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  1. What the Heck!?! There's an inch of water in the bottom! Predisposition to rusting, How nice! No extra charge!
  2. I am going to fix it for them. He's done nothing to deserve this!
  3. First one's off
  4. Hey, guys! Just a quick question: What do you find as the highest temp you get with the deflector plates in? I am cooking chicken in a cast iron pan. I am doing two but and intend to remove the deflectors for the second chicken so I can hit 425°. Right now my KJ Classic II is hung at 400°. Yes, it's not a big difference but it's getting late and I was just curious what y'all get. Thanks in advance!
  5. "Don't you people know a joke when you hear one"!?! I saw it at the theater when it came out as well. I was far too young to understand all the genius and talent on display. Butt I knew it was funny!
  6. Absolutely! I haven't tried it on mine but I have considered drilling weep holes in the bottom of the vessel to allow air circulation when the ash bowl is removed.
  7. I have always thought this to be a good idea. You have great ideas about inhibiting corrosion. I have also considered drilling breathing holes in the bottom of the cooking vessel. These would be sealed when the ash pan is in place but open when it's removed. Good Luck
  8. I took the Costco deal on the KJ Classic II but I really miss the SloRoller and the additional volume. !!!
  9. Please consider posting pictures comparing the replacement hinge to the "warped" one that comes off of your grill.
  10. Lately, I have been leaving my top vent open and attempting to control the temperature with the bottom damper alone. I think this was suggested to reduce the chance of getting too much smoke flavor. When I had an Akorn there is no doubt a fan would be unnecessary and only the bottom dampner would be necessary for remote control. That could be the case with a ceramic... I like the idea of controlling from the top, as I used a Tip Top Temp extensively on the Akorn, I am just going a different direction with the KJC2, at the moment. Good Luck!
  11. Very narrow demographic in this. This is for National Guard members and it's a single store, in Flowood, MS as far as I know. But if you are in the Guard, in the area, or know someone... Just sayins all.
  12. I got one of these for my Akorn: Outdoor Gourmet 14 in Preseasoned Round Griddle | Academy https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet-14-in-preseasoned-round-griddle I used it as a diffuser and even as a griddle once or twice before I got my Classic Joe and the half moon Soapstone.
  13. On Marketplace there is a dealer trying to unload three new ones for $1,100 each in Georgia. That seems very competitive.
  14. Knowing's half the battle! At least you learned and shared. I would definitely like to cook one of those someday.
  15. I see this as more of a kettle grill than a kamado because it is just a single sheet steel shell, without double layer insulation, a la Akorns, Big Steel Kegs, etc. If that's true it's going to use a lot of charcoal compared to a kamado, right? Again, more kettlistic.
  16. Why try!?! JK I am curious. I have made this a single time but I did it this way: And it looked like this:
  17. Looks like a scrumptious, healthy meal! Good Show!
  18. Unlucky. Lucky! Funny how things work out!
  19. Find a seafood paella recipe on the kamado guru forum! It would be killer!
  20. Sooner the better! And there are copious variations. I saw a video where they just cut into the sausage and stuffed it and also slit canned corn beef hash open and stuffed that! Use the ziploc bag method and lots of parchment paper!
  21. Good question, that looks interesting and useful. That looks really good! I realize this isn't the recipe section, but please fill in some blanks. Target dome temp? Lamb prep? I roasted my first lamb ever last week for a friend who is shut in and had to clean out his freezer. Because of my circumstances I sort of marinaded it in fresh squeezed lemon juice and seasoned it with salt and pepper and a pinch of oregano. It came out pretty good, hence the questions. Thanks!
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