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  1. UPDATE #2 Kamado Joe just emailed me that my new deflector plates are on the way, under warranty. Kudos to Kamado Joe for the excellent customer service.
  2. UPDATE I gave up sending copies of my original communication and their subsequent response with the original case number. I submitted an entirely new claim with pics again a couple of days ago from the website contact page and got a new case number assigned with the promise of a new deflector plate when they become available (back ordered) from Michelle F. I replied with "thanks" As an aside, I called the Kamado Joe phone number just to see if there was a real person to talk with and instead I was directed to the MASTERBUILT website for customer support!
  3. Thanks, I was just going for 350, fast pork shoulder!
  4. Ok, thanks. That is exactly the form I filled out to get my first and only response asking for pics and documentation. BTW, I really couldn’t go without my Joe. Their website said the large deflector plates were out of stock, luckily Amazon had some. I have been too busy cooking all manner of things to post!
  5. Hi All, Back in late August one of my deflector plates cracked on my Big Joe during a warm up for a pulled pork cook. I called the warranty number and was instructed to email support instead. I emailed them and asked if my plates fell under the warranty (Big Joe less than a year old) and I got a reply after a day or so to send pics and even sent a video. I haven't head a word since. I emailed them again a few of days ago, resent the previous email with the case number, and no reply. Is anyone else having problems contacting Kamado Joe warranty? Here is the p
  6. I think it's best not to cook to an internal temp, but to cook until probe tender. Use your instant read thermometer or a bamboo skewer. It should feel the same as probing a jar of peanut butter. my .02
  7. Thanks John, I had a feeling that maybe the salt was different and that’s why I posted what I used. I do have a scale so I will weigh it all out next time. Thanks for the spreadsheet!
  8. Hi John, I just tried this recipe but I substituted sesame seeds for the "Everything but the Bagel" stuff. The texture was great, but my bread was terribly salty. Either I screwed up or is it possible that the ingredients list somehow got transposed? I used Morton's Kosher salt, one tbsp. It is a coarse salt which I think is the same as the Diamond brand. Thanks, Todd
  9. This was a prime packer, I thought that was a pretty good price for prime, but I don't have much experience. My first brisket was problematic as I tried the Franklin style, low and slow and way too salty. I dried mine out terribly. It was on a Pit Boss and I didn't have control of the fire. The second cook was low and slow with a drip pan filled with broth, I cooked it to temp rather than probe tender. Tough. Still Pit Boss I kinda gave up on brisket and mastered pork butt, ribs, and turkey thighs. I also switched to the Kamado Joe Big Joe. I saw this prime packer at Costco a
  10. Hi folks, This weekend I made my first really good brisket on the Big Joe. I'll give the credit to Harry Soo. I did a "hot and fast cook" with a full prime packer form Costco, only $6.95 lb. I used Guga's all purpose rub the night before and left it uncovered in the fridge. I had the Big joe stabilized at 400 degrees grate temp, and smoked the brisket placed over a couple of big apple chunks per Harry Soo I had a nice bark at 2-1/2 hours with an internal temp of around 170 degrees I used Royal Oak lump and some apple chunks for smoking. Next I wrapped th
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