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  1. Hey Gang, Holiday shopping is here, and I follow this site that does a very good job in adding all the deals for next week. https://blackfriday.com/ Figure I would share with you and save a couple of bucks.
  2. Good responses. I guess no love for the stainless?
  3. Hey gang, I have a Big Joe and was wondering would it be worth getting the cast iron or stainless plate for steaks and other foods? Anyone try either or? Recommend one over the other? Thanks
  4. Same here. My wife bought me a new set of the Classic that was on clearance for under $200. It's amazing what a good knife set can do. I still kept some other knives for chopping, but otherwise, a great set.
  5. Very true. However I feel the Divide and Conquer is worth every penny. Two zone cooking, for me, is a must.
  6. I would wait until next year when the new model comes out. Or wait until the end of this year and see if there are any Christmas deals
  7. Do they have any other items KJ related? Soapstone or anything?
  8. CroAm

    Monolith dilem

    Hi Jpp, I am in the US and I actually was thinking of the Monolith. Seems quite a bit of accessories for the price and these devices can become quite expensive. I would look into the Monolith, or for perhaps something slightly less expensive, the Broil King Keg.
  9. I've done one truly long cook on my big joe. Two butts and a brisket, then moved the other brisket on the big joe from my stick burner. I found that if I let the temp come up slowly, and I stress the term slowly, it held 250-255 for over 8 hours. Once the starter cube burned out, I shut my lower vent to about 1/8th inch and the temperature slowly came to 165 (about an hour/hour and a half) and put the meat on, then slowly opened the top vent to allow it to climb to about 250 and made minor adjustments to dial lock it in. It was my first long cook and big cook that I was feeding over 60 people the next day. Don't give up.
  10. I have a Big Joe, and it took 4 of us to load the crate into my truck at Costco. I can't imagine a Pro Joe at 500 lbs.
  11. I found it on point. You can always call the store ahead and ask.
  12. I actually did two briskets this past weekend. First was on the Big Joe, which finished crazy fast to me. Put on around midnight and was finished about 9 am. There were also two 9 lbs butts in there also. The other was on my stick burner, which I ended up moving to the KJ to finish. There was a drip pan underneath the briskets and butts in the KJ, and I believe the KJ was very tender, but it also had a much longer rest time. Neither were dry, but I would like to try and have a test done where both are completed in a timely manner and try to have an equal rest time. Both pulled at 200-203. https://imgur.com/gallery/WGyJo0S EDIT: I do not foil my briskets. L!B!J! All! The! Way!
  13. I have the Tappecue and I have had great success with it. I believe they dropped the price recently, only downside it needs a power source such as an electric outlet or battery pack.
  14. Give yourself about a 2 hour swing. It can always be wrapped in a cooler resting.
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