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  1. Looks like $4400 with those tiles. What a piece! Hard for me to relate to that expense, though, even used. I guess you have to consider it as very capable art. They appear extraordinarily well made.
  2. Welcome and Good Luck! Please keep us posted as to what you decide and how it works out. Visuals work well, too!
  3. I "started" with a discount, dented Akorn, as an inexpensive way to see if I would take to charcoal. I absolutely love it! I agree with John, get the best Kamado Joe you can afford or if you really aren't sure go with the Akorn. Either way this forum will maximize the experience! You won't regret it!
  4. Good Luck! And welcome to the forum! Kamado is very fun!
  5. Welcome, Doc! Good Luck! For must of us kamado has been a fun adventure!
  6. That seems like a long time for an Akorn! Good job! I like the idea of the remote vent but I think theirs leaves a lot to be desired.
  7. I have had several Char-Broil gassers and only the single Chargriller product, the Akorn. All work well. Here is a review: https://amazingribs.com/grill-smoker-egg-or-kamado-style-combination-grill-smoker/char-broil-kamander-charcoal-grill-review
  8. Welcome! Good Luck! Please consider introducing yourself. There's some info for your profile to flesh out as well. It's nice to provide your grilling experience and hopes as well as your grill. This site is great, as Family_cook says: It's more about the cook than the Kamado. With knowledge of temp, time, charcoal and wood any modern Kamado can produce awesome results. All of this knowledge is available here in the form of threads, pics and video's. Pick one and get to cooking.
  9. Great question! I have an Akorn. I would probably get the less expensive of the two...
  10. My boss built a UDS and has no deflector. He's gotten away with cooking everything directly. And most I have had was great. Even the turkey.
  11. No Fear! This is from a guy who has yet to even cook a frozen pizza on the kamado! I am sure your pizza will be great! Welcome to the forum!
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