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  1. Atlantic Grill Company sells BJ2 with stand for $1500 (after coupon) + $99 shipping totaling $1600 Joetissere is $220 Total cost is $1820 with shipping (taxable in GA). You need to decrease your price. Prices will fall again by fall/winter.
  2. Saw this at NY https://imgur.com/a/51FW1au Try to price match if you can or see if you can purchase it online. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kamado-Joe-18-75-in-Blaze-Red-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/1000555419
  3. Don't replace it but you can get a second one from KJ to replace it some day. Probably take years for the seal to leak. The ceramic edge show that the firebox panels were rubbing against it during shipping.
  4. Seeing that the polls are closed and they are over 5 years old, can we create a new thread with new votes? The new thread should lead to the old polls as well.
  5. I always ask Costco if they got anything in the back for any meat above $50. I always get a fresh one with a new expiration sticker which is dated a lot 3-5 days further than the meats that are being sold. Especially for prime rib eye. Great steaks
  6. I took out my ash tray and temps rose high and fast. Also clear up blocked holes.
  7. I used to use torch but the charcoal sometimes spark and lands on my arm/face. I'm staying with electric start. Burns a lot faster and you don't have to stand around. Don't use briquettes. Use lumps.
  8. Yes you can still use the joe as normal. My gasket was torn and firebox panel was chipped during transportation. It was a mistake asking for a new firebox because it's still in my garage wasting space. It'll probably never be used. After 1 year with the ripped gasket, it still seals well.
  9. https://www.thermoworks.com/Classic-Thermapen 2-3 second readings! High accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) Water-resistant design °F to °C reconfigurable Auto on/off—no buttons! 1,500 hour battery life The Super-Fast Thermapen is a professional tool (originally designed for commercial kitchens, labs and manufacturing plants) that has become the top consumer cooking thermometer for home use. Its popularity among celebrity chefs, cooking magazines, top foodies, bloggers and competition BBQ teams has made the Thermapen into an essential tool in the best-equipped home kitchens and backyard BBQ rigs.
  10. I leave the bottom and top vent closed when I'm done cooking. They probably say to leave a crack so the heat and moisture can be released from the top vent. It'll cool down faster so you can cover it up if required.
  11. Wow that's a good price with delivery and no tax. I should have called when I made my Classic II purchase with the freebies! Congrats!
  12. Yes the coupon and delivery works. I ordered from them and I live in NY.
  13. https://texasstargrillshop.com/collections/shop-all-grills/products/kamado-joe-big-joe-ii At the Contact Info/Shipping Address page, put in "SPRINGSALE" in the discount area.
  14. Take a look at this video and you decide. I know an authorized dealer in TX who sells the big joe for $1710, free freight delivery and taxes only in TX if that's something you want to look at.
  15. Question about storing your kamado if it's not going to be used for weeks/months. Do you keep the lid open to stop the mold from growing or should you do something else?
  16. FYI, it is open box but still comes with 2 year warranty. sales demos customer returns cosmetic seconds slightly damaged packaging refurbished units
  17. Some HD locations have a discount if you buy bulk at 7.28 each. See image. I was able to price match this at another HD that did not have this discount. Just show them this image. You also get 10% extra off if you are a veteran.
