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  1. St1brew

    Greetings from The Show Me State - Missouri

    Welcome from the Live Free or Die State!
  2. St1brew

    Greetings from Japan!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. St1brew

    Hello from New England

    Welcome aboard!
  4. St1brew

    Smoking wood

    I have had cheap bags from the local discount store that were a bit bark heavy. Both my wife and I had both noticed an off almost bittering taste from fruit woods. So now whenever we see it we always try to remove the bark. I think it's more of a habit now.
  5. St1brew

    New Kamado owner

    Welcome aboard! Good luck with bringing her back to life. Please post pics at some time of the before, progress and after. It's always cool to see what people are capable of.
  6. St1brew

    Rookie from Georgia!

    Welcome aboard! The previous owner was referring to a burn off. You can do this by building a nice pile of lump charcoal(Royal Oak or Western are both inexpensive and decent) to just below the holes in your firebox. Light your lump in a few places. I use Royal oak Tumbleweeds, but a cotton ball soaked in alcohol will do the same thing. Make sure all your vents are wide open. When the majority of the coals are red and ashed over, place your grates in the grill and close the lid. I believe someone around here has a temp and time guideline for reference, but unfortunately I can't recall who. It very well might have been @John Setzler, and if so I'm sure he'll chime in. I try to shoot for about 500 to 550f and wait until the awful smelling(think residual burned on grease) smoke clears. 15 to 20 minutes later I start to shut down the grill. This is achieved by closing all your vents. After it's cooled down, rake your coals around and clean out your ashpan. If your a bit OCD like some on the site(myself included), you may remove your firebox and shop vac the whole thing out. After that, you should be good to get grilling. Good luck and have fun!
  7. St1brew

    Smoking wood

    Did you get the 3x3s or the 6x3 mini splits. If it is the latter I'd say de bark them and cut them in half or use half as much. For example: if you normally use 4 chunks of smoke wood, then(if 6x3) use only 2. It won't produce any more or less smoke. At least I wouldn't think so. But I always remove any bark. Good luck
  8. St1brew

    CÔTE de boeuf on the Joe jr

    Looks amazing! Happy Birthday.
  9. St1brew

    Rib roll

    Purple crack is pepper? In any event, they look great!
  10. St1brew

    Spare Birthday

    Here's hoping for many more for the both of us! Enjoy the day.
  11. St1brew

    My 1st Rib Competition - The 'Cue & Brew Way

    Nice video. It looks and sounds like a good time was had by all! Good luck in future competitions.
  12. St1brew

    Spare Birthday

    Nice looking ribs and Happy belated Birthday!
  13. St1brew

    Glazed Pork Tenderloin

    Great job with the tenderloins! @CentralTexBBQ, cheating is not the word I would use. I would say ingenious! Bacon makes everything better, including bacon....
  14. St1brew

    Steak Dinner

    Amazing looking!
  15. St1brew

    Hooked on my Akorn Jr... From Newport Beach

    Welcome aboard! I only use my chimney starter when I'm trying to go hot and fast or do a quick sear. I mostly use Royal Oak Tumbleweed starters. Simply fill the firebox up to desired amount and place one starter in middle, light then wait 20 minutes and I'm good to go. Sometimes I'll use two of those. Some people use cotton balls soaked with alcohol. Good luck, have fun and the fish looks wonderful!