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  1. Mine also arrived out of the blue!
  2. As a Classic owner I have always wanted a Jr for searing, small cooks and overflow. Sure the Big Joe would be handy on occasion but that's prolly going to take a lot more time and charcoal Everytime you fire it up.
  3. I feel ya! My son lost it when he found out I only roasted one in the kamado and wasn't also oiless-frying one this year, just not enough folks for multiple birds. Thanks China flu!
  4. Lump is for Chumps! JK It's all about choice. It is generally considered that lump burns hotter and with less ash than briquettes. But to each his own! Just never ever use match light or lighter fluid in the kamado. It could have long term effects on flavor.
  5. I didn't think to spatchcock first! Here's my "food safe" container. There's a ten gallon ziploc with the turkey inside. This actual container is the first one I brined with well over ten years ago!
  6. Smart enough to hold on to her! Truly I tell you that Thang is Fine! If my wife built me that I would first faint and then be spoilt-rurnt! My head would swell and pop!
  7. This is the place! Kamado is fun and there's a ton of knowledge here. Good Luck!
  8. Just gonna have to take your word for it!
  9. The expanded steel mesh toppers are grate! Sorry. But I do like them. Try oiling them a little bit to make cleaning easier. I just used a brush on mine after it heats a little bit before a cook if it looks too dirty.
  10. My guess is you ain't married! HeeHee! JK! Welcome! Please expound on why the BJ is your go to and who (besides Setzler) you watch on YT.
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