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  1. Kamado Joe @ Costco

    Huh. Wouldn't have guessed. Good to know, thanks.
  2. Kamado Joe @ Costco

    I'm sure there are folks who know more about this than I do, so take the following for whatever it's worth. As the Costco KJ Roadshow schedule for the southeast doesn't show anything beyond 5/3, on Friday I called a Costco where the roadshow was finishing up on 4/15 to ask about future dates. As the lady on the phone was getting help from her manager to find the KJ roadshow in the computer, she mentioned "Premier Brands" as the vendor to look up in the computer. It's *possible* that name was just a category, but they way the talked it seemed it was a third party company that ran the shows. *Definitely* let KJ corporate know about any poor experiences with the roadshow.
  3. New thermapen IR

    Nice. "If it works, it's a Fluke."
  4. Slicing knife

    Correct; I use a boning knife or similar for removing the turkey breast from the rib cage, then the slicing knife to effect clean slices of the turkey breast.
  5. Hello All, This is me.

    Welcome to the forum. I can't imagine a scenario in which buying from a Costco roadshow would have a different tax treatment than anything else you bought at Costco. I suggest you call that Costco and see if they can connect you with the roadshow person -- then ask him (or her).
  6. Slicing knife

    I have the 12" Victorinox Granton edge slicer with fibrox handle. I definitely think the Granton helps with slicing thinly. The Victorinox knife seems to hold its edge well. I'd buy it again without hesitation.
  7. Is that vinyl siding you have the KJ right up against? I'm not experienced with kamados but know from friends experiences that other grills can cause problems when near vinyl siding...
  8. Other kamado based sites?

    There's of course the egghead forum. Careful if your kamado isn't green, while most folks don't give a flip there are some who are very brand-centric. Not really kamado focused but lots of good general info: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/ If you're an Alton Brown / Good Eats fan, then go read everything on the AmazingRibs.com site.
  9. Loaded kamado?

    Maybe it's just me an risk-aversion, but if I were in your shoes I'd cook the butts the weekend before. Shred them, portion, vac-seal, and freeze. Then your focus can be on cooking the brisket and enjoying the party. Reheat the pork by putting the packs in a large pot of cold water, heat, and simmer for 20 minutes or so until hot. I've done the same thing in order to serve pork & ribs to a family crowd of 40 while still being able to enjoy the day. Cooked the pork ahead of time, and cooked the ribs on the day-of both for the odor and the show.
  10. Interesting. I've been extremely happy with other Lavatools products; I have the Javelin and the Javelin Pro Duo. I also have a Thermopop and have used friends Thermapens many times. I prefer the Javelin over the Thermopop, and I prefer the Pro Duo over the Thermapens I've used. That said, I prefer being able to see pit and meat temps just walking by the counter. I don't want to have to open my phone and open an app. I'd recommend a Thermoworks Smoke if you have the $$
  11. Saw this pop up on their "Spring Black Friday Sneak Peek" deals. From what I can see the price is good today April 3rd, don't know if it'll be incorporated into some other sale later on. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Blackstone-17-in-Table-Top-1-Burner-Portable-Propane-Gas-Grill-in-Stainless-Steel-and-Black-with-Griddle-Top-1650/300116938
  12. Hey all

    @KismetKamado @UTVol Thanks. I'm pretty much settled on a kamado style for the lake. Not interested in a stick burner, I don't want to have to baby sit a smoker. Plus a lot of the s.b. food I've had was way over-smoked; even my wife commented on some church fundraising bbq plates last weekend. (Not sure that crew knew about TBS though). I already have a pellet grill (Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone) and this is a chance to have something different. I'm not unfamiliar with kamados, just haven't owned one. Some of my questions are really just a matter of figuring out my actual vs imagined needs. The how-will-I-really-use-it vs. the fanciful visions of throwing a block party every weekend. It's been interesting to read through the capacity threads. I'm fairly confident I've narrowed down to KJ or Primo, while leaning towards the KJ. A classic would handle much of my usage, but a Big Joe would also come in handy often enough, particularly with dual-zone cooking. In any event, I'm not in a hurry. I have a big long list of projects to do before there'll be much time for cooking, and we've had a lot of expenses getting things off the ground. Buying a kamado will be far smoother if I wait for my wife to start missing smoked food on weekends.
  13. Hey all

    Thanks all, lots of good info so far. Appreciate all y'all.
  14. Kamado Joe HQ visit?

    Nevermind, I see the announcement of that warehouse sale on their FB page.
  15. Kamado Joe HQ visit?

    Yeah, I wouldn't expect them to be publishing the info very widely. Don't want to upset the dealer network. Thanks for the LetGo link - good idea to watch that. You mentioned a scratch & dent sale -- where did they announce that, email list or something, or on the LetGo site/app you referenced? Sorry for the newbie questions, I didn't realize KJ was in ATL until finding this thread.