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  1. I have a Big Steel Keg purchased in about 2010 can’t remember when they first revamped Bubba keg. I can say with all honesty That the BSK cooks better than my Ceramic Kamado. The keg is always more moist and juicy compared side by side with same temps. If I had to do over again I would have 2 kegs for sure. The Ceramic Kamado is great don’t get me wrong but Keg is tops
  2. This man can cook. He was on Big steel keg forum. I miss his great cooks and recipes
  3. My Big Steel Keg is best. I have a ceramic also. But keg will turn out food moist and fuel is at a very minimum. Over all it’s a keeper. Have had mine if not mistaken about 11 years now. Mine is kept inside store room. It’s seen sunlight only twice. have not replaced anything except lump charcoal. I use a Big Green Egg plate setter. Another great safety feature is the screen on bottom. I have close vents at 650 and locked up store room with no concerns. Think that this model is a outstanding kamado.
  4. Purchased new Louisana K24 from Costco. Looks great after putting together. Did break in @ 200 . for 2 hours. After looking under Kamado noticed it was sitting on three of the four points that Outside edge on the frame of Kamado sits on. should I call customer service or is this normal and nothing to worry about.
  5. Best temp for Chicken is 300 degrees F. Usually average 90 min pull at 165 lest rest with foil sealed for 15 to 20 min. Best chicken there is
  6. Brisket tough slice thin Brisket tender can slice thicker
  7. Yes it is touchy but you can hold 225 by all means 300 all day long lump amount can make a difference
  8. propane torch works well. Will last a long time
  9. member but haven't post in a good while. Miss a lot of old members there
  10. Javilin $26.00 can't beat for the price. I found on Amazon several years ago. 4 seconds to set temp. Guaranteed to be accurate .9 of 1 degree. Broke my first one sent me another one fast .Great product can take anywhere. Use to check oil temps at church Fish Fry. Just a great product for the money. Grae gifts also
  11. retired and cooking Love to Bar B Q. fromTX. Texas has a lot of Bar B Q days cooking all my life gardening, and enjoying my Big Steel Keg for years. Love this site. Best of the best. Show pictures and recipes. Will post Thank you ld7009
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