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  1. That is super (supper?) quick! They look great! I want to perfect boneless beef ribs.
  2. Definitely Weird! Just kidding! I say any reason is a good reason to fire her up again! Welcome!
  3. Badass country style pork rib recipe! Those look straight up fantastic! Going to have to try braising! I made some breaking in our brand new pellet grill at work today. Really just to beat the pellet spitter guys to it! yuk, yuk! Came out great but I think following your recipe on the Akorn would be far better.
  4. That's probably it. It's been horrifically humid lately and I haven't diligently sealed and stored my charcoal. The perfect storm of low and slow with old charcoal. Just hadn't happened to me before. I will use a new bag of charcoal next time I smoke! Thanks! C'Ya!
  5. What was the temp at probe tender for those? What did you spritz with?
  6. lnarngr

    Hanger Steak

    No joy on the pics or of finding hanger steak.
  7. My Akorn has started going out with nearly any reduction in airflow from any temp under 350°!! I was trying to cook some boneless beef ribs at 225° and if I reduced the vent opening the temperature would decrease until it was in freefall and the fire was out. I can only conclude that the coal has absorbed a bunch of moisture. It's nearly made me crazy! It's a thirty pound bag of Royal Oak that I have had for a minute. It's was discounted because there was a tear in the bag. Last one they had. I am not going to attempt low and slow until I get a fresh bag. Argggg!
  8. Very wise! Good luck Smoke Eater! You a firefighter?
  9. They look awesome tasting! Please provide your recipe and method! I am bound and determined to master boneless beef ribs and I need guidance. I have tried twice and they haven't been great. My wife "doesn't like beef ribs". Well, I am going to learn to make wonderful beef ribs that she will like, with y'all's help!
  10. Welcome! Do what you do! I bet it will be better! I don't spritz, mop or wrap. Think about closing the lower vent before opening and closing the lid as quickly as possible to minimize temperature climb. Mine has become an inferno if I get lackadaisical! Good Luck! And may the best team win! Should be a great game!
  11. I added a $150 3-burner, covered Blackstone griddle. Fantastic!
  12. This is why I have been unsatisfied with sirloin! Frank!!! Time to try 'em again!
  13. I added a $150 3-burner, covered Blackstone griddle. Fantastic!
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