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  1. You can wrap it with foil if you are going to use it for a griddle on later cooks. It will make the clean up easier. As far as smoking, it does hold temps well. I just don't put anything on until it has had heated up for 45 minutes or so to make sure it heat soaked. Seems to make it more stable. I have done an 18 hour cook/smoke and it works good for me.
  2. I ground them off with a bench grinder and man was it a mess. I looked like I had been working in a coal mine. I should have scored them with a hacksaw and then broke them off.
  3. Just bought the spider and the cast iron griddle makes a great deflector for smoking. The woo ring would be a bit more versatile but it is a tad more expensive. They both are stainless steel so they will last quite a while.
  4. I never have wrapped a pork butt and they always come out great.
  5. Used to build and repair a lot of computers back in the day.
  6. The one at Academy is the one I've been using for a couple of years. I use the spider I bought from The Ceramic Grill Store to suspend it.
  7. Don't have a lot of room. Just work with what I have.
  8. My stand on the B was bending at the casters. Vision was out of the chrome stand and asked if I would take a different painted stand. They sent me the stand that looks like the one on the pro series. This was done under the warranty. I bought the 5' casters from Grizzly and it works great. If you look at the chrome stand, the casters are set with the weight pushing out. I think it is a poor design because the metal is too thin. On the pro stand , the weight is pushing more vertically. I believe this is a better design than the chrome one. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Well you could always use a 14" griddle and if you don't cut the handles off it will set on top of the fire bowl. This is what I use as a deflector. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet-14-in-preseasoned-round-griddle#repChildCatid=27890
  10. Fire bricks on top rack, terra cotta feet ( for pots turned sideways 1 1/2" thick ) BGE pizza stone.
  11. If they don't already have a deflector setup in it there would be no way to suspend the stone other than bringing a spider or a woo ring with you. It can work by putting the stones on the bottom grate and the meat on the top grate.
  12. I have looked for well over a year and have never seen any for the Vision.
  13. You could always keep it and wait until college football started and wear it to a Arkansas Razorback game.
  14. It should smooth out over a few cooks with the grease build up.
  15. Do not rely on the dome thermometer, mine is not that accurate. Mine was reading 200 degrees when it was really 338 degrees with a remote probe clipped on the top grate. It also reads 500 degrees when it is actually 781 degrees. Also fill your firebox up, mine is about 1 inch below the deflector.
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