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  1. I don't know how you were planning on anchoring the bike rack, but there are bolts meant for concrete that you could use to attach a length of chain to your parking pad that could be used to chain the grill up. Here is a link to the type of bolt i am talking about. www.menards.com/main/tools-hardware/fasteners-connectors/anchors/wedge-anchors/red-head-reg-trubolt-reg-hex-nut-expansion-wedge-anchor-1-count/50072/tools-hardware/fasteners-connectors/anchors/wedge-anchors/red-head-reg-trubolt-reg-hex-nut-expansion-wedge-anchor-1-count/40281/tools-hardware/fasteners-connectors/anchors/wedge-anchors/red-head-reg-trubolt-reg-hex-nut-expansion-wedge-anchor-1-count/50066/p-1444436177399.htm
  2. I would have to get rid of the couch first.
  3. If I had the space I would love to get a pool table.
  4. I got tired of losing to my Wife so it is barely used.
  5. I enjoy doing home improvement projects and brewing my own beer. Here is my bar I built when I finished my basement, progress was greatly impacted once this portion was done.
  6. I second the Bar Keepers Friend, its what i use to clean all of my stainless brewing equipment just takes some elbow grease. PBW is pretty expensive, for stuck on gunk try soaking in OXYclean free.
  7. Thanks! I would love to have that much space and have been looking for a refrigeration unit like that to use for fermentation . I wonder if you could make an insert that would fit in the sliding track that could be put in place when the taps are getting regular use and moved back into the fridge when not in use so you aren't constantly opening the door.
  8. Just getting into Kamado cooking but have been brewing beer for three years. Here is the bar with kegerator underneath.
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