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  1. I’m new to kamado but fancy myself as an accomplished pit master. I bought one of the new Acorn ceremac model but it had a fatal flaw with the ash drawer not closing correctly. Also the day I got we had a little rain overnight and there were some rusty rain drops on the shelf hangers that seemed like surface rust which on top of the flaw was a turn off and I returned it to Loews. That same weekend KJ had a road show event at Costco. I looked them over and was really impressed with the features. On the KJ website I noticed their HQ was less than an hour from my home and I learned they sell their refurbs every Friday 1 to 4 pm, cash and carry. I got the latest model, the BJ 2 that been used twice and returned, full lifetime factory warranty, no sales tax, saved over $825, more than enough to buy a classic or Jr if I so desire. There’s a learning curve but so far my ribs are almost perfect, and the heat control is excellent. I prefer the larger surface ares. As I like the split system combined with the grill extender, I have plenty of capacity. I never smoke a small amount of anything. My big joe is perfect!
  2. NN30052

    KJ Big Block

    Don’t know about your area but the local Ace Hardware here carries it.
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