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  1. On another note: Will i be able to fit 4 racks of ribs on the Big Joe? (I'm looking at most likely picking up Baby Backs) Or should i buy a vertical rib holder just in case?
  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for the info and the warm welcome. I may literally do the above exactly this weekend. :-) Probably going to smoke at 250 degrees. I feel this is a safe starting point.
  3. Thanks! The patio is Paver stones. Techo Bloc Blu 60 ( I believe ). We almost went stamped concrete, but decided against it.
  4. Thanks for the info! These will most likely be baby backs. :-) On a side note, I do plan on moving the Kamado out a few feet during hotter cooks, however I was wondering if it is ok to have the Kamado Joe just on the ceramic feet on top of the wood. I noticed some people put granite or firebrick underneath. But then I've also read that granite or firebrick might make more of on issue? I"m thinking of testing it with a thermometer gun during a high heat cook. Thoughts?
  5. This is great info! I like the honey idea at the end, I might try that! I love a nice sweet rib.
  6. Hi ! Yes it is Vinyl. I actually melted a nice size section of my siding a few years back using my Weber Kettle, so i'm hoping i learned my lesson. lol With that being said, I plan on moving my Kamado a few feet out when doing cooks over 300 degrees. Thank god for wheels! :-)
  7. Hey everyone!! RIB COOK! Well i just received my brand new Kamado Big Joe II this week and installed it in my new custom table that i just had built and delivered. ( that was fun , lol ) Anyhow, i am new to the world of Ceramic cookers. I've read up quite a bit, but i'm reaching out to see if anyone has any tips for me to make these ribs come out tasty as can be. I've cooked on my trusty weber kettle , with lump, for about 10 solid years now. I'm having about 12 people over and was planning on doing 4 racks of pork ribs. (Will be serving with some nice shrim cocktail as a side protein) I was going to add 2-3 chunks of nice Apple wood from Chigger Wood Products. I dont want to go with two much smoke, as this is my first run. My plan is to season with my favorite BBQ dry rub. And smoke uncovered at about 250 for the first 3.5-4hrs. Then, for the last hour i was going to bast every 15-20 mins uncovered with some homemade bbq sauce. Does this look / sound like it may work? Any tips or tricks that i should be doing? Do i need to flip the ribs during the cooking process? Should i be using a instant read therm for final doneness? Or just the "bend" test that i have seen? Should i be filling the firebox fully? I currently have Royal Oak Lump and some FOGO lump. I'm assuming i should use the FOGO as it is bigger pieces for a longer burn? Any help / tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm avid griller, but this will be one of my first flirts with smoking / long cook. I am excited as can be. Here are some pics of my new setup , along with my new patio and some nice steaks i did to break the cast iron in. :-)
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