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  1. Why try!?! JK I am curious. I have made this a single time but I did it this way: And it looked like this:
  2. Looks like a scrumptious, healthy meal! Good Show!
  3. Unlucky. Lucky! Funny how things work out!
  4. Find a seafood paella recipe on the kamado guru forum! It would be killer!
  5. Sooner the better! And there are copious variations. I saw a video where they just cut into the sausage and stuffed it and also slit canned corn beef hash open and stuffed that! Use the ziploc bag method and lots of parchment paper!
  6. Good question, that looks interesting and useful. That looks really good! I realize this isn't the recipe section, but please fill in some blanks. Target dome temp? Lamb prep? I roasted my first lamb ever last week for a friend who is shut in and had to clean out his freezer. Because of my circumstances I sort of marinaded it in fresh squeezed lemon juice and seasoned it with salt and pepper and a pinch of oregano. It came out pretty good, hence the questions. Thanks!
  7. Finally cooked my first fatty last night, indirect. I cooked it a little more slowly and brought the temperature up at the end. You are correct, it was really good! I used hot Italian sausage, fiesta blend sprinkle cheese and sautéed mushrooms, onion, chopped garlic and red bell pepper. I added no seasoning. I will make two more this week, since I need more practice and I am going to take one to class since we're having movie night on Fat Tuesday. Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Direct or indirect? The temp seems high for indirect, but the catch pan say indirect. Please solve the mystery. Thanks! That looks great!
  9. The temperature would not recover. I mean it only recovered to within 150° for like a half hour. I couldn't believe it. I know better. I waited.
  10. I know I will regret this but please provide after shots!
  11. Frank, you've done it again! Very nice! The other day I had my KJCII up to 430° with the deflectors and when I opened the grill to place the protein (chicken in a cast iron skillet) I lost over 150° and had to crank the vents and eventually remove the deflectors to get it back up to temperature. It was as if the fire had gone out while the top was open instead of running away. The deflectors were unnecessary for the cook, I couldn't remember, but I would have expected the grill to be able to recover the temperature relatively quickly even with them in a place.
  12. Real Baller move! I like that the wire isn't inside the chamber. And you can remove the probe with no fuss. Do your probe and dial gauge always agree? I have my Smoke pit probe clipped to my dial gauge probe and it usually indicates hotter than the gauge! I have not calibrated my dial gauge, but sometimes they agree or the gauge is higher.
  13. Must have missed this. That is a great recipe! Thanks!
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