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  1. Lenny

    Golden's Cast Iron Kamado Review request

    Cast Iron kamado is very interesting. I hope to it for sale on Australia one day.
  2. Lenny

    Akorn Jr. Vs Vision Cadet

    If it's only for steaks, what about Weber Smokey Joe? I got one. It's great for a 2nd BBQ. Cheaper, lighter & long lasting.
  3. Lenny

    Tip Top Temp

    I did my first overnight brisket using the TTT. It worked pretty well. From what I saw, the tempurature swing was 216f to 249f. My target tempurature was 225f.
  4. @Scott Craig, I’ve been there too. Learning to use Kamado can be frustrating. Trust me, it gets easier. Maybe you should practise without food a few times. When you get the hang of it, it can be rewarding. I now do overnight cooks and and sometimes leave the Akorn unattended for low & slow cooks. It takes time to build confidence. There is nothing wrong with the BBQ. It’s about managing the fuel and air flow.
  5. I’m surprised no one has come up an aftermarket Divide & Conquer system for the Akorn. I feel it would make it a more complete grill. So I bought a Slow n Sear and use my Weber Kettle for reverse searing.
  6. I constantly inspect my Akorn. I rub vegetable oil on areas where rust might begin to form. Not sure if this helps. But, I don’t think it will do any harm.
  7. I found the charcoal in the firebox is too far from the cooking grate for searing. I tried raising the tempurature and burnt the paint off the ash catcher. I haven’t tried filling the firebox with lump charcoal up to the tabs. But, it is a lot of charcoal for small cooks. I’d like to try this method as it might be handy for large cooks. I had no issues using a Weber charcoal grate on the tabs. I use the smallest charcoal basket I need for what I am cooking. I. bought the optional, adjusting Chargrilller charcoal grate. I haven’t used it yet. I’ve tried putting a small cast iron cooking grate directly on the Weber charcoal grate. The cooking grate is closer to the fire. The searing power was insane. You have to exercise care if you are using the firebox at high tempurature.