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  1. This is exceedingly interesting! T The possibilities boggles my minds! And I have less than one of those! I'm rurnt! Thanks! You could layer the chicken on there and then slice it... Nah, It would probably squish out too much. This thing is Kule tho! Mind blown
  2. Dang! It's way too early to be getting this riled up over a steak! But that is wonderful looking!
  3. That looks great! I wonder how well it would adapt to boneless, skinless thighs? It would certainly liven them up!
  4. I saw a YT vid the other day of some folks possibly cleaning some huge, exotic crawfish, before cooking. He popped the middle tail fin and the vein came right out! I guess we couldn't get so lucky with shrimp!
  5. I bet that is fantastic! I have easy access to fresh shrimp and never utilize it. Ridiculous! This reminds me of a dish my folks used to make. But it was far simpler and messy. They laid out head-on shrimp on a foil lined cookie sheet, about three rows, and put a bunch of black pepper, garlic and butter on them. I am sure there were other spices, maybe a little wine. The coagulation of all the juices was amazing. It was sopped up greedily with French bread. You are exactly right about how wonderful the juice/stock is! Your refinement of the New Orleans dish sounds like an improvement in flavor, for sure. It would certainly make the flavor more consistent compared to how we did it. Yum, Yum! Good Show!
  6. Now that is an outstanding use of the Soapstone! That looks great!
  7. You have just given me an idea. What if we run the ribs for two days in the sous vide at 130° and then sear them up real well? This is a fantastic way to cook chuck roast! Butt! I have been contemplating cooking a chuckie initially on the KJ as low and slow as you dare to infuse the most smoke profile up to a temperature of around 120°. Then into the bath for two days at 130°! The ribs just might be weird medium rare. I can tell you chuckies are dynamite medium rare!
  8. This is from this post: The 3 1/2 is the leg size (4x4) which are 28" long.
  9. BEEF! I naturally began with pork ribs which were always good, sometimes very good. As my curiosity turned to beef ribs I lost my pork rib mojo. I need to re-attack pork ribs to get good at those again. If you haven't cooked any beef ribs ask for some uncut beef short ribs (if you don't see them). You will be glad you did. I use Hard Core Carnivore Black and they come out fantastic!
  10. Consider the Soapstone. It is a half-moon and wonderful!
  11. I get so excited to cook the big slabs of ribs, but cutting them provides more surface area for spice penetration. Either way my favorite cook! Too rich and $$ to make often enough to tire of it. Those are certainly fantastic!
  12. I vote for the lamb, but duck is the jam! Sorry. I also seek any excuse for cooking beef ribs. Good Luck!
  13. Yes, spatchcocked. The 12" Lodge CI is big enough but only just.
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