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    lnarngr reacted to John Setzler in Cracked Firebox Base   
    I would take the grill apart while its cleaned out and get some JB Weld and 'fix' the fire ring.  The reassemble the grill and get back to cooking.  That will likely give you a permanent usable fix and you can just shelf the replacement part when it arrives until you need it, which you probably never will
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    lnarngr reacted to keeperovdeflame in Pan Cook: Greek Lamb Shanks   
    Plated and ready to enjoy. They were truly delicious. 

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    lnarngr reacted to baileybbq in My first attemp at low and slow ribs.   
    I had some ribs in the freezer and decided that today is the day to venture into the world of L&S.  After reading many threads here and elsewhere I chose to do the ribs straight at 225 without the foil method.  Took a while to get the temperature dialed as it danced between 200 and 275. But all was well in the end.  I used some apple wood chunk for the smoke.
    Ribs seasoned with Honey Hog, the ribs finished in: one with no sauce, one with BGE Carolina Tangy sauce, and one with BGE Zesty Mustard sauce.  I personally have no knowledge on BBQ sauce and I just picked them at the local hardware store while getting some accessories.  Cook time was about 5 hours total.  Bend test showed about 45 deg bend.  Meat comes off the bone easy but not "fall off the bone" level.  The veggies were put it about an hour before finish and it could use some more seasoning.  My wife preferred the no sauce version of the ribs  while my daughter and I loved all three.
    It was a successful outing in my book.

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    lnarngr reacted to moflicky in Can you rotate the lid 90 degrees on a Joe Classic II?   
    Young Frankenstein is in my top 10 movies all time.  saw it in the theater when it came out.  He was a treasure.  
    DAMN YOUR EYES!  -- too late.
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    lnarngr reacted to Bickus89 in Classic 3 vs big joe 3 what size?   
    I’ve ordered the big joe yesterday now just deciding what to cook on it first, feeling like a kid on xmas hahah
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    lnarngr reacted to tbauer320 in Hello from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida   
    Thank you for your interest.  I have the pix and you can clearly see that the hinge was badly misaligned on one side.  The new hinge was perfect and solved the problem with the misaligned dome.

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    lnarngr reacted to tbauer320 in Hello from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida   
    Update (in case it isn't clear...)  KJ sent a new hinge. I installed it and now the dome fits the tub perfectly. No more issues with latching or misalignment. The old hinge, as you can see from my previous post, was not formed correctly.  All is well now and am enjoying the cooker immensely.  From the time I opened a ticket at KJ to receiving the hinge and installing it, was less than 10 days.  Most was spent waiting for the hinge to arrive.  KJ responded to my ticket withing hours.  BBQ Guys were involved too.  They were also great.  Good customer service from both companies. 
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    lnarngr reacted to Jeff1974 in Making the Akorn Kamado last a long time   
    I am getting an Akorn delivered tomorrow. I live in Delaware. I ordered the cover as well. I was wondering if it would help to take the ash basket off and stow it on top of the cast iron grill surface with the grill covered. This would prevent water pooling. Thoughts?
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    lnarngr reacted to MikeRobinson in My Akorn Story   
    I always store my Akorn, Jr. with the bottom removed and propped-up upside down by a small piece of wood beneath the grill.  With an old metal coffee can, spray-painted with Rustoleum, sitting over the top (vents open ...), with a smaller wedge of wood beneath one edge of the can.  Air can circulate freely, but water can't get in or accumulate.
    I first tried a plastic "grill cover," but noticed that moisture accumulated under it and stayed there.
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    lnarngr reacted to philpom in All day burn-great day   
    Got an early start this Sunday, prepped a whole packer, fired up the Primo,  tossed in some mesquite and started the day.  I had to whip up a fresh batch of coffee rub and off we went.  I consider the beef brisket the holy grail of bbq.
    After I trimmed the brisket and tossed it on I thought I'd fry up the fat for dog treats but found myself salting it.  Next thing you know it became breakfast!

    Good, crispy, melt in your mouth stuff.
    We headed over to the club to accomplish a few things.  It was fun, it's my 4th year as president and we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year so lots to do.

    Next thing you know the brisket is looking great.  Cooking at 250°f.  Mrs philpom started prepping kale salad and whipped up some jalapeno poppers.  I started a pot of pintos.
    Kids were brave enough to jump in the pool, not us!
    I split the point and flat before the cook, I like to slice the flat and shred the point.   It turned out very well.


    This was an 11 lb brisket.  Next the kale salad came off, yum! (grilled kale salad)

    The beans (kids now watching boob tube)

    And finally the poppers.

    It was a fun relaxing day, too bad tomorrow is Monday. 

    Almost forgot....  picked the cast iron pan to cook the corn bread so here it is.  It all turned out amazing.
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    lnarngr reacted to adm in Pick a Pan - Arroz Negro   
    Maybe/maybe not my entry for the April "Pick a Pan" challenge, here is "Arroz Negro". Black rice with squid and prawns - oh and squid ink to make it all black.
    This is basically a paella - although apparently in Spain it is definitely NOT a paella for some reason. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because it's meant to be a bit wetter and without the crusty socorrat. Who knows?
    Anyway....first off you need some squid. Clean it, slice it up and marinade in milk for a few hours to tenderise it a little.

