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  1. Agreed, it is not gravy but flavorful broth. But it certainly takes no time as all you do is strain it and serve.
  2. This is Meathead Goldwyn's method: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/turkey-recipes/bbq-and-grilled-turkey-recipe It provides a way to produce "gravy" or broth that cooks beneath the bird during smoking/roasting. You put veggies and discards (neck, giblets, etc.) in a foil pan with water and apple cider. After straining it serve as gravy. My birds done this way are as good as my fried, just different due to the charcoal. I brine in Tony's so I don't follow the recipe strictly. But I really like the broth.
  3. Damn, Brutha! I don't believe I'd a told all that! HeeHee! JK! All joking aside, sounds like some stuff I would do. You should have just gotten both. I would if I could. (see Warden, above)
  4. Welcome! Good Luck! You're about to have as much fun as you can cooking with your clothes on!?! What?
  5. I have some general advice. One some of the components that are rusting you are going to take a wire brush to them and keep them seasoned. This will need to be redone whenever you cook off the coating. My vent isn't CI so I would try seasoning it as well. There's something called pbw that might help cleaning things that get gunked up I just read about on the forum. There's some quality high temp non-toxic RTV that works well for the gasket. Good Luck and Welcome to Kamado.
  6. Nice recipe, Thanks! For the Warden I have to go easy on the lemon. I can only get away with a little squeeze if I don't tell her. Then she'll really dig it. But if she knows the nose goes up. Where do you come by the Bootsies Delta Funk? More questions, sorry! C what happens when you meet a stranger in the Alps, Larry!?!
  7. dman, please post your complete grilled snapper recipe. Sonboy dropped off two filets and since I didn't have time to cook them I "fresh froze" them. It would be nice to know your method. Thanks in advance!
  8. It's awful butt anything is better than being charged for BS! Fight the power! We're with you, John! I may try the Dark Reader thing.
  9. Yah, Leave It, it will come back. You are setting yourself up for frustration if you chase the temps. Swings are OK. Trends have to be addressed. How do you tell the difference? That's the $60, 000.00 question.
  10. I have had my Classic II a couple months now and I can't get it stable. Since it doesn't shutdown we've (thanks, John Setzler!) narrowed it to the lower vent needing to be tightened by tapping the tracks closed. I began this task and wanted to get a better hammer. I was trying my rubber one but it takes too many whacks. So, I just went out with a small claw hammer and tightened the lower vent (up). The tracks look as if some fool has been beating on them (see below) with a hammer,but it's certainly less rattly. If you are going to try this start with making sure the tab that holds
  11. I had a reply that didn't get sent until ajs390 replied so I am trying to delete it to knock look foolish. Fail!
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