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  1. Hi everyone, Patrick here from california, just signed up and it said to introduce myself. Love to BBQ, both carcoal and gas on my grill inside some cast iron skilleting and of course your camping stoves. I've just purchased a kamodo from a letgo listing, it'll need some work and i'm going to do some restoration and upkeep. I've always wanted one of these and hear all the reviews but never used one before because they've always been pretty far out of my price range. I'm excited to try it out once i'm done replacing the tiles that are falling off. I'd LOVE it if you guys have some pointers and recipies pitfalls etc for me. I'll look around the site for tips on the tile replacement as well. if i posted pictures could anyone tell me who made this patricular model and style? Also i was going to get some NEW tiles that are a little more eye catching in a darker blue, is that not a wise idea? are there certain tiles necessary for heat dissiation etc? ill poke around here and on the internet but just throwing it out there. Thanks! excited to get cooking
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