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  1. That sounds and looks great, butt... I did this one with hot Jimmy Dean a while back and it was a big hit: Just made certain the middle can drain during cooking!
  2. That is pretty wide! Try waiting at least twenty minutes after each adjustment to let it settle.
  3. I suggest making slightly smaller adjustments and letting it go longer. Try burning a full lump with doing any cooking to see if you hold certain temps. Obviously, start low and go to higher temps after you can hold the low ones. Also, you can ignore swings. As long as they're not extreme. And they ease up and go back down. Good Luck! You'll have fun getting it.
  4. That looks great, not just because I am starvin right now. I am at work so no kamado.
  5. Akorn bottom pops off, the ceramics don't enjoy that feature
  6. Kamados must be one of the best ways to prepare pork loin. I would encourage wrapping in bacon however you proceed!
  7. Drip pan goes on the deflector. You can use anything. On my regular Akorn I use disposable foil pans with 1/2 in copper elbows for spacers. The idea is something that will fit and not block the heat from what you're cooking.
  8. Please let us know if you were able to rescue the DO. Mommy has said I may use hers but she doesn't know the risks. She may not care because she generally shuns cast iron because it's too heavy for her. I love it!
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