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  1. Get that Thang and have fun! Surely they make a deal. I bet you become a grilling, smoking, roasting, etc. Fiend in no time with a kamado! Please keep us posted. Good Luck!
  2. Wow! What a concept! A vegetarian kamado cooker. I do plenty of non-protien on mine. Welcome!
  3. Great plan! But not for me. 190° is science fiction for my little steel buddy.
  4. Those are boss grills. Kind of expensive and oddball compared to the ceramics. Cost no object I believe I could be very happy with one. Good Luck and please keep us posted on how you find it, if you purchase one.
  5. They look great!
  6. Consider chuck roast before brisket to save money and get some experience with beef. Just sayin. They're tasty, too,
  7. Deep seated envy is beginning to take its toll on my already fragile psyche... Those "nice short ribs" look absolutely fantastic! Dangit, John! I gotta go to work in a little while and prolly gonna bring old pulled pork for dinner. Ugh!
  8. That's Bombers, Sir! Man on the Boat OVERBOARD!
  9. Good Show! That should be a great score, especially if you are able to use an in-stock firebox and don't have to wait! Be sure to finish out your profile when you get the chance. Good Luck!
  10. Practice patience and disregard moderate swings
  11. That looks so doggone good! I have been using my griddle too much! Time for some steaks on the Akorn! At least the next time I see any. Good Luck everyone! May God bless us all.
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