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  1. So I did some more searching on mold and it seems it is a pretty common issue in humid/wet places. I did find this link, https://www.grillbilliesbarbecue.com/blogs/how-tos/56250049-how-to-prevent-mold-on-my-smoker-or-grill that basically says it is an air flow problem. That would explain why the gasser never had an issue since it got more airflow than the Joe gets. After my burn finished today, I will start to leave the vents open to improve airflow to see if that corrects, or at least helps the problem. Perhaps one day, I can get my backyard is the condition I want which will include a covered area for grilling that will keep the water off the Joe. From what I read, the ones that are covered (roof or stored inside) do not have this issue. It is mainly the ones that are out in the weather.
  2. I have one of the newer Classic Joe II and I am experiencing mold issues as well. Mine lives outside in the elements as I don't have a place to keep it covered. I am burning it off today and once it cools down, I will clean the control tower with alcohol. I was wondering if I was using to much veg oil on the grates when cooking. And that is what was causing the mold. But I feel I used the same amount on my gasser and it is no where near as sealed as the Joe is so I am thinking that might not be the case. One thing I did notice though is that when I first noticed the mold, it was on the gasket and hadn't made it way to the racks or heat deflectors. I have not used the grill in awhile so that may be why it has spread. I feel like I should go get some cheap vodka and wash the whole inside down with it to kill any mold. I figured the heat would do it but it keeps coming back.
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    Nice. I have the classic and since it is just the wife and I most of the time, I have been thinking about getting a jr. Perhaps one of these days.
  4. This is what I learned today. I smoked a beef roast and when I put my rack in with the diffusers in place, one of them sat higher and there was a gap. Realized I put to much charcoal in the firebox. I pulled a little out so they would sit level, but I think I am using to much charcoal when I am cooking. Even with longer smokes, I still have a lot left over when I am done.
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    Treblig from southwest VA here. Just got a new Kamado Joe two days ago. Didn't realize it was Friday the 13th when I bought it until I just registered it. Looking forward to many years of dispelling the bad luck of the day with many a smoked and grilled meats.
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