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  1. Hey folks. I have a new unused Fireboard Snap On Blower 20CFM for sale. Works fine, I ended up deciding to go in a different direction. Asking $45 shipped continental US.
  2. That is the case. The FB plate sits in the grooves and is held in place by the existing sliding vent door and lip on the other side (if there is one).
  3. "Should" is a judgement question and I don't think any of us ought to be saying what others ought to do. (Yes I realize that is a self-contradictory statement... ) Personally, I prefer to make my own rub even though I do sometimes try store-bought. Reason is that I'm not at the mercy of the local shop or mailorder if I need more rub for tomorrow's cook; with my own recipe I can just whip some up. Though I do have good high-volume grocery stores with plenty of appropriate relatively fresh spices. I suggest looked at BBQ books and websites, see what recipes suit your interests. If nothing else, I highly recommend Jeff Phillips sauce&rubs recipes, which he sells to support his SmokingMeatForums.com website, also a great resource. Cost for the recipe set is about what one often pays for a jar of rub, plus you can then tweak it to suit your tastes.
  4. So yes there are many options out there. It can get confusing! My thoughts on connectivity, others may disagree: Bluetooth vs Cloud/Wifi vs proprietary RF: Bluetooth range is limited, so while it's going to be fine if you're staying fairly close to the grill it gets limiting if you're on the other side of your house or have a large yard or similar. Wifi/Cloud of course has more range, at least as much as your home wifi coverage and cloud would be anywhere, but you can be dependent on your Internet connection. Many of these also depend on an app on your phone, which can be a pain if your phone auto-locks or you're using it for other stuff -- you can't just glance at the temps. On the other hand, the cloud connection can mean you get graphing of your temps over time. Proprietary RF range can vary by unit and involves a remote you carry with you -- but on the other hand you can set the remote on the counter and see what's going on at a glance as you walk by. I've had a Maverick (733?) for years and found that the user interface is pretty non-intuitive. Range (proprietary RF) is okay but not great; have had issues with it losing connection sitting on the nightstand, with the grill outside at the opposite corner of the house. I have the Thermoworks Smoke. Proprietary RF with a really long range; over 250ft. I could add their wifi gateway and get the cloud connectivity aspect as well as having the remote on the kitchen counter for at-a-glance readings. Fireboard is worth having a look at -- it's cloud based, so you need to use your phone, but it also has the ability to expand with a fan controller and maintain temp in your kamado. I have no experience with the Thermopro but it seems many do like them.
  5. gpb

    Alaskan Cruise

    Well darn. I guess you're just going to have to go back. At Denali make sure you do the Tundra Wilderness Tour (or Kantishna Experience Tour) and not the much shorter Denali Natural History Tour. We had a much better whale and glacier experience taking the Kenai Fjords tour out of Seward. Juneau whale watching was so-so, but these can be luck-of-the-draw things and our luck wasn't with us that day. We also really enjoyed the White Pass & Yukon Route railroad trip all the way to Carcross YT from Skagway.
  6. gpb

    Alaskan Cruise

    Nice. We did a cruise+land two years ago at the start of June and it was the trip of a lifetime. Until the next trip of a lifetime that is.
  7. Cool. Good to have a starting point that's known to work. I hadn't been aware that 5VDC to 12VDC upconverters were so common, learn something new every day. I'd looked for USBC powerbanks that provided 12VDC but was unsuccessful; now knowing that the upconverters are common that makes things nicer since I can dual-purpose a battery pack. Thanks.
  8. Links to the specific items you've found to work well would be helpful...
  9. I suppose you could cobble some sort of USB 5VDC to 12VDC conversion together, but wouldn't it be smarter and simpler to just buy a 12VDC battery pack and use that without mucking around? This unit has been shown to run the iKamand for 14hrs. https://www.amazon.com/XTPower-MP-10000-External-10000mAh-included/dp/B00935L44E/ As mentioned, additional probes are expected "real soon now"...
  10. Looks like you have a case of underbite. I'd call KJ Customer service about that. The pieces you have do go into the latch and allow adjustment of how tight the lid seals, but would still need better lid/base alignment. Which I'm not sure how to fix so I won't guess. I'd also suggest posting for help in the KJ Facebook group; although not an official support platform there are many very knowledgable and helpful people there. Kamado Joe Grilling, Smoking and more
  11. Well that does clarify the possible difference in your experience vs. others. I'd certainly think a basket instead of the CI grate, coupled with the lack of an ash tray, would end up allowing a lot more heat at the lower vent area. Don't get me wrong, I still think they needed to design for that scenario given they're selling ash baskets to gen-1 owners without an ash tray. It shouldn't be hard to do a different sort of insert to solve the matter. For now though I think the best solution is as above, dual-mount the old door with the iK door or set up so you can swap. From what I hear the BJ handles both at the same time better than the Classic.
  12. Not to mention, best IMHO to minimize heat gradients across the ceramic. Without feet or some version of a table nest there's a good chance of the middle of the base being much hotter than the outer edges. While not a guarantee it'll crack, it can't be the ideal solution.
  13. ... and in so doing, the intended effect of the law becomes moot. When the warning label is essentially applied to *everything*, it becomes part of the background and nobody "sees" it any more.
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