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  1. Wow, I feel like all y’all keep your top vent open too much. I use a flame boss on my big joe 2 with “kontrol top?” Vent and I keep it open barely enough for MAYBE 2 toothpicks, more like 1 toothpick to be able to fit in the opening when on a 225°F smoke. I mean it should barely be open at all when using a fan based temp control unit on a Kamado. I’ve NEVER had any issues with unstable temps. (And I I learned that from this forum so many years ago)
  2. If you’re looking at kettles, check out spike brewing, they have top notch kettles for way less than competitors... I have one, and I love it! I just wish I’d have waited till now to buy, because I bought a 10 gal, and I wish I’d gotten a 15 or 20 gal kettle.
  3. yeah it was new and I had to look... but I've since calmed my peeking to only when necessary... it was my first smoke.
  4. nice BED RUG!! you and I are the only people on the planet that have one... lol
  5. haha..yeah, I wish I had a room dedicated to brewing... I'm sequestered to the garage now that I do all grain, but its not too bad. as for start up costs, first see if there is a home-brew shop near you, (im very pro local business) and if not you can order, morebeer.com is good, northernbrewer.com (megamart of homebrew shops), txbrewing.com, theres a bunch! shop around as some are having deals all the time. Northern brewer is running a deal just about every week. 10% off to 25% off to free stuff with a purchase and so on... anyway, I started with this exact kit, https://www.txbrewing.com/beer-and-wine-kits/equipment-kits/beer-making-kits/deluxe-home-brewing-equipment-kit-w-pot-and-chiller.html and then pieced together what I use today. but this kit is a good start, with everything you'll need to do extract brewing. which is just as good now a days as all grain in some cases. plus is easier and a good way to get your feet wet. now I know that ~$250 is a high start up price but if you're really into making and tasteing and enjoying beer, the benefits outweigh the costs 10 fold and if you stick with it, it pays for itself in about a year or so. and if you get stressed...RDWHAHB!
  6. Haha, I like the KJ band on the front. Nice touch!
  7. I know this doesn’t help much, but after we got the BIG JOE unboxed, put together, and in place on the deck, we both agreed if we sell, it was included in the sale of the house! Haha, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I brew two batches (10 gallons) a month, and it’s only $60 or so... and it tastes WAAAAAY better...IMHO
  9. One last thing, check out CERAMIC GRILL STORE, I got my KJ BIG JOE there out the door with KJ Big block, and fire starters for 1339.00 (same company that sells the Woo cooking rack for the BGE) they advertise in their website that their prices are better than the roadshow prices, and they are!
  10. Wow! I hate to hear all this...I’ve never had a bad experience at Costco (I do realize that KJ isn’t affiliated to Costco) but I will second, the guy at the roadshow in Fort Worth was nice and always seemed to be around, but he did tell me to get it now, however he’d be there till the following Sunday and if he didn’t have any in stock he’d take orders to be delivered... I went back he following Sunday and there were plenty of joes and big block left. Def a sales tactic, but no bother. I’m sorry to hear about these poor situations, but KJ needs to be informed.
  11. Awesome! Im so glad you responded to that. as Ive been wondering how to do "the whole meal" on the grill as opposed to one after the other. I've done cooks on the gasser before with all the veggies, and one either gets over done, or gets underdone... Like, I want to have my beans and veggies done at the same time my butt is... know what I mean?
  12. HAHA, no... I have a 10 Gal Spike Brewing Kettle (Which was pricey, but worth every penny), A 10 Gal cooler mash tun, and I still use immersion chiller and glass carboys for fermentation. Its VERY basic but I still manage to outdo myself each time. one day ill have a whole turn key setup, but as for now just the basic simple tools to get the job done. Heck im still trying to carve out a space in the garage to house all my gear, as its starting to get in the way in the coat closet... As for fermenting chamber, Lagers dont interest me too much, and my house stays in the 68-70 deg. range so I just ferment inside. During the summer months I stick to yeasts that perform better in the ambient temps, and in the winter ill explore more with warmer and cooler type yeasts. I do haver a brewbelt, but thats it...haha I guess by fiddle and tweak, im referring more to the recipe than the actual brew process..
  13. Welcome! and im pretty sure there are many here that have had much success with the CyberQ. I have a flame boss 300 which I believe is very similar and love it. Either will work on the Big Joe Perfectly!
  14. I do what ever feels right for the time, im really trying to zero in my recipes for cream ale and lemon saison. They’re my go to summer brews, and for the colder months Saxon and I have been working on a s’mores beer. It’s not quite where we like it yet, but we’re getting there. Other than that we do all sorts, I havnt tried going down the traditional beer trail yet (as in with burton on Trent water or mimicking commercial brews). But then again I homebrew because I like to fiddle and tweak until I get my beer to the “omg that’s a damn good beer” reaction from my friends. Haha
  15. Not gonna lie, a lanyard would be quite handy...
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