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  1. This weekend I had the opportunity to grill a side of salmon for Saturday dinner. It was awesome and everyone, especially the kids loved it. Simple recipe, just lemon olive oil and salt & pepper for the salmon, served with grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes with a lemon & dill sauce. Yummy!!
  2. Wow yeah £66 is pretty much 3 times as much as I paid!
  3. I decided to try ordering from this company called Smokinlicious Gourmet Smoking Wood, from Buffalo. It's convenient for me as I'm in Canada that they offer both an American website and a Canadian website. Anywho, I once ordered Alder wood from Amazon US, as it's fairly hard to find companies selling Alder wood for smoking in Canada. The customer service that I experienced from this company is almost unheard of. Questions(by email) were answered in minutes, over long weekends and late nights. This wood was offered in 30lbs or 15lbs packages so I ordered the 15lbs, as I am trying it out. 15lbs, cost me $31 CAD, shipping included. So no where near as expensive as the wood I ordered thru Amazon (5lbs/$40US). Now after all this, the wood has a great aroma as does its smoke and it smokes for a long time. Chunks are the size of appr 2"x2x4",so a fairly nice size. I will definitely order from this company again. They offer lots of different kinds of wood. Thanks for reading!! http://www.smokinlicious.ca http://www.smokinlicious.com
  4. That looks great and tasty! The first picture is beautiful and the result stunning!!
  5. I guess they call this a french cut? Makes it easy to grab and flip!
  6. Well I'm not sure exactly about the time but, I would guess somewhere around 20 mins at 350 on the top level on the KJ, direct heat until 155F internal temperature. The thick fat is what caramelized together with the vinegar to make a really yummy salty sweet crust. Oh, and no smoke this time, but I would probably have chosen alder for the pork.
  7. Thanks, yeah they're great. I believe just the balsamic alone helps elevating it.
  8. Super quick grill of pork chops. Really simple, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Meat Church's Holy Gospel rub. The chops made for a fantastic supper!
  9. Awesome! I just got a new box yesterday from Smokinlicious! All wood and no bark, excited to try it out.
  10. Thanks! I'd say it stayed around 230F most of the cook. Total cook time probably around 4 1/2 hrs, pretty much 2-2-1 with a few minutes earlier in each step. Good luck, wishing you fantastic ribs!!
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