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  1. Most kamados use little charcoal relative to other grills.
  2. lnarngr

    Kamado Pro Joe

    Correct, this site is affiliated with Kamado John!
  3. Looks absolutely delicious!
  4. How was the brisket? We love pics, just sayin. Dman and I are also on the Coast so be sure to mention what stores are hooking you up and stuff or holler if you need in person assistance.
  5. Do it! This is a very forgiving recipe and worthy of experimentation/variation! My meatball was elk and Jimmy Dean sausage. It was fantastic! I even put mushrooms in it! I would encourage chopping versus slicing your peppers and such.
  6. We watched Jess Pryles'! Worked great, surprisingly tender, as you say!
  7. The Warden had shoulder surgery last year. Take it easy! She says after warming it up in the morning it's pain free six months down the road. Good Luck! Happy New Year!
  8. Nice! Old boy showed up at a party last Christmas with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. I was really enjoying my Dewars butt had to try a snort before it was all gone. I did not detect anything unusual at the first sip but shortly thereafter I realized I had some absolute nectar in my hands. Unreal! I savored every sip from that point. I only got the one glass, they had killed it. My goodness it was smooth! I am sure you're in for a treat! Please see about getting me on whoever gave it to you's Christmas list!
  9. Day-Um! This thang's great! So tender! I watched a video on cutting the tri-tip against the grain. The Warden is happy! Drop the mic! Of course mine did not look exactly like the traditional tri-tip but I figured it out. Willys1, again, major thanks for the inspiration! I might never have tried-tip (sorry) without your thread. Thanks!
  10. Going for it tonight with a Sam's Club tri-tip!
  11. I vote for the Johnny Walker even though I have never had Double Black! Good Luck!
  12. Thanks! Happy New Years, All! They came out fine!
  13. Last night my KJCII was dripping water from the lower vent! That was a new one! Yes, it's hot and humid as a you know what on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I shouldn't complain. Yes, a flood got my coasters. Needless to say, I have never spritzed!
  14. Kule! No worries! You are right, he was lambasted for saying it but he didn't say it. I had forgotten. Oh well, off to slay the Tri-Tiphas dragon! She is averse to meat required to be cut across the grain because I am clueless as to how to do it. Sam's tri-tip has a diagram!
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