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  1. I picked up some chicken thighs at Fred Meyer yesterday since they were .99c/lb and want to do them on my KJ instead of in a pan like usual. What I want to know is how to best cook them to render the fat and crisp the skin without drying them out (temp/time/grill placement/etc)? I have fantastic results searing them in a medium hot pan skin side down until the skin is crisp (about 20-30 mins) then flipping them to cook the final bit through. They are always amazing but I'd love to be able to get some smoke flavor in them and use my new KJ classic. I have a joetisserie as well as a cast iron gr
  2. I am sorry you had a less than great experience with him as well, its ridiculous that he can save items for friends then have the audacity to tell a customer that's why there is less for them, at least keep it to yourself jerk. I hate to say it but I think his "only have so many left" routine was just a sales tactic because when I went for the lump the next day he had multiple big Joe and classic jotiseries sitting out. I am still very upset weeks later about my experience and plan to call KJ and let them know. I have no expectation that they will do anything for me but they should know their
  3. I actually did that (grate on the fire bowl thing) last night while using my Joetisserie. I took the rack out while spinning the chicken and put the grates directly on the firebowl beneath it when it was almost done and cooked asparagus and grilled some bread. Worked great to get a bit of char!
  4. Thanks! Ill grab one on my next visit!
  5. I wonder if I could adapt this to the Joetisserie? similar temps but possible shorter cooking time? hmmm...
  6. If you don't mind sharing, What temps/times did it end up using? I've been eyeing the porkbelly at costco and this looks great!
  7. I've been eyeing the porkbelly at costco and this is a great idea, did the fat render at all towards the center or was it still pretty noticeable? What time/temp did you use?
  8. I certainly will be picking up the expansion rack, I would prefer more space closer to the fire for searing but I am going to work with this for a while. I was looking at the Akorns and had decided to get one before I realized the roadshow was coming up. I'll keep an eye on craigslist and see if I can find one.
  9. I actually wanted to come back and update my experience, since they hadn't had the accessories or lump delivered until tuesday I had gotten the Reps number from Costco and kept checking in to see when it was delivered, bad service or not I wasn't going to be out what I wanted to buy and I think your right and it might have just been a bad morning. While he certainly has that cocky salesman vibe he has been much more pleasant to work with and when I went yesterday to pick some up he was helpful and didn't remember me hardly at all from Friday. He kept asking me where I bought my grill because
  10. Thanks, I’m sorry too. I hate to say it but I’m so darn passive when it comes to these things, I try to kill them with kindness instead of making a deal of it but I envy people who do. Even knowing I could have tried push for him to honor the deal with boxed items makes me wish I had tried. I would have gladly maxed out my budget to get the BJ if the Jr was included or even if he’d bothered to do the minimal amount of convincing. I’m still not sure the classic will be enough room but I’m going to try and make it work. This way I can spend my extra money on the joetisserie, extender and and a
  11. I just picked up the classic (my first kamato!) at the Costco roadshow today and I'm still debating if I've make a mistake and should have gone with the BJ. I tried really hard to be the first one there for the demo deal (I was second by a second but the first person didn't ask) of the BJ and Jr. but the rep told me he'd already sold it to someone over the phone yesterday (super grumpy he made a deal with someone for all three demos who wasn't even there, BEFORE the show even started...grrr) and the BJ was the top of my budget. I usually cook for 3 but often cook extra for the 2 hungry guys a
  12. If this was directed at me (not sure) I honestly never considered calling. I’ve read about at least one other person having a similar experience and assumed that some sales people will just suck. Being in high-end sales for a few years I know that it attracts all types and some people make assumptions about customers and treat them poorly because of them. I figured that the deal was just that, a deal and that it wasn’t promised to anyone or advertised anywhere so I couldn’t expect any real code of honor in how they decide to handle it (though I think this was ####ty) and him ignoring me could
  13. I was in the market for my first Kamato to upgrade from my char-broil classic 4 burner and Weber kettle and considered getting this, I was tempted by the price and the pretty blue color but when I found out the kamato joe Costco roadshow was a few days away I decided to go check it out. And I ended up getting a classic joe...I’m slightly peeing myself at spending so much on it (even if it was a great deal) but I think I will get this for my brother. He’s looking to buy his first grill ever and after researching the kamato style I think this would be a great way for him to get his feet wet. Gla
  14. Apparently there is not always an option of getting the deal even if your the first one in the doors and to ask about it. My roadshow buying experience fwiw: I just went to the nearest Costco to me (Wilsonville, OR) at 10am today (day one of the roadshow) and ended up with a classic. I was the second person to get to the display and the first person just got one grill and left. I was anxiously/excitedly waiting for the rep to come talk to me but even after he got the first guy loaded and made eye contact with me several times just went about his business and wouldn’t acknowledge me. I am
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