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  1. This is my third attempt at ribs. I have tried the 3,2,1 method and they have come out over cooked like mush. Today I was going to try 2,1,2. Had Kamado at 225-250 for first 2. Wrapped for 1 hr. At 250. Was going to take out and finish but now they are falling apart. These are St Louis style.
  2. Ive had mine for several months and not a single complaint. Was looking at Vision before but I like ash cleanup and dasey wheel on top better. Have cooked everthing on it. Holds temp well.
  3. Will be having an employee party next Friday. We are planning on feeding 100-150 ish people. Gonna do pulled pork and grilled chicken. How much pork think should get? Mostly will be smoking porrk on offset. Never done but can't be much different then Kamado just controling air in and out. Welcome suggestions?
  4. If you live in North Texas check out this group. Good people and BBQ. Not my page but enjoy following. https://m.facebook.com/groups/858341000939293 North Texas BBQ Addicts
  5. I purchased the Akorn Ceramic and love it. Definatley a savings vs the other brands. The only downside I can see is getting after market parts because its so new. I like the air intake compared with the other brands with slide gate. This is what realy leaned me to it and easy to clean ash out.
  6. I have had Ceramic Akorn about a month. Have made a little of everything. Steaks, hamburgers, brats, pizza, brisket, pork shoulder, ribs. Make sure you are using a good therometer. I purchased Thermoworks Smoke. I'm learning vents but once you get it dialed it holds very good. Shut down takes along time stays hot but you will have alot of lump left. Get your self some type of clean out tool to move the coals back and forth to get all the ash out. Add more and cook away.
  7. This will be my first long smoke on Akorn ceramic. 8 pounder how long can I expect to smoke. Some tips would be appreciated.
  8. I'm new to this but Thermoworks Smoke seems to be the best by everyone. Thats what I'm ordering. Bluetooth seems to be unreliable.
  9. Has anyone gotten one yet? I thinkin about pulling trigger tommorow. This will be my first Kamado. https://m.lowes.com/pd/Char-Griller-22-68-in-Black-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/1000365009
  10. Looking at getting my first Kamado. Was looking at Akorn but looking at budget I got a couple ceramics in my budget. I'm leaning towards Akorn Ceramic at Lowe's for $599 plus got 10% off coupon. Also saw a Vision at Sams. Whats everyones thoughts and why?
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