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  1. Get a 3! The even cooking attributed to the SloRoller ought to make it worth it. The models sold with them are deeper than those without, so although you can add it to a 1 or 2 but you may lose a tier. The BJ3 would be great, but a heavy monster when you weren't using all that real estate (grill space). My 2 cents as a KJ2 owner.
  2. 5 hours between 260 and 280° No time for proper plating!
  3. Oh My Goodness! Look this! They've risen like a souffle or something! Count me amazed!
  4. Yikes! You're lucky it wasn't worse but golly! Are those Skechers?
  5. So much for that theory. I closed the lower vent to load the protein and forgot to open it. Three hours later waiting for stabilization, again. Ugh!
  6. So, we're agreed they're "plate ribs"?
  7. Before: After coffee and Kinder's: Going on after KJ stabilized.
  8. I recommend metallic. I cut my teeth on an Akorn and I have a KJ Classic II now. The Akorn hardly used any lump and quickly came to temp compared to my ceramic. Don't get me wrong, I love my KJ but I would go iron, steel or aluminum if'n I had it to do again. An Akorn is an excellent way to test the waters. You can get them used for $100.
  9. Sorry, Y'All, and Thanks! Cooking them tomorrow while we're at church. Say, What!?! Well, that's the only way. Otherwise be too late. I have a TTT. MTF More To Follow
  10. What are these? They look like three-bone beef chuck ribs. I am very excited about cooking them no matter what they are. Six ribs are thirteen pounds!
  11. What thermometer and app are you using? And, Yes, that looks fantastic!
  12. PBR is a fine, affordable domestic diversion! Makes great canned boat beer. Is that a turkey or chicken! Ah, steroids! No telling what they're doing to all of us! Huzzah for the Almighty dollar! Bomber to the new deck, BTW, it's awesome! I am sure you'll love it!
  13. Sorry, to get a smokey flavor in the meat I was suggesting smoking it low and slow in the kamado to around 120° and then put it in the sous vide at 131° or higher for 36 - 48 hours to tenderize it. Then it would require searing. I actually did this with some ribs years ago. The fire went out in my acorn and for whatever reason I finished cooking them in the bath. They came out with smoke flavor. Still required searing. Just a thought. Lots of work. I really like the idea of making a bunch of tender steaks out of a chuckie. Thanks, John!
  14. John, would it do to cook it low and slow to no more than 120°F and then put it in the bath? Searing afterwards, of course. But this might produce additional flavor...
  15. After several years of mostly delight my little steel buddy began to confound me, so I "upgraded" to a KJCII. I miss the Akorn, sometimes. It used considerably less fuel. It heated up faster. The KJ can also be confounding. I definitely regret not getting the III model that is sized for the SloRoller. Good Luck!
  16. What the Heck!?! There's an inch of water in the bottom! Predisposition to rusting, How nice! No extra charge!
  17. I am going to fix it for them. He's done nothing to deserve this!
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