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    Pulled the trigger on a KJ

    Welcome aboard! Any ideas for a first cook?
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    Hello from Green Bay

    Welcome aboard! The flat looks great.
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    Welcome aboard, congrats on the new grill!
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    Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see the wonderful cooks that come off both grills.
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    Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see some of the great meals that come off the new grill.
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    Welcome aboard, congrats on the new grill!
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    Welcome aboard! I think @Golf Griller summed it up pretty well. The only thing I would add is to start shutting down the vents about 50 to 20 degrees from your target temp, you can always open a bit more if you need a few extra degrees. However, once you've over shot by 50 to 100, remember that the ceramics can possibly hold temps for hours. Depending on many factors of course. Enjoy.
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    Welcome aboard! Congrats on the new grill! Sounds like you've got a nice setup. Can't wait to see it in action!
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    Nice new profile pic @KismetKamado! Although I don't think I was alone in hoping that it may be a future challenge prize, or charity raffle!
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    No Bird Thanksgiving!

    @holysmoke Great job on both!
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    No Bird Thanksgiving!

    It was nice(and cold). As far as the invite goes, the door is always open, if we're around.
  14. Sorry for not posting in awhile, we've been extremely busy. My wife and I both decided to try something different than turkey, as we had a bit of a bad experience last year. So we went with a pork loin and pork spare ribs. So here we go! It was bone chilling cold in NH! I think this thermometer is a bit generous, as accuweather on my new phone said we didn't peak above 15 all day.... Got the grill up to temp. Slathered the loin in bourbon barrel finished pure NH maple syrup, then hit em with some DennyMike's Sublime Swine. Then wrapped in maple bacon(yeah yeah cheating, I know). For the ribs, we slathered them with chipotle lime mayo. Then the same rub. Trussed the loin and sprinkled a bit more rub on. On the Vision it went. Fast forward 3.5 to 4 hours (when the probe alarm beeped at an internal temp of 148). Through the magic of the interwebs!!! It came out great and was moist and flavorful! The maple was subtle but was there. Everything was smoked over a few chunks of apple. Cooked on the Fogo premium. For the spares we did them for 1 hour unwrapped. Then wrapped for an hour in aluminum foil. Then pulled and sauced for final 30 to 45 minutes. Sprinkled with some more rub just prior to pulling them for a short rest. Here is a rack picture and cross section of them before they were devoured. Amazing! My wife made traditional sides including acorn and butternut squash, rustic mini potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing( both homemade, delicious), green beans and carrots. Pies on the menu included chocolate cream and banana cream. All was excellent and we are enjoying the leftovers. Hope everyone had a great day.
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    Spin Spun Spam

    HMM.... Cold smoke perhaps, you wouldn't want to ruin the cream filling!