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  1. Hi, I wanted to get some feedback regarding which grill to get. I have boiled it down to a few options: 1) Primo round all-in-one $800 2) Pit boss k24 from Costco $599 3) Used BGE $800 The pit boss is considerably cheaper at $599, and I hear in August they usually go on clearance for $350. As primo owners, I was hoping to get some feedback on after owning the primo, do you believe it is still worth the premium? I have read some people have had issues with Primo honoring their warranties, so that is a concern as well. Would you buy the Pit Boss knowing what you know today? Or would you still fork up the extra $ for the primo? Are there any large differences between the design and quality of the aforementioned brands? I really appreciate any help you may be able to offer. Thanks!
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