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  1. Welcome! Clearly, you will be happy with either. Butt! Kamado is so much fun! You will never look back if you go for the Joe! It can do so much!
  2. That is super swank! I like all the enclosed storage. It's beautiful!
  3. 225° in seven minutes sounds like the smoke might still be sooty. Unless the fan speeds up the process.
  4. I say take off the ash pan and turn it upside down on the shelf or somewhere dry.
  5. Very, Very Nice! So you have the Thermoworks Gateway as well?
  6. Ain't tried nairn yet but I hope I can get close to ou guys when I do! Do y'all think there's a benefit to having the front opening like the Dodge? They sell a stainless one for the Akorn for sixty bucks.
  7. Definitely next level Brunswick stew right there. I needn't ask, I know it was good!
  8. So true! The good news is you will never need an intervention! I was hesitant converting from gas, as well. Akorns light quickly so that wasn't an issue. You may want to see about sealing it better, if it needs it. Most can benefit from tightening the latches and sealing the lower vent. If yours is shutting down promptly you may not need to. There's a sticky on the Akorn thread of this site. The Akorn gaskets are solid. Rust is an issue. If it sees any rain you may want to remove the ash pan so the vessel holds no water and turn it upside down. Sounds like great customer service from Chargriller! Welcome to kamado guru and having a lot of fun grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, etc. with your new steel buddy!
  9. We should probably have this on the sous vide side of the forum, but Yes! Most definitely! I started sous vide-ing last year when it got cooler (winter here) and I saw it on sous vide everything. It can be used indoors. Takes a minute. I would throw a grill over the sink and blast away.
  10. That looks great! I want some melted butter or something for the fish! Yummy! Were the veggies as done as the fish?
  11. Thanks, dman. Tonight I tried my meager spec filets on my soapstone while I did halfshell redfish direct along side. They were alright but really too delicate. I will try one of your methods, next time. My daughter can make killer salmon on the 'stone and I ain't a salmon lover. I have cooked some pretty good grouper on it. No bites tonight.
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