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  1. 20 pound ham and a 14 pound turkey.
  2. cmospyder

    KJ Classic II heat

    If the firebox was red and the temp only showed 370, it sounds like you temp gauge is wonkers.
  3. cmospyder

    Smoking wood

    I have no issues with the bark but I guess that's just me.
  4. cmospyder

    Pork ribs

    Looks delicious!!!!!!
  5. cmospyder

    New Vision Owner

    I just turn the spider upside down if I want the bottom grate at the felt line. It works but I only do that if I'm not using a deflector. I plan on getting the adjustable rig for Christmas or next year sometime. I use a 14" cast Iron griddle ( from Acadamy cost $13 ) with the handles cut off as my deflector right now with the spider. I also use the griddle as a griddle on the grates.
  6. cmospyder

    New Vision Owner

    Congrats on the "B", I really enjoy mine. You may want to look at the Ceramic Grill Store online. They have just about everything you could want for your Vision B. They have stones, spiders, drip pans , adjustable rigs and a lot more. Also get you some welders gloves to handle your hot grates and stones.
  7. cmospyder

    Questions about B & B Lump!

    I like the hickory or the mesquite. Don't have a problem with either one of those. Got one bag of the oak one time that had a strange smell after I lit it but the rest of them have been fine. I do like B&B overall and Wally World has it for $12.88 here.
  8. cmospyder

    top vent red knob

    Exactly. It holds the top vent wide open and you regulate the temps with the propane burner like on a gas stove.
  9. cmospyder

    Time to Jump !!!!

    I really like mine even though I paid $549. I have no regrets.
  10. cmospyder

    Coconut Oil, “Pure Poison”. Say What?

    Most of mine has bounced off.
  11. cmospyder

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    Yes, finally found some Western lump at one of the Walmart's for $7.88 for a 30 lb bag. Looks OK, Probably go get some more.
  12. cmospyder

    Keto Diet

    My Dr. told me I needed to lose weight. After asking me what I typically ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he said I was a carbaholic. He recommended a ketogenic diet. The wife and I started watching Dr. Ken Berry, MD. ( on you tube ) the first part of July. He has a lot of videos explaining nutrition and the effects of poor nutrition. Fatty liver, fatty pancreas, and other maladies are explained and how to nutritionally correct them. He made a lot of sense to us. So on July 10 we started keto. My wife has been on Weight Watchers, Sugar Busters, and numerous other weight loss programs over the years. This keto diet seems sustainable and wasn't hard after the first week. So far I have lost 22 lbs and my wife has lost 20 lbs. My blood pressure has dropped so much that I have had to quit taking one of my blood pressure medicines ( it had dropped to 96/52, now it is 115/66 ) Not bad for a couple pushing 70.
  13. cmospyder

    Broke in my RED vision from Sam’s

    Looks good!!!!
  14. cmospyder

    Coconut Oil, “Pure Poison”. Say What?

    The thing about all these studies is how much of the data is cherry picked and who was funding the study. How many times have these studies been reversed over the years? i will leave it at that so I don't have to get my soapbox out.