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  1. dang, every time i click a thread i find something i need. it would be fun to make some pancakes on the grill on Saturday mornings
  2. I like riding my bikes, mtn bike is my current obsession. I have a motorcycle (KLR650) i putt around on that for fun and take it to hatfield/mccoy in WV a few times a year. Recently i have been getting in to bbq as a hobby, which means i need to up my riding to keep my DR from yelling at me.
  3. thanks for the tricks, i will try some of them this week.
  4. I seem to struggle with fish on the grill, normally it falls apart when i try and turn it. I did coat the grate with cooking oil only to have tonight's tilapia and catfish stick and burn. when i try and flip it earlier it falls apart, is there some magic temp and time i dont know? the swordfish steak did not have these problems. the only thing i have tried is to flip the fish only once but it only seems to help marginally. i have also used cedar planks in the past and they did work well but i would like to avoid having to use them. thanks mark
  5. i shoot for daily but end up with at least three days a week. i did use it to make toast one day, efficient no, fun hell yes.
  6. I am a recent convert from gas. 3 weeks ago my gas igniter gave up, I went to the local menards to buy a new one and ended up buying a Big Red Kamado and a few bags of royal oak lump. Since then its been a few beer can chickens, wings, burgers, brats, and pizzas. wow, i don't think i can ever buy pizza again...
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