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  1. I would doubt a chuck roast would be very good to eat if it was pulled at 145°, it just wouldn't have time to become tender. Unless you were able to hold a very low cooking temperature and it took a very long time to reach 145°. On the other hand, I used the sous vide method on my last chuckie. I left it in the water bath for two days at 130°, then dried it off and seared it on the grill. It was like a Flintstone steak and medium rare from edge to edge. It ate like a ribeye with a grain. Cut against the grain and it was tender and good. I have pondered cooking my next chuckie to 120° on a grill before the water bath to get additional grill flavor. Good Luck!
  2. Oh, U know that thought danced through my head. I joined Costco for the $999 deal. The Warden would have reminded me that we have too many grills. And it's true. I am having separation anxiety getting rid of my little steel buddy (Akorn) and a gasser that is only used annually.
  3. At least you figured it out! Weez all learnin'!
  4. Missed! More like a happy accident selling by weight. I am certain diligence is discouraged when loading up the bags.
  5. So, super thick bacon? With Scotch? This could be the most decadent thing I have heard of in a while? Are you Roman by any chance? Because you could be a direct descendant of Caligula, or some such, Sir!
  6. Anything on the grill if I don't go fishing! (it is snapper season for a minute) My choice? SHORT RIBS! Luckily, that should be my only responsibility for the MEAL. I'll concentrate on the ribs and alcohol and grandkids. Happy Father's Day, Y'all!
  7. That Thang is interesting. It might be "amazing" if the claims are true. We'll have to be patient to find out. As for wifi/internet connectivity, I wonder if it's connected to the app on a tablet you can reach into from your smartphone? Kinda kule that it will connect via app only. They should consider selling the probe alone.
  8. Unless you are going to use your grill soon I suggest opening the vents the next day. I will even crack the lid on mine to prevent mold. Of course the best thing is to use it often enough that mold does not have a chance to grow. I don't clean my grill often but I attribute the mold to our high humidity. Good Luck! If your fire doesn't extinguish quickly you may need to modify the vents to seal better. It was necessary on my KJ II. Be sure to flesh out your kamado guru profile.
  9. This would be new for me. I eat almost anything and I don't like those. How do you get them edible?
  10. Does this mean you eat the little pieces of tendony things at the ends?
  11. That looks extraordinarily good! Yum, Yum!
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