    Sauté the squid in olive oil for a minute or two until it has a little bit of colour, then remove.

    Add onion and some more olive oil and fry that off.

    Then add lots of garlic (1 head in this case) and grated tomato. Fry that off for a few minutes.

    Add a glass of white wine and reduce that. Then add the Bomba rice, give it a stir around to make sure every grain is covered and then add your stock. My stock in this case was a fish stock, with some saffron infused in it and then the squid ink.

    Once the rice has absorbed the stock - about 15 minutes - add the squid back and put some prawns in. Cook for another 5-7 minutes, then take off the heat, leave to stand a bit, sprinkle with some flat leaf Parsley a bit of lemon juice and serve with some crusty bread and butter.


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    lnarngr reacted to Random Pointer in How to get a better sear when grilling a fish?   
    When I started grilling/smoking food, I did not expect this to be an expensive hobby. 
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    lnarngr reacted to GrillnBrew in How to get a better sear when grilling a fish?   
    Since we're all helping you spend your money, I'll go ahead and suggest grilling the fish with the Joetisserie and the flat basket. 
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    lnarngr got a reaction from CentralTexBBQ in How to get a better sear when grilling a fish?   
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    lnarngr reacted to TKOBBQ in Big Joe 1, 2, and 3   
    If I were deciding between the 1 and 2 I'd definitely get the 2, air lift hinge and upgraded gasket.  If I could afford it I'd swing for the fences and go with the 3 which also adds the slow roller, I also believe it adds more depth but not sure.
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    lnarngr reacted to byee in How to get a better sear when grilling a fish?   
    I typically get my fish started on the stainless grate over indirect heat the fish it off by searing on my soapstone grate at a higher temperature.
    Soapstone is a natural nonstick surface.
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    lnarngr reacted to PinotChio in Breaking In New Joe Jr   
    So, got a Joe Jr last weekend and have been breaking the newbie in this week. 
    The better 3/4 has a standing request for seared red meat on Friday, so tonight’s offering was a pair of reverse seared prime ribeyes with light cherry smoke (Brazil style, salt only, for Guga), parmigiana roasted Yukon golds, and white miso creamed spinach. Add a Walla Walla Rocks District Syrah Mourvèdre blend. Outstanding. 
    The little red dude has been spectacular. Should have done this years ago. 

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    lnarngr got a reaction from TKOBBQ in 20% Off Academy! Narrow Demo Tho   
    Very narrow demographic in this. 
    This is for National Guard members and it's a single store, in Flowood, MS as far as I know. 
    But if you are in the Guard, in the area, or know someone... 
    Just sayins all. 
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    lnarngr reacted to adm in Iberico Pork Ribs   
    Here's some super tasty pork ribs from last week. These are from the black pigs from the Spanish Iberian Peninsula. They roam wild on the hills and in the woods and eat a diet of acorns, mushrooms and whatever they forage for. This makes them really intense in flavour!
    This was a bit of a cheat cook as I was following a Spanish recipe, so braised them with garlic, carrot, celery, thyme, bay leaves, star anise and cloves and then only finished them on the Kamado with a quince glaze. Served with Patatas Aioli and asparagus. They were good.....


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    lnarngr reacted to pesto3 in Pizzas on the KJ Classic.   
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my pizza making process. It’s long but it’s time stamped in the video description so you can jump to which ever process you’re more interested in. 

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    lnarngr reacted to Brick Pig in First Ribs of 2021   
    I read the weather report Saturday morning and saw that it was going to be excellent sit-outside weather on Sunday, so I figured I might as well do that sitting by the grill. Thawed out some Costco ribs, and spent a nice Sunday afternoon in the sunshine.
    Rubbed & ready

    Goin' in

    Ready to wrap

    Dinner's ready

    Plated (Sorry, I took a little bite of corn before I remembered to take a pic. Haha.)

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    lnarngr reacted to dman in Yard work blues   
    Came out great!

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    lnarngr reacted to KismetKamado in Blackstone E Series   
    Picked up a new Blackstone E Series electric griddle recently.  This has been fun to play around with. 

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    lnarngr reacted to daninpd in The random pictures thread...   
    This is a lot like one of my favorite ways to get a little extra room on a crowded elevator: look at the person next to you and give a very small smile and say "I've got on new socks today" then give the eyebrow flash of expecting a response.
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    lnarngr reacted to SmallBBQr in Cast Iron for pizza and smash burgers?   
    Couple of suggestions after numerous trial and error runs....we are totally addicted to these.   I use an infrared thermometer to make sure the surface is around 500 degrees before starting.
    1) I use about 150grams of beef per patty.
    2) Apply a really light coating of ghee (or oil, whatever) put the ball of meat down, and don't smash (or touch ) for about 1 minute.  Then smash!
    3) Get a burger smasher with a raised edge so you can't "over smash"....I just find it makes it easier and no stress on the spatula - something like this:
    4) Place a piece of parchment paper between the meat and the press (or spatula).  It will stop the sticking and you just peel the paper off (and use it again for the others).  Smasher also stays clean.
    Finish cooking!
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