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  1. I drove 45 minutes to a roadshows to get my big joetisserie, and it was well worth it. Great way to do tri tip and chicken. I got a basket for it and I'm going to try some veggies in it.
  2. That's the route I've been doing. RO is great for grilling and I can cook for hours on the KJ big block lump. Got a great deal on a bunch of bags of it at a Costco roadshow.
  3. I've been pretty happy with the KJ customer service. They definitely stand behind their products.
  4. Vince that definitely looks off. I have an older big joe but Joetisserie fits completely flush on it.
  5. Where'd you get the gasket? Also, John's videos are great. If you haven't tried his smoked salmon recipe, I highly recommend it.
  6. I would agree with you. If it came with the joetissiere it would be worth it. The real deal is the big joe with the Joe JR. I got both, a bag of charcoal, 2 boxes of fire starters and a cover. Honestly the cover is pretty subpar and overpriced compared to other options, but since it was free it's all good I guess.
  7. Thermoworks smoke. You need a good thermometer. A pizza stone is a must have as well. Pizza off the grill is great. I got a big joetisserie a few months ago and I love it. It is a game changer for chicken.
  8. Not that it makes you feel better but I second guessed my big joe purchase, I didn't think I needed 24" to grill on. I could not have been more wrong. It is my most used kamado by a long shot.
  9. Nope. If you do the demo deal you have to wait until Costco closes on the last day of the KJ roadshow. How can they use the demo model to show other people how the grill works if the demo model is on your back patio? All the demo models have to stay until the end of the roadshow. By the way there is no demo deal for the Joe JR only, you buy the big joe and get the Joe JR for free in the demo deal. For the classic you buy the classic and get a bunch of extra accessories.
  10. Let us know how it goes. I have a pre-2017 big joe that I'd like to upgrade the gasket on.
  11. I have a similar story. I filed a claim on my firebox last night and this morning I had an email from the rep saying the claim was approved. The only downside is that it'll be two weeks before they get more of the big joe fireboxes in stock but she said it was fine to cook on the cracked one. I'm very happy with that customer service.
  12. I've always wondered why they sell those in packs of 3. Wouldn't you want 4 feet instead of 3?
  13. Same here. I bought 4 bags on Friday. Good deal there, too bad I missed out on it.
  14. Yeah, I think that's the normal price now. I got a couple bags this weekend from Home Depot at that price. Between those and the KJ roadshow at Costco with the big block i got there, I'm set for the summer.
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