Big Joe

    Welcome aboard and congrats on the upgrade! Kabobs look great.
  3. Sauced about 15-20 minutes before pulling with a sauce made with Meatheads recipe. Here is the link for that: Chocolate chili bbq sauce. They took smoke(4 chunks apple 2 chunks mesquite) great and the taste was spot on. They did go over a bit, they still were firm and had a great crust. However, they pulled easily from the bone and left it about 95 percent clean. Oh well, they tasted great and the sauce is awesome. Give it a try I'm sure you'll like it.
  4. That sounds awesome! Do you use toasted coconut?
  5. St1brew

    Steak N' Tater

    Great job, I'm sure it was delicious!
  6. St1brew

    First Cook on the Soapstone.

    First of all welcome aboard! Second, food looks great! Can't wait to see future cooks.
  7. I don't know but from my seat(on my comfy couch with the dog resting on my lap), it looks good from here. Good job! I find myself to be my own harshest critic, at times completely unfounded. Nice Smoke ring, I'm sure it has tons of flavor.
  8. St1brew

    I Love Enchiladas Verde con Pollo

    Really need to plan a trip to Escondido with at least one stop at Casa de Husker! This looks wonderful. It reminds me of a restaurant in Amherst, MA, I think the plates are similar as well. They serve micheladas that are amazing, always made with Modelo(you choose between especial or negra).
  9. St1brew

    S’mores Baklava

    How much to ship half of contents of that pan to the 603? Looks great and agree that it needed that lump charcoal light smoke from your KK, but I'm sure it will be dealicious as cooked. Great job!
  10. WOW! Mouth is watering. *Note to self; must get springform pan and make all these yummy things that everybody is turning in! Great job. I don't know which one of you guys got more spoiled this Valentines day, both cooks looked awesome.
  11. I love the OXO good grips 8'' Lili mills. I use the natural colored one for regular salt and pepper and I have the dark wood set for the the smoked salt and pepper. They have ceramic grinders and work flawlessly. They feature 5 coarse settings that are noticable. Easy to fill. The top is nice and feels rubberized. The course settings are as simple as clicking the top. We always grind a tri-color(black, white, and red) blend through our mills and have never had a problem with clogging. They are about $26 on amazon. I have played with the Peugots and can say they feel like they are of great quality plus they look great. I just get sticker shock, but know that you will generally get what you pay for. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  12. St1brew

    Greetings from Mexico

    Welcome aboard, looks like you have a nice peaceful and beautiful space for grilling! I really love the tile work.
  13. St1brew


    Welcome aboard!
  14. St1brew

    Another round with Umai

    Thanks for the info, we have a mini fridge that we currently don't even have plugged in(multiple beer fridges). So that would be up to the task. Maybe I'll take a look into these.
  15. St1brew

    Another round with Umai

    Do you need a special refrigerator to use these? The steaks look awesome by the way!