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  1. St1brew


    Welcome aboard! Good luck with keeping the new grill safe.
  2. Welcome aboard! Well it may not need to be broken in, I would recommend that you do "a practice burn". It will show you how to control vents and keep target temps for hours. Pay close attention to the grill and just get used to the way it acts and performs. Have fun and enjoy it! Oh and don't forget to include pics of the cook. Also, this is a very supportive community and is always eager to help with any questions that may arise.
  3. Welcome aboard and congrats on the upgrade! Shorties look great.
  4. St1brew


    Welcome aboard and congrats on the new akorn!
  5. Awesome! Meal looks wonderful, and I'm sure it tasted that way as well.
  6. Welcome aboard, enjoy your new grill!
  7. Welcome aboard! I like the avatar even though I despise peeps....
  8. Welcome aboard! Post a pic here as well.
  9. Welcome aboard! That spatcher looks on point, the color is great.
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