  18. Sending new gasket and 1 firebox part. I'll probably store it until it's time to replace the gasket/firebox.
  19. KJ will be sending replacement parts. ticket solved in less than 1 business day!
  20. I think something was loose instead and damaged the side from transportation. Firebox also has a chip but doesn't affect anything. Just sent in my case in to KJ for seal replacement Is it hard to replace the seal? I can only find a guides to replace classic I
  21. If anyone is interested in a smoking book, this book has great reviews for beginners and experts. Sadly, it's an ebook. Amazon.com Google Play Barnes & Noble "The book is 80% smoking technique and philosophy and only 20% recipes at the end. It includes an impressive scope of knowledge and, while you may not actually build your own smokers, he's got that covered too.If you re an amateur or seasoned smoker, buy this book.If you've never tried smoking but want to, buy this bookIf you want to know why barbecue <> grilling, buy this book.If you like eating barbecue..... look, just buy this book!A complete meat and brisket-cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster and owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue.When Aaron Franklin and his wife, Stacy, opened up a small barbecue trailer on the side of an Austin, Texas, interstate in 2009, they had no idea what they'd gotten themselves into. Today, Franklin Barbecue has grown into the most popular, critically lauded, and obsessed-over barbecue joint in the country (if not the world)—and Franklin is the winner of every major barbecue award there is.In this much-anticipated debut, Franklin and coauthor Jordan Mackay unlock the secrets behind truly great barbecue, and share years' worth of hard-won knowledge. Franklin Barbecue is a definitive resource for the backyard pitmaster, with chapters dedicated to building or customizing your own smoker; finding and curing the right wood; creating and tending perfect fires; sourcing top-quality meat; and of course, cooking mind-blowing, ridiculously delicious barbecue, better than you ever thought possible."Aaron Franklin makes the finest barbecue I've ever had, barbecue worth waiting for. His work and his words express a truly rare level of commitment and expertise. With Franklin Barbecue, he shares it all—in a book that, fortunately, you don't have to wait for."— Anthony Bourdain "I used to think Aaron Franklin was a genius: There was his rise from backyard dabbler to king of Texas pitmasters; his mind-altering brisket that made normally rational people (myself included) wait hours for the chance to eat it; and his insistence that game-changing barbecue doesn't come from miracles but rather elbow grease. Then he wrote this book and gave all his secrets away. Now everyone—from me to you to your neighbor who can't grill a chicken breast—will be able to make award-winning barbecue. He's not a genius anymore; he's a god." — Andrew Knowlton, restaurant and drinks editor, Bon Appétit "The most refreshing barbecue book to come along yet. Rather than preaching about 'one true way,' Aaron Franklin guides you through all the wood and smoke so that you can find your own style. And instead of just listing ingredients and rattling off generic recipes, these pages tell the story of a place and a barbecue tradition steeped in history. This isn't just a book about barbecue; this book is Central Texas barbecue." — Daniel Vaughn, barbecue editor, Texas Monthly, and author of The Prophets of Smoked Meat "Pure genius! Aaron Franklin has distilled years' worth of barbecue knowledge into this book. In it, he exposes the sacred insights of a top pitmaster—information that can otherwise only be learned from long nights spent staring at a fire, shovel in hand, constantly prodding and pinching your meat to figure out that 'just perfect' point of doneness. This book is a game changer: read it, and your barbecue will improve overnight!"— Adam Perry Lang, chef, restaurateur, and author of Serious Barbecue"A complete meat-and brisket-cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster. More than just a recipe book, this is a master course in the fine art of meat smoking, Texas-style."— Library Journal"
  22. Thanks all. I'll probably buy a handicap ramp. I don't have the tools to make one.
  23. We purchased a new house less than 6 months ago and getting a KJ as a gift from my parents. They saw the BGG in action while they were in TX and wanted me to get one. After researching on Kamados, I recommended the KJ since it's a complete package with more features than BGG for less. They agreed and I ordered it 2 days ago. I was going to get a gas grill since I was used to cooking it at my parents in law's home but my wife wanted smoked meat so Kamado came in mind. Can't wait to get my hands on it! Not sure if it's a deal but I got the KJ Classic II for $1080 after 10% coupon (tax only in TX), free shipping and it comes KJ Cover, KJ Charcoal, KJ firestarter. Maybe I can post it on Deals/Bargains if it's a good deal since it's the beginning of spring. I have a question on storing it and taking it out of the garage. My garage has a 1-2 inch 90 degree bump to keep water out and was wondering if it's easy to roll over it or do I have to lift up the cart to get over the bump? Any recommendations to easily move it back and forth? Thanks